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Timeless Face: Thirty Days to a Younger You Through Face Reading, Acupressure, and Toning
by Ellae Elinwood [edit]

Timeless Face: Thirty Days to a Younger You Through Face Reading, Acupressure, and Toning
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ISBN: 031219529X


A yoga instructor and practitioner of Chinese face reading shows how to make your face look and feel more beautiful and more fit--in only five minutes a day. 100 photos.

From the Publisher
"I personally use the acupressure and toning techniques in Timeless Face before shooting to relax, tone and stimulate my facial expression. I have found the benefits are both immediate and long lasting. And who better to advise any woman on natural timeless beauty than Ellae Ellinwood." --Stephanie Seymour

"I especially appreciate how Timeless Face is not simply a "how to" book. It relates our faces to our entire lives and it shows how our emotions, our bodies and our spirits have dealt with our life's journey in our very own faces." --Donna Eden, author of Energy Medicine

Book Description
Timeless Face is a revolutionary approach to facial toning, one that enhances your face's appearance while it contributes to your inner tranquility and well-being.

Incorporating the time-honored techniques of Chinese face reading to identify what causes facial features to develop as we age, Ellae Elinwood demonstrates that it is simply not a fact of life that a forehead has to wrinkle, a mouth has to sag, and the eyes have to become baggy. Rather these are symptoms of emotional distress and lack of facial fitness, which can be treated and corrected through a simple program that combines acupressure and exercise. For example:

-Vertical lines between the eyebrows indicate confusion and concern. The Defrowner exercise not only smoothes lines and slows down the appearance of new ones, it also generates mental clarity and optimism.
-Dropping mouth corners and pouchy cheeks are signs of stress and loss of confidence. The Light-hearted exercise will lift those mouth corners as it lifts your mood, easing worries and increasing self-worth.
-Deep furrows between the nose and cheek can signal suppressed emotions and the strain of too much responsibility. The Erasing Cares exercise lessens those deep lines while it enhances your ability to communicate and negotiate on your behalf.

By following the simple, commonsense Timeless Face program, your face will look and feel more fit and more relaxed in just thirty days, and your entire being will be rejuvenated and revitalized.

Isn't it time for you to discover the face you were meant to mature with--your own Timeless Face?

Ellae Elinwood (Biography)

Ellae Elinwood is a nationally known teacher and theorist of the mind/body connection, Ellae has drawn upon a background rich in varied experience to conceive her current work. For many years she was an instructor of Hatha Yoga both privately and at colleges, universities, and fitness spas throughout Southern California. She pioneered a program teaching yoga to the elderly in convalescent homes with remarkable results. She has also been a teacher of Shiatsu, "Touch for Health," applied kinesiology, and stress management.

A student of psychology, she has trained in the past with Reichian therapies including Bioenergetics and the revolutionary "BodyNamics" work of Lisbeth Marcher.

Through her studies of Yoga, Chinese wisdom, facial exercise and her investigation into the effects of energy systems and emotions on the face, Ellae has developed Timeless Face, her comprehensive facial toning exercise program.

Ellae has spoken and given seminars at universities, colleges, junior colleges, conferences and massage schools and spas, as well as doing private sessions, throughout the United States and Canada.

Ellae now resides with her family in Ashland, Oregon. 

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