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by Stewart Galanor [edit]

******* 7 Stars!
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Book Description
The evidence of a conspiracy to assassinate President Kennedy and its cover-up by the government and news media.

From the Publisher
"Cool, clear, concise. Galanor has boiled down a mass of complex materials into an easily accessible, enlightening discussion. Superbly done."
--Michael Parenti, author of Inventing Reality: The Politics of News Media

"Quickly and dramatically Cover-up shatters the lone assassin theory. The weaving of photographs and document with scientific evidence exposes in a remarkably clear way the workings of a cover-up."
--John Loughery, The Hudson Review

"A thoroughly researched account of how the Government's version of the Kennedy assassination is filled with contradictions and impossibilities."
--William Pencak, Professor of American History, Penn State University

"A cogent destruction of the Government's account of the assassination. An astounding amount of evidence counters the deceptions and forgeries that lie at the heart of the official cover-up."
--David S. Lifton, author of Best Evidence

"Galanor skillfully cuts through thirty-five years of clutter and zeros in on the crucial evidence. His systematic, persuasive analysis--supported by beautifully reproduced documents and photographs--will lead any reasonable reader to a chilling but inescapable conclusion: there was a conspiracy and a cover-up."
--Zachary Sklar, co-author of screenplay JFK

"With 40 volumes from two official investigations, as well as hundreds of published books--all devoted to the solution of John F. Kennedy's assassination--Stewart Galanor's eloquent, spare volume is a treasure for novice and expert alike. With understated prose and well-chosen images, Galanor dissects the core issues that hobble the single assassin thesis.
"His amazing short section on Dealey Plaza witnesses may well be the best summation of this evidence in print. Interviews he conducted thirty-two years ago not only formed the basis for this remarkable chapter, but also justified early doubts about the truthfulness of the witness reports the FBI delivered to the Warren Commission."
--Gary L. Aguilar, MD, Head, Division of Ophthalmology, St. Francis Memorial Hospital, San Francisco

Stewart Galanor (Biography)

Stewart Galanor is the author of the textbooks Calculus: A Visual Approach and The Paradox of Tristram Shandy. He is a multimedia consultant and technical writer for financial institutions and the television industry. He resides in New York City. 

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