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by Dän Lee Dimke PhD [edit]

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I personally discovered this life saver, after my young son nearly lost his life. As a child he and his twin brother were constantly falling victim to colds and flu related illnesses. As a young teenager he eventually required massive surgery due to a potentially
lethal lung disease.

Whilst convalescing, I taught him this simple procedure. He recovered fully, and I thank God he has not suffered from any of these dreadful diseases in over 3 years. 2005 Update.

In fact our entire family have stayed cold and flu free for some years, despite

experiencing some really bleak English winters. We are sincere believers and practitioners of the Dr. Dimke ColdARREST™ procedure.

"I have not suffered from a cold in the past five years since I have been using the procedure described by Dr. Dän Lee Dimke."

- Chris Vermeulen, Johannesburg , South Africa

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"After listening to the audio program, I am now armed to put the cure into action the instant I need it. I recommend everyone try the methods in Conquer the Common Cold."

- David Miskimin, Cheshire, UK

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Hi. I'm Carrie Jane Loftis. I simply had to write to you to say how pleased I am. Future world produces some of the most useful memory and learning cassettes available anywhere. And I have used and recommended them for many years. However, I was especially impressed with your new cassette, Conquer the Common Cold, that I have recently used and have begun recommending to countless others, including many doctors who are among my circle of acquaintances in Texas and Florida.

I am pleased to report that many of these doctors are now sharing these techniques with their patients. The large body of published medical evidence that you have used to so thoroughly document the ColdArrest™ process gives it the credibility it needs to be accepted by other medical professionals.

You are years ahead of others with your leading edge information products, especially in the areas of mental development and learning enhancement, and now state-of-the-art alternative medicine. I hope that you will keep it up.

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- Carrie Jane Loftis — Lozanov Learning Institute • Dallas, TX • USA



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Dän Lee Dimke PhD (Biography)

Dan Lee Dimke is the author of more than 100 books and audiocassette programs on education, business, accelerated learning and personal mastery.

In 1984, he published one of the first effective treatments for the Common Cold, following medical literature research the previous year in which he personally read every medical journal article printed in the last 25 years on colds in humans, at the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center Research Library in Dallas. His drug-free ColdArrest(tm) Procedure is now in use in over 40 countries.

Dimke's life illustrates some of the possibilities of unleashed human potential. He became one of the world's youngest lecturing astronomers, at a 6-telescope observatory, at the age of 10, one of the world's youngest hypnotists at the age of 11, and the church organist at the age of 12. At 14, he started his publishing career.

He was able to work his way through a private college by teaching his own system of accelerated learning techniques to fellow students. He was invited to begin teaching in colleges in Washington State as a paid faculty member on four different campuses at the age of 17.

At 20 he developed one of the first rapid reading systems for Oriental Languages during his work in the Far East. Dimke speaks and reads five human languages, four computer languages and slices through information at up to 25,000 words per minute.

Dr. Dimke holds a Bachelor of Science degree from the University of the State of New York, a Master's Degree in Business Administration, and a Ph.D. in Education from Southwest University with specializations in learning enhancement and psycho-linguistics.





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