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Cancer Diagnosis: What to Do Next
by W. John Diamond [edit]

Cancer Diagnosis: What to Do Next
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The complete guide to early detection and prevention of cancer and with proven safe and nontoxice treatments.

Book Info
( Associated Complementary Medicine Research Group, Ferndale, WA. A guide to the wide range of safe, nontoxic, and effective alternative treatments for cancer. Some of the topics discussed are the 33 underlying causes of cancer, choosing the right alternative and conventional treatments, and using nutrition and herbs to overcome cancer. Softcover.

W. John Diamond (Biography)

Reviewer: sismith (see more about me) from Yuma, AZ
W. John Diamond, M.D., a board-certified pathologist and alternative medicine expert, and W. Lee Cowden, M.D., who is board-certified in internal medicine, cardiovascular disease, and clinical nutrition, joined forces with Burton Goldberg, author of numerous books on alternative medicine, to write Cancer Diagnosis: What To Do Next.

Many people don't know where to turn for information when diagnosed with cancer. And the answers they often get from medical professionals include few options. Lack of knowledge causes many people to undergo treatments they don't want.
Goldberg says that "there is no single magic bullet cure for cancer. Many factors contribute to the development of cancer and many modalities and substances must be used to reverse it."

The authors emphasize that never giving up hope is a critical first step in cancer treatment, no matter what therapy is chosen. They then outline some positive steps that patients can take that will help them chose the therapy that's best for them. Included in this section is a simple test that reveals whether a tumor will respond to chemotherapy, and if so, what the smallest effective dosage is.

They also discuss the causes of cancer, and offer suggestions for prevention and early detection. They provide complete information about testing methods used by alternative practitioners that aid in developing effective treatment plans.

Nutrition plays a big role both in prevention and treatment of cancer, and the authors explain how to choose the best diet for you. They also explain the role of supplements, such as vitamins and minerals, in strengthening the body.

Herbs and other nontoxic therapies can be very helpful for many people. All the details are included, as well as complete information on techniques for stimulating the immune system. Detoxification and energy therapies are also explained.
Detoxification is especially important because of all the pollutants in our air, water, and food. According to the authors, "most conventional doctors do not take these factors into consideration when treating cancer."

Each chapter includes "Quick Definitions," which are explanations of medical terms, in the margins, making it easy to understand the text. Whenever a special test or procedure is discussed, contact information is provided.

"Alternative medicine has established the causes of cancer--from radiation and dietary factors and pesticide residues to stress and dental factors and free radicals--and has safe, nontoxic, and effective therapies that can address each one." Cancer Diagnosis gathers all this information into one easy-to-use book. It's an essential reference for anyone desiring full information on treatment options. 


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