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Timeless Secrets of Health And Rejuvenation (Paperback)
by Andreas Moritz [edit]

Timeless Secrets of Health And Rejuvenation (Paperback)
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About this Book

Timeless Secrets of Health & Rejuvenation puts the responsibility of health care back where it belongs -- into the hands of every person. Treating the symptoms of an illness requires great effort on behalf of the body and has little or nothing to do with restoring health. Such an approach may at best keep the symptoms of disease at bay, which by itself can become a major risk for more serious complications to arise at a later stage. In contrast, healing occurs effortlessly and naturally once the conditions for the body to return to its most natural state -- perfect balance and utmost efficiency -- have been met and fulfilled. The author describes in detail what these conditions are and gives the methods how to achieve this state of balance regardless of age and previous health problems. Perfect health is a basic birthright that has been claimed by only few. Timeless Secrets of Health & Rejuvenation, which is a revised and greatly expanded version of his previous book The Key to health and Rejuvenation, (488 pages compared to 280 pages previously), opens the door for everyone to lead a stress-free life and enjoy continued youth and vitality, for the rest of one's life.

In this book, Andreas Moritz reveals the laws responsible for creating health, illness and aging and gives a complete account of the four most common causes of disease regardless of whether it is a simple infection, heart disease, cancer or AIDS. The basic theme running through the book is that it is difficult to treat disease but it is easy to create health, the latter being entirely the choice and responsibility of the individual. Timeless Secrets of Health & Rejuvenation includes a complete self-help program, part of which is derived from the ancient medical system of Ayurveda. The presentation is packed with useful information on all major health issues and suggests effective methods of cleansing the blood, liver and gallbladder, intestines, kidneys, blood vessels, lymphatic system and cell tissues. The resulting renewal and rejuvenation of cells and tissues throughout the body opens us to a new sense of life that can be filled with harmony, peace and excitement.


Preview of this Book
Good health is the most precious and important thing one could possibly have. This is true for a baby as it is for the elderly, a mother, a doctor, the common man on the street, or the president of a country. Whenever our body becomes sick or does not perform up to what we consider normal, we may enter a state of discomfort, fear, or depression, which can only be released by restoring the body's former health and vitality. To truly feel comfortable within our surroundings and within us the body must relinquish all forms of "dis-ease." Timeless Secrets of Health & Rejuvenation can help unleash the tremendous power of healing that is present within you and restore balance on all levels of body, mind, and spirit. This establishes a permanent comfort zone or continuous sense of satisfaction and provides the basis for a creative, successful, and rewarding life.

When ill health arises or when our body starts to age suddenly we tend to look for a solution that promises a quick relief. Today, there is a drug or treatment for almost every ill. It seems to be engraved in our belief system that by suppressing or eliminating the symptoms of a disease we automatically eradicate the disease. Yet nothing could be further from the truth. Each time we remove a symptom without attending its cause we further distance ourselves from regaining the balance required for continuous health and vitality. Then good health remains but a dream for us and we may resign to sayings such as "Well, that's part of life."

Regaining one's health is not about having a quick fix, it is rather a restructuring process that affects every part of one's life, i.e., job, relationships, emotions, etc. It would be too simplistic to assume that a few vitamin pills, a new wonder drug, an operation, or even natural therapy could, in the spur of a moment, undo the effects of many years of neglect, which the body had to endure because we didn't have the time or opportunity to nourish it properly or let it sleep, exercise or be relaxed enough. Timeless Secrets of Health & Rejuvenation is about setting the preconditions for the body to do best what it knows best -- creating and maintaining balance -- regardless of age and previous health problems. The key to creating balance in every aspect of your life can be found when you start taking responsibility for your own health.

This book deals with the practical issues of health, such as lifestyle, diet, nutrition, exercise, daily routine, etc., many of which I have derived from Ayurvedic Medicine -- the most ancient and complete system of natural health care. You will learn to apply a number of highly effective and profound cleansing procedures that can have no less than miraculous effects on your physical and emotional well being. The angle of simplified scientific knowledge and understanding used in this book provides the reasoning and generates the motivation for "turning" the key to health and rejuvenation. This element also sheds light on the most common diseases and medical practices that everyone ought to be aware of today.

Concerning the improvement of personal health and well being we require a major shift in both individual and collective consciousness, away from the programmed expectations of illness and ageing towards the anticipation of continual youthfulness and vitality. The old saying that everyone has to age and die seems to be a repeatedly verified belief doctrine that most people in the world "follow" without even questioning its validity. Could it be possible, instead, that illness and old age occur because we believe they are inevitable and subsequently and without our conscious awareness reinforce such beliefs by adopting a harmful lifestyle, diet, etc.? Right from childhood our parents, teachers, and society have "sentenced" us to the "fact" that the body has no choice but to deteriorate and eventually die from old age or an illness. This generally accepted belief generates a distinct feeling of being out of control, of being dragged down the dark corridor of time by a mysterious power called the ageing process.

The feeling of not being in charge or control is one of the most common causes of physical and mental ill health; it is generally referred to as "stress." The recognition of being vulnerable generates fear that in turn triggers profound biochemical changes in the body. These changes become the physical "reality" of ill health and ageing. Through the intimate psycho-physiological (mind/body) connection every thought and feeling alters our experience of health and well being. A bout of depression can paralyze our immune system and falling in love can boost it.

If you are convinced that ageing is natural and cannot be avoided then this will be the reality you create for yourself. Likewise, you can also draw on a greater force than the one you have used until now and prove to yourself that growing old and being affected by disease are merely the manifested projections of ignorance about the real nature of life. Disease and ageing are not part of our body's genetic design. Even the so-called "death-gene," which is in charge of terminating the lives of cells in our body according to their various predetermined life spans, is the one that keeps us alive. Without this gene we would all die from cancer within weeks. In this sense, controlled destruction is the giver of life and life that has gone out of control can be the harbinger of death. There is nothing in the normal original set-up of our body that could indicate it is causing its own ageing or diseases. But there is enough evidence to show that ageing and illness originate in the combined effects of fearful, negative mental attitudes and emotions and excessive accumulation of toxins in the body.

As a human race, we are about to recognize the vanity of participating in the hypnosis of social conditioning that keeps our mind veiled in the cast shadows of illusion. Many of us have already let go of the fears and doubts that keep us from realizing our tremendous inner powers. But to make a real difference in life we will need to employ our vast potential of energy, creativity, and intelligence for the more important issues in life and for generating waves of continual happiness. One of the keys to unleash this potential is the body itself.

The body is constantly engaged in replacing its cells, which in itself is a miraculous and extremely complex process, unmatched by anything man has ever created (please note: whenever I use the terms 'man' or 'mankind', I am referring to both genders). The numerous types of proteins that make our genes and constitute the cells in our body are turned over within 2-10 days. Radioisotope studies show that 98 percent of the atoms that compose your body today won't be there in a year's time. The renewal process affects all parts of the body, includes our blood, muscles, organs, fat, bones and nerves. With the continual replacement of your cells you should be able to have a new body and consequently a new lease of life, at least every new year. In this book you will learn about the body’s built-in mechanisms that can stop the clock of ageing and make you younger and healthier the older you grow.

We are right in the middle of a tremendous global transformation that has already greatly influenced if not shaken up the very foundation of conventional medicine. The old division of body and mind into completely separate and independent entities is crumbling fast with the knowledge supplied by the more progressive wings of medical science such as Psycho-Neuro-Immunology or Mind/Body Medicine . Even though the artificial division of body and mind, which is based on the old and outdated paradigms of understanding human nature, has never really existed, it was nevertheless powerful enough, and still is to a certain extent, to make man believe he is essentially a physical being. Since the importance of the mind in the field of health was greatly ignored, this division had also far removed any possibility for achieving a near-perfect state of health. As it is will become apparent in this book, instead of eradicating disease from the surface of the earth, the purely symptom-oriented approach to health care has immensely limited the success of medicine in treating disease and to some extent even contributed to the occurrence of chronic diseases world-wide.

Only now are we beginning to recognize the inseparability of these two opposites (body and mind) in life. The breakthrough discoveries in the field of Mind/Body Medicine have already helped thousands of people regain their health. They show that mind and body never exist as separate or independent entities. A hand never writes a letter without the mind ordering it to do so. You cannot even move your eyes to read these words unless your mind has given you the definite instruction to follow their sequence. Our life is controlled by what could aptly be called "super intelligent bodymind." Without its supervising presence, the body's 60-100 trillion cells with their over one trillion biochemical reactions per second each would proportionally generate more chaos and confusion than could be created in the case of the dissolution of the universe.

You can experience this perfect relationship of mind and body when you get a stomach-ache from feeling upset, or when you faint from receiving sudden bad news. Some people have literally turned grey overnight due to a traumatic event and others blush when they feel embarrassed. Heart attacks can be triggered by a single bout of anger or intense anxiety, regardless whether the arteries congested or clear. All thoughts and feelings are readily translated into chemical compounds within the brain and within every other part of the body, thereby altering physical appearance and performance. In fact, every bit of mental activity leaves us with a specific physical sensation, known as emotion. Emotions are composites of both mental impulses and physical effects and they equate to the total of your health as a human being.

Your endocrine system, which produces hormones in response to your mental experiences, is indeed your personal drug store or inner pharmacy. It can make any drug you need and you are the pharmacist who writes the appropriate prescriptions. Depending on your emotional response or reaction to a particular event or problem, the drugs and their dose vary accordingly. They may be the stress hormones adrenaline , cortisol or cholesterol. When released into your blood stream in response to anger, fear, or rejection, the hormone secretion can save your life but in the long term it may damage the blood vessels and impair the immune system. Your happy emotions, on the other hand, manifest as endorphins, serotonin, interleukins, or other drugs that are related to the experience of pleasure and joy. If you produce enough of them you may even be able to arrest the ageing process. Carefully controlled studies have shown that you can reduce your biological age by 10-15 years within ten days, provided your interpretation of life goes through sudden, positive changes, but you also can put on 20 years within a single day if you enter a state of hopelessness and depression. Hormones can have extremely powerful effects, both in a positive and negative sense. Yet more powerful than hormones are the thoughts that trigger them.

Today there are numerous recorded cases of what are called "spontaneous remissions." A remission of cancer or other serious illness may occur when a person has experienced a state of sudden and unprecedented happiness. Others "fall" into the spontaneous emotion of laughter, which consequently may stop a terminal illness. Our physical set-up is capable of providing hitherto unknown and extremely powerful chemicals in response to a new perception of reality. This intrinsic ability of the human mind/body system will evolve our endocrine system to a much higher level of efficiency and bestow abilities to our body beyond our current understanding or imagination. The mind/body connection will be discussed in greater detail in the book since it is an essential tool to improve our physical and mental health.

The journey of developing a permanent state of health and vitality is not so much about treating disease, which is the main concern of conventional medicine. True healing is more about re-establishing the flawless connection that exists between body and mind. The darkness in a room disappears when we switch on the light and so does disease by improving health. Good health remains an unrealistic dream when the focus is on disease.

A basic natural law states that energy follows thought . If disease is your point of focus, you are going to be stuck with it because disease thrives on negative energy. Over 90% of all diseases in our Western civilisation are chronic by nature; for these there are no successful treatments available. The inadequacy of our medical system in successfully dealing with chronic disease is rooted in our collective conviction that we need to get rid of the symptoms of disease. If we focused instead on setting the preconditions that are responsible for creating and maintaining health, it would naturally return on its own. It is not disease that needs attention, it is the patient who requires love, care, nourishment, and the feeling of being complete again. The single most important experience that the unbalanced bodymind needs to heal is the experience of happiness, which results when an existing congestion in the body is removed.

A fascinating study showed that happy people are unlikely to catch colds, regardless how often you expose them to a cold virus. Also people who are in love show a higher resistance to disease. To create a positive state of health in itself can be a happiness-generating event. Happiness returns spontaneously in a person who, suffering from a cold or a disease, starts to feel better again. Only happiness is attractive for life, whereas disease is not. Unhappy people can never be truly healthy, just as unhealthy people can never be truly happy. A person, who suffers from cancer and learns to apply the methods of regaining his happiness described in this book, can be cured but if he continues hating his mother or father then even the best of therapies will fail. By focusing on disease or negativity in life one remains stuck in one's unresolved anger or conflicts. This in turn will have a powerful immune-suppressive effect and prevent healing from taking place. Focusing on the destructive characteristics of a disease can therefore not serve as an inspiration for healing and complete recovery. There is in fact nothing to be gained from the fascination with disease but everything to be gained from the fascination with health. The human body has no built-in program for sickness, but it has many programs to maintain a state of perfect equilibrium or balance. It is the nature of the human being to be perfectly healthy but it is up to us to set the preconditions for these programs to work. Healing is absent when happiness is absent. Bereaved persons whose sense of joy has virtually become non-existent demonstrate this clearly. Widows rank among the highest in the risk groups for cancer. Sadness, due to loss of a beloved, blocks a person's immune response to fight cancer cells even though his or her T-cell count may be normal. The latest studies on heart disease show that lack of happiness and job satisfaction are heading the list of risk factors for heart attacks, far more endangering to our health than animal fats, alcohol, or cigarettes.

The main purpose of life is to increase happiness. Any action that does not support this most basic principle of life is destined to fail or create problems. This is true for the field of health as it is for every other area in life. Most of the advice given in this book has an uplifting or a clarifying effect, thus providing a solid foundation for creating and maintaining good health. The liver cleanse described in chapter six, which can remove hundreds of gallstones from the liver and gallbladder within a few hours, can by itself trigger waves of utter wellness and eliminate deep rooted anger and frustration. The clearing of severely blocked ducts and channels of circulation in the body can have truly blissful effects and change one's priorities in life. With the continued improvement of your health you may find yourself entering a state of completeness where the pieces of the puzzle of life will be placed in their proper places.

As you read about the various ways of improving your physical health, try to remember that it is tightly linked to your mental and emotional well being. Should you suffer a particular disease like cancer, heart disease, or AIDS, apart from dealing with the physical aspect of the imbalance you will also need to attend its mental counterpart. Disease is not something that you "catch," instead it is something you create by repeatedly making the same mistakes that prevent your body and mind from regaining their natural state of balance or health.

We do not have to have permission from anyone to improve our health because this is our natural birthright. The advice given in this book is not meant for curing diseases because it is not disease that needs curing, it is the patient who needs to become whole, happy and vital again. You can never really cure a disease because disease only occurs when health is no longer being generated. But once you have allowed balance to return to your body and mind, disease will disappear by itself just as the darkness of the night disappears with the light of the day.

Most of the data and research that is mentioned in this book is based on "reliable" sources such as published papers and scientific journals. But although I have cited scientific research studies throughout the book to clarify and illuminate basic insights, it is my opinion that research in itself cannot serve as a reliable source of truth and reality. The reason for this assumption is the fact that there can never be any kind of research that will remain unaltered by the changing factors of time and space, the unaccountable subjectivity of the researchers and the researched, and the intended purpose of the research.

It is my opinion that scientific research should not be used to formulate a particular truth in life since it is very easy to use it as a means of manipulating opinions and beliefs. I suggest that you take any statement or argument you are not sure about into your heart and ask your body how it feels (there is a body-testing procedure in chapter one). You will receive a definite answer from your body, which will signal either weakness or strength, or any other form of discomfort or comfort; depending on the input. This book is about enhancing your intuitive and cognitive abilities rather than presenting mere book knowledge to satisfy intellectual needs. Timeless Secrets of Health & Rejuvenation is not a foreign element we need to introduce from outside. You are that key and this book is there to help you use it for your own benefit as well as that of mankind.

Andreas Moritz (Biography)

Andreas Moritz is one of the world's leading experts on Integrative Medicine. He has practiced and taught Ayurveda, Meditation, Yoga, Nutrition, Iridology, Shiatsu and Vibrational Therapy for over 30 years.
Andreas has had particular success with cases of terminal disease where conventional methods of healing were futile. During his extensive travels throughout the world, he has consulted with heads of state and members of governments in Europe, Asia and Africa, and has lectured widely on the subject of health and mind/body medicine.

He has developed a new system of healing and rejuvenation -- Ener-Chi Art and Ionized Stones -- that can help restore the vital energy flow of organs and systems in the body as well as bring balance to the disturbed ecosystems on the planet. 

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