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Natural Facelift
by Juliette Kando [edit]

Natural Facelift
********** 10 Stars!
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ISBN: 0722536798


If you are worried about losing your youthful appearance, there is now no need to resort to surgery. This guide clearly explains how you can smooth away wrinkles, banish puffy eyes, firm up saggy cheeks and eradicate double chins - the natural way. The facial exercises can easily be incorporated into your daily life - to get results fast.

The best !, July 9, 2002
Reviewer: zsuzsa kartash from Malaga, SPAIN
My best friend gave me Juliette Kando's NATURAL FACELIFT for my birthday saying it had helped her and I should try it. I had noticed that she had been looking fresher and younger lately and now she told me how she had done it. 'You just read the book and get into doing the exerises' she said so I did. That was three weeks ago and I have never looked back. The thing that worried me most was that I was beginning to get bags under my eyes. I looked up the exercises for it and they really work. My eyes are more open as well now. I also had deep neck wrinkles and they have all gone now. Brilliant! The exercises are easy to follow and the author encourages you all the way. Well, with the excellent results, you just don't want to stop. People have been complementing me, asking me if I'm in love or if I've been on holiday because I look so much more happy and relaxed and, yes, younger. I want to strongly recommend this book to anyone who is worrried about losing their looks. It also lifts your morale because the practise works on a psychological level as the author says and I find that to be very true. Doing Juliette Kando's facial exercises is much better (and cheaper) than going for cosmetic surgery which, like Kando says, only damages your skin. So hurry, go and buy the NATURAL FACELIFT by Juliette Kando and enjoy, it really is a brilliant book.

what a discovery!, July 29, 2003
Reviewer: Charlotte (see more about me) from London
I never knew that it was possible to tone the face but when you think about it, why not? Like Juliette Kando writes in her book THE NATURAL FACELIFT if you can tone up your stomach, why not the face as well? Anyway, when a friend gave me the book for my birthday I started doing some of the exercises and just after the first few days of doing them I could see and feel the difference. It's absolutely amazing. It felt like my face was awakened and had wanted to do the subtle movements all along. It felt so natural. Now that I have been doing my facial exercises regularly for three months I have lost my double chin, my eye bags and the droopy lines at the mouth corners. People have remarked on how well I look. All that made me feel happy and much more confident than I used to be. Once I got interested in the subject I looked at other books on the subject but none of them could match Juliette Kando's common sense and wholistic approach. So, if you are worried about your age, get Juliette Kando's NATURAL FACELIFT it's definitely the best facial exercise book on the market and I want to strongly recomend it to anyone, male or female who is worried about losing their looks!

Juliette Kando


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