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Cure the Incurable
by Mikhail Tombak, Ph.D. [edit]

Cure the Incurable
**** 4 Stars!
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ISBN: 0972732837
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Nature has cures for all diseases. In “Cure the Incurable” the author suggests some successful alternative treatments of diseases written off by traditional medicine as incurable.

  • Reversing cancer
  • Fighting osteoporosis
  • Remedies against diabetes and other ailments

Diabetes is frequently the result of a strong psychological stress. It usually happens to people with weak liver or with large intestine disorders. People with diabetes who don’t get insulin shots have a better chance against the disease.

Osteoporosis means calcium deficiency in the bones. According to conventional medicine, it is an incurable disease with a genetic component.

Cancer emerges when the immune system is weekend. The suggested remedies are based on successful treatments of the disease by well know naturopaths of the world. A controversial theory on the origin of cancer is presented.

Therapies against many other ailments and afflictions.

Mikhail Tombak, Ph.D. (Biography)

Author Mikhail Tombak, Ph.D. graduated from the faculty of biology and chemistry of the Russian State University. For many years he was the head of Center for Health Sciences in Moscow; also the author of several bestsellers on the subject of health and healing. Suffering from many ailments, Mr. Tombak extensively studied Tibetan, Chinese and other Oriental alternative medicines, often experimenting on his own body, to become one of the world greatest authorities on health, longevity, and human body in general.



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