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The Burzynski Breakthrough
by Thomas D. Elias [edit]

The Burzynski Breakthrough
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From Booklist
Stanislaw Burzynski was born to a well-to-do family in Poland in 1942. While in medical school, he became involved in research and eventually discovered peptides in blood and urine that warranted further study as anticancer agents. In 1970, about to be drafted into the army, Burzynski left for the U.S. Given a chance to continue his research in Houston, Burzynski ultimately developed antineoplastons and established a large clinic. During the next 25 years, some 2,500 patients came to him; many of them had "failed" with the generally accepted chemotherapy and radiation treatments. Burzynski infused them with antineoplastons through a chest catheter, achieving successful results in a substantial number of cases. The FDA and organized medicine, however, launched political and legal attacks against him. Elias, whose partisanship is plain, interweaves Burzynski's story and the stories of some of his patients.Thorough scientific studies seem necessary to clarify the currently murky status of Burzynski's treatment. William Beatty

There is hope in the fight against cancer, and for thousands of devoted cancer survivors, that hope goes by the name of a Houston, Texas, doctor named Stanislaw Burzynski. This book presents the astonishing story of Dr. Burzynski's revolutionary discovery of antineoplastons, the century's most promising cancer treatment--and the government's decade-long effort to suppress information about it. 30 photos.

Why has this [chemical substance] not been approved?, April 5, 2003
Reviewer: Henry Knowlton from Charleston, WV
Elias tells an incredible story of government skullduggery in cahoots with a pharmaceutical company in this non-fiction investigative book that often reads like fiction. Through original government documents and patient interviews, the author establishes beyond reasonable doubt that there has in fact been a [plan] first to suppress and later to [borrow] Burzynski's non-toxic treatment. He also presents strong evidence that the treatment is effective against the vast majority of cancers. There is no mystery as to why this treatment has not yet been approved; plenty of hard evidence of malfeasance at the highest levels of American science is presented here. It's about time the FDA changed its tune and approved this [chemical substance]. When that happens, it should spark the greatest medical scandal of our time. For the [chemical substance]. will not have changed; only the regulators. Which means many thousands of patients for whom antineoplastons should have been the first treatment of preference have in effect been murdered by the cancer establishment.

A real eye-opener, November 26, 2002
Reviewer: Henry Wasserman from Deerfield, Illinois
Some say that Burzynski is a quack, but this book establishes that the reverse is true -- he's actually a hero who has discovered a way to save untold numbers of lives, while the establishment doctors who have ostracized him are the real phonies. Like many scientists who defy current paradigms, Burzynski has been subjected to ridicule and fierce opposition. Arthur Schopenhauer once wrote that "All truth passes through three stages. First, it is ridiculed, second it is violently opposed, and third, it is accepted as self-evident." My guess is that Burzynski's treatment is nearing stage 3 and will eventually be accepted as a standard treatment.

In this very readable book, Elias establishes beyond much doubt that this treatment works on many cancers. The charts in the appendix are the only place I have ever seen comprehensive statistics reporting how well a particular drug performs against any specific type of cancer. Why don't the other drugs report their numbers? Probably, because they don't work nearly as well as this one. What's more, Elias establishes through very meticulous documentation that the top scientific agencies of the U.S. government have known for years about how effective and non-toxic the Burzynski treatment usually is.

In short, this book is a must read for anyone with cancer or anyone with a relative or friend suffering from any form of the disease.

The Burzynski Breakthrough, March 12, 2003
Reviewer: Paul F. Leverett from Houston, Texas United States
I am a previous patient of Dr. Burzynski. I was going through the antineoplaston treatment when Mr. Elias wrote his book. So, my details were not mentioned in his book, nor were my results included in the statistics he references.

I had a glioblastoma multiforme grade 4. Given less than a year to live I searched all over for any kind of hope. I found hope in the form of Dr. Burzynski and his antineoplaston treatment. My story is located on the web at and can be found under the inspirational stories section.

I really did not pay too much attention to all the controversy surrounding Dr. Burzynski until I read Mr. Elias' "The Burzynski Breakthrough". Elias details very accurately the treatment I was on and the process at the Burzynski clinic.

As a patient that actually completed the antineoplaston treatment I can say that Thomas Elias has done an excellent job in describing the potential benefits of antineoplaston treatment as well as chronicling the persecution Burzynski has endured to keep his medicine available to us all. (Even though severely restricted by the FDA).

Thank you Thomas Elias.

Paul Leverett

Thomas D. Elias


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