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Reversing Multiple Sclerosis: 9 Effective Steps to Recover Your Health
by Celeste Pepe [edit], Lisa Hammond [edit]

Reversing Multiple Sclerosis: 9 Effective Steps to Recover Your Health
********** 10 Stars!
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From the Inside Flap
Multiple sclerosis is a debilitating disease that has long been regarded as being almost beyond the possibility of successful treatment. For many patients a diagnosis of MS has meant the end of a normally functioning life. Not any longer.
Celeste Pepe was a vigorous 42, a busy chiropractor and naturopath, when she an MS diagnosis.

What does an expert in alternative medicine do when she gets seriously ill? Dr. Pepe realized it was time to put her deep belief in alternative medicine to the test. She resolved to find and employ effective natural ways to reverse this condition and restore her health. She did, and her multiple sclerosis is now a thing of the past.

Dr. Pepe’s remarkable healing odyssey took her through many disciplines, theories, and practices in the world of natural medicine and into the depths of her own body and mind. In the end, she distilled her successful treatment into a program that nay MS patient can follow to restore health. She explains this with clarity, medical precision, and a strong measure of encouragement.

Using her own healing experience, Dr. Pepe explains the nine step that can help the MS patient turn the corner on this disease: detailed nutrient testing and fortification, bee venom treatment, allergy testing, dietary changes, personally tailored nutritional plans, the use of specialized supplements, chelation therapy, regular exercise, and the replacement of mercury amalgam dental fillings. “I truly believe that if you diligently apply these healing protocols, which I have learned, you will no longer be known as an MS victim’,” says Dr. Pepe.

Reversing Multiple Sclerosis
9 Effective Steps to Recover Your Health
Celeste Pepe, D.C., N.D.
and Lisa Hammond

Celeste Pepe was strong, fit, and energetic until multiple sclerosis attacked. The verdict: incurable. The option: masking symptoms with synthetic drugs that did nothing to reverse the disease and often produced debilitating side effects. Instead, Pepe sought alternative therapies that have resulted with hard work and commitment, in an ongoing reversal of her MS symptoms.

·A revealing look into the physical and emotional world of a multiple sclerosis patient

·A doctor defies her own fears in a courageous personal journey from incurable illness to healing

·An easy-to-read instruction manual for reclaiming health, complete with an extensive resource section

·Find out how combining alternative treatments such as biocybernetic testing, mercury removal, chelation, and apitherapy with proper diet, nutrition, and exercise may reverse the debilitating symptoms of a little-understood disease

The Search for a Cure Continues!, May 17, 2001
Reviewer: Dan Shepherd (Seattle, WA USA) - See all my reviews
I was given a copy of this book a couple days ago by my wife because I too am fighting MS. I was intriqued by Dr. Pepe's quest for a natural "cure" for MS. I blazed through the first 200 pages which is a narrative of here life from when she was diagnosed in '94, through the life changing 5 year search for a natural way to fight the disease and up to the writing of the book in 2000. The last 200 pages is more detailed information and interviews with the practitioners of the remedies she sought out. Besides being immediately sucked in to her compeling story there is a lot of great information, told first hand, on a lot of the "natual" remedies avaiable. People fighting MS hear a lot about these other treatment options and want to know if others are really taking them and are they having any success. Dr. Pepe shares with us how they have worked or not worked for her. MS affects us all different and there is no guarentee that anything in this book will be of help to anyone other than her, but if you have considered "alternative" treatments this book is definately a wealth of information. There is some excellent information about how important diet and nutrition are for MS patients. I think that all of us with MS should be doing everything we can to give our bodies the fighting chance it needs to battle the disease, regardless of your treatment regime, and for that reason alone you should read this book. This book doesn't hold the cure, but there is a lot we can learn from her search.

COULDN'T PUT IT DOWN, August 31, 2003
Reviewer: A reader
I was diagonsed with MS 4 years ago and have tried a number of different things including the bee sting therapy. It is good to learn of someones success and to know I too have other options. I am going to give Dr. Pepe's recomendations a try, what do I have to lose.....I've already lost my health! The bee sting therapy does work....I don't care what the medical establishment has to say. I've read some other reviews on this book and some good, some bad but for all of us that suffer I want to thank Dr. Celeste Pepe for all her work to find a cure. I for one am glad she can afford to have a cook, driver, and to write this book. I am a 40 yr old mother of 2 great teenagers and wonderful husband, no cook (me) no driver (me) and I want my life back. I can't afford to fly where ever to get treatment but I can't afford not to try the things I can. I enjoyed this book also because I got to know Celeste, the person, her stuggles, her victories. God Bless You for taking the time to help others on their journey.

I had already taken into action about 5 of the 9 steps and had been hesitant of the others due to the effort, but since reading the book, found that it easy to get these tests done after all. I have been working on these style of treatment with my doctors for the last year (they are chinese doctors though) and have not had the tests tho to see where i may be different from ter general run of mill. I do have an immense amount more energy from diet, suppliments, mineral ratio balances and desire to succeed. and am now going to try the next steps with the backing of my doctors.

Reversing Multiple Sclerosis, May 17, 2003
Reviewer: "sismith" (Yuma, AZ) - See all my reviews

Multiple Sclerosis (MS) is the growth of lesions on the tissue that protects the body's nerves. Those lesions stop the flow of information from the brain to the body, particularly in the arms and legs. Parts of the body without contact with the brain deteriorate, and people with MS end up with various physical handicaps. Medical science has no cure for MS. At best, all they can do is slow the progress of the disease.
Celeste Pepe, D. C., N.D. was diagnosed with MS when she was in her early forties. A practicing chiropractor and naturopathic doctor, she refused to take the powerful drugs that her medical doctors insisted were her only option. She decided that not only would she fight MS, she would be healed of it.

Reversing Multiple Sclerosis is the story of her successful search for a cure, a five-year journey into alternative medicine therapies. She had no special abilities other than a determination to be well, and she tell others that "if you are ever diagnosed with a life-threatening disease, you must pursue, with all your might, every doctor, of all varieties, with every healing modality known to them, and never give up, until you find the ones that heal you."

Pepe describes the emotional devastation she felt when she was first diagnosed, and the reactions of her family and friends. Not everyone supported her when she turned from conventional medicine to alternative therapies. She shares all that she learned as she consulted each professional, and details their treatments and the effects those treatments had on her. She relied heavily on what her body told her after each treatment.

She emphasizes that each person is different and not every treatment has the same effect on everyone. However, through her experience she was able to discover nine steps that will help reverse MS. Most of these are quite simple, such as dietary changes, but all should be done under the supervision of a professional. She includes an extensive list of resources.

Reversing Multiple Sclerosis is "one woman's courageous journey from incurable illness to optimum health, against all odds and the prognostications of futility and doom from the medical community." Pepe writes in a personal and friendly manner, and her book is an essential reference for all those who have been diagnosed with MS.

Thank God for Celeste Pepe and Lisa Hammond!, September 25, 2002
Reviewer: Mrs. Carolyn Butler (Chicago, Illinois, USA) - See all my reviews
I can't tell you how glad I am to have purchased this book! I am a teacher in my late 40's. Four years ago, I was diagnosed with progressive Multiple Sclerosis. I started to experience many of the same symptoms as Dr. Pepe. I also was afflicted with the failing vision experienced by Pat Wagner, a contributor to this book and MS survivor in her own right. My doctors gave me beta blockers, and found that my health was deteriorating rapidly.
I admit I was desperate. I love my career as an elementary school teacher, and knew that if I didn't find something to help me soon, my career life as I knew it would shortly come to an end. I was not into either nutrition or holistic medicine when I first bought the book. I thumbed through it at the book store in a local mall and her story caught my interest, so I purchased it.

I couldn't be happier that I did so. I found the writing of Lisa Hammond very enjoyable and easy to read. She made Dr. Pepe a real person, someone with whom I could identify. The personal section of her story held my interest, and the second half of the book was made especially understandable for a lay person like myself. I had never really heard of any of the methods Dr. Pepe used. However, I found this in itself encouraging, as nothing my doctors had tried to that point had been the least bit helpful and, quite frankly, actually seemed to be making me worse. Except for the chelation therapy, I followed all of the other steps she utilized. I chose to order the bee venom, as keeping bees is out of the question in my apartment complex!

I am very thrilled and proud to announce that now, nearly ten months later, my MS has NOT progressed any farther! Feeling is beginning to return to the areas where I had been experiencing numbness, and my vision has improved almost to the point where it was before my illness. I find that I have far more energy each day, and I can feel myself returning to health.

I have read some of the reviews here, and, far from resenting Dr. Pepe's affluence, I celebrate it. If she had not possessed the means to explore these independent treatments not covered by most insurance plans, others like myself may not have had the opportunity to follow in her footsteps. I disagree with those who discount the personal section of the book. I feel that her autobiographical account has great relevance, as some of the stressful incidents in her life were similar to those in my own. Not all of them, of course, but enough to give credence, in my opinion, to the theory that stress and trauma may be contributing factors to the later onset of MS in some way. I certainly feel it warrants further research.

Perhaps Dr. Pepe's methods do not, or will not, work for everyone. I have no medical training and am the first to admit it. However, based solely upon my own experiences, I would encourage anyone suffering from MS to seriously consider giving her methods a try. After all, except for a few dollars, what have you got to lose? Nothing in this book could harm a patient that I can see. Her methods are strictly natural, based upon nutrition combined with natural supplements.

I recommend this book wholeheartedly, both as an interesting read and an invaluable medical blueprint. As I've said, you have nothing to lose, and perhaps the rest of your life, a healthy life, to gain. Thank you Dr. Pepe and Ms. Hammond! You have done me a service with your selfless sharing of your experiences, and I, for one, shall be always grateful for this publication.

Good, helpful, informative read, April 29, 2002
Reviewer: A reader
This book was a good balance of information and openness from one battling MS. It is interesting to me that even though she seemed to "have everything" the mental, physical and emotional anquish is so much like my own and many people I have talked to who have MS. It is well worth the purchase for it is so full of information and suggestions for the "have-nots or the haves" to follow. I don't agree with everything that she goes through spiritually, but Dr. Pepe's desire to help others is there as it was before she even got MS. Thanks to her for being so open.

Celeste Pepe (Biography)

Celeste Pepe was a vigorous 42, a busy chiropractor and naturopath, when she got an MS diagnosis. Dr Pepe realized it was time to put her deep belief in alternative medicine to the test. She resolved to find and employ effective natural ways to reverse this condition and restore her health. She did, and her multiple sclerosis is now a thing of the past. Dr Pepe explains the nine steps that can help the MS patient turn the corner on this disease. 

Lisa Hammond


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