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Can We Live 150 Years
by Mikhail Tombak, Ph.D. [edit]

Can We Live 150 Years
********** 10 Stars!
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Capably translated into English by Jan Madejski, Can We Live 150 Years?: Your Body Maintenance Handbook by Mikhail Tombak (Center for Health Sciences, Moscow) is a straightforward, "reader friendly" guide to adopting healthy practices in order to extend one's life span. From delaying the aging process; to illness prevention tips; to proper breathing, diet, and exercise; to keep in optimum condition; to keeping toxins out of one's intestines, kidneys, liver, and blood, Can We Live 150 Years? is an enthusiastically recommended supplement to Health & Medicine reference collections as well as Self-Improvement reading list.

Review by Midwest Book Review

Book Description
The author applies a no-nonsense approach to dieting, exercising, disease treating, and other aspects of everyday life. Our looks, longevity, as well as our physical and mental conditions result from the way we eat, breathe, and take care of all our physical and psychological needs. The question is not limited to nutrition only, as is the case of dieting programs.

About the Author
Mikhail Tombak, Ph.D. graduated from the faculty of biology and chemistry of the Russian State University. For many years he was the head of Center for Health Sciences in Moscow; also the author of the several bestsellers on the subject of health and healing.

Just Common Sense, August 2, 2005

Reviewer: A. Steele (Dallas) - See all my reviews   
There are some books that sell themselves without any help from marketers. I think "Can We Live 150 Year?" is one of them. I learned about the book by the "word of mouth" - a friend of mine got it from her physiotherapist, and she suggested me to get one as well...

There author, former head of Center for Health Sciences in Moscow, shares his knowledge with the obvious intent to help others. Worth noticing is the fact that his remedies are either home-made or easily obtainable anywhere. From that point of view, the book is absolutely noncommercial.

The book is made up of seven parts. I found all the parts equally interesting and informative, apart form Part Five which is dealing with questions sent to the author by the readers of his other books. However, since this chapter deals with specific problems of the readers, some may find it more useful then all other chapters... You can use the Amazon "Search Inside" feature to see the book Contents and to read a few sample pages.

The book is as simple and down-to-earth as it can possibly be. You will not find here any exaggerated claims of the type "lose 30 pound is 30 days", but you will find a lot of honest advice on leading healthy life style. Some might find the title (living 150 years) rather "ridiculous". However, you will not find that the author tries to make you believe to live 150 years. What he is pointing out is the potential life span of a human being on the assumption of providing him with the ideal living conditions.

The author realizes that the contents of his book, concerning practically all aspects of human body, cannot be free of controversy. It is understandable that experts can point out flaws of arguments and insufficient accuracy of details. But he also says: "I wrote the book with the WIDE GENERAL PUBLIC IN MIND." He further says: "If, as a result of my advice, some people start feeling better, some get cured, and some realize the necessity of health maintenance, the objective of this book will be fulfilled."

It is a different kind of book. To make sure that you are getting what you really want, do your research. Apart from "Search Inside" at Amazon, you can read many excerpts from the book at Google Print (just type the book title in Google search window,) or at the publisher's website, which is also easy to find. Happy reading!

Your body manual, June 9, 2005
Reviewer: health&longevity "Mary" - See all my reviews
I purchased this book about a year ago. It helped me make a lot of important changes in my life. What I like about this book is the fact that it talks not only about diet or physical exercise but also about all other factors that help you live longer and stay healthy.

First, the author names all the detrimental factors: neglected spine, lack of physical exercise, incorrect breathing, incorrect diet, lack of internal body hygiene etc. He also discusses unhealthy attitudes which influence our health and longevity. Then the author suggests ways for improvement. Once you put all these pieces together you will come up with a good recipe for a healthy body.

Some of the techniques I used helped me solve a few of my problems: frequent headaches, breakouts (all gone and forgotten); a few pounds of overweight (I lost them, and keep them off)

The book is not flawless and there are a few things I personally do not agree with, but which book is not? I definitely believe that the more you know about yourself the more you can help yourself. Can We Live 150 Years is the best body manual I have found so far.

Another book that I bought recently and that I also recommend is You The Owner's Manual. However, it is not as detailed, and it lacks in some techniques I found in Tombak's book.


Mikhail Tombak, Ph.D. (Biography)

Author Mikhail Tombak, Ph.D. graduated from the faculty of biology and chemistry of the Russian State University. For many years he was the head of Center for Health Sciences in Moscow; also the author of several bestsellers on the subject of health and healing. Suffering from many ailments, Mr. Tombak extensively studied Tibetan, Chinese and other Oriental alternative medicines, often experimenting on his own body, to become one of the world greatest authorities on health, longevity, and human body in general.



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