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The Calcium Factor: The Scientific Secret of Health and Youth
by Robert R. Barefoot [edit]

The Calcium Factor: The Scientific Secret of Health and Youth
********* 9 Stars!
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ISBN: 0963370324


Reviewer: gia9 (see more about me) from Pacific Palisades, Ca United States
For all those skeptics out there Bob Barefoot never says coral calcium cures anything, but what he does state is that the body heals itself, if given the right ph chemistry. For the person that wrote the review on the FTC charges against Bob Barefoot and coral calcium...the charges against Bob Barefoot were ,in fact, dropped the next day after filing suit...they had no case against him and they knew it. The book itself is written poorly..he would have done better to have a ghost writer. People need to stop believing in pharmaceuticals to help all their illnesses, when there are natural ways of healing yourself.Bob Barefoot states this over and over in his book...and not one time does he make a statement that coral calcium cures anything. For those who are skeptic, if you test your ph and you find out you are acid..if you alkalize you will notice within in a couple of weeks an increase in your energy level and also you will start sleeping sounder and get that deep rem sleep, that is required for repairing your body. if you have acid reflux or gerd, your symptoms will be completely eliminated after 3-4 weeks..and astonishingly you can eat things like tomatoes, cucumbers, onion...and not get the heartburn. i watched my mom's health transform over a year, since she has been on it. she has no more arthritis pain in her hands and the acid reflux she had for 9 years was gone after taking the coral calcium for one month.she went from a 5.5 ph to a 6.5 and what a difference in her energy level and sleeping pattern, she was always a nite marrauder an now she sleeps like a baby.i watched my sister who had a high reading for her liver 3 times what was normal...her doctor took her off all vitamins and drugs and let her stay on the coral calcium only...after 4 months she had more tests that showed her liver readings came back to normal.she also went from a 5.5 ph to a 6.5, she also had acid reflux and now she doesn't , as long as her chemistry stays alkaline. so bottom line our bodies have the ability to heal themselves, if given the proper nutrients, vitamins and minerals...and calcium is essential for the healing to take regards to the FTC suit, the large pharmaceutical corporations would love to see coral calcium go away, if you know what i mean. when you look at the cost of exp. nexium at $300 a month (this being a maintenance drug taken every month for the rest of your life) they stand to lose allot ,considering it's $20.00 a bottle for coral calcium. Bob Barefoot states a fact when he says that the large pharmaceutical corporations can't patent a vitamin or mineral, so they want nothing to do with it ,because there is no money in it.the pharmaceuticals are a $364 billion dollar a year industry.

Robert R. Barefoot


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