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Sproutman's Kitchen Garden Cookbook: 250 flourless, Dairyless, Low Temperature, Low Fat, Low Salt, Living Food Vegetarian Recipes
by Steve Meyerowitz [edit]

Sproutman's Kitchen Garden Cookbook: 250 flourless, Dairyless, Low Temperature, Low Fat, Low Salt, Living Food Vegetarian Recipes
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New Life Magazine, August 1994
Just arrived in our inventory and hot off the press is the new Sproutman's Kitchen Garden Cookbook. This long awaited book by the Sproutman, Steve Meyerowitz, is a superb guide to preparing super healthy vegetarian and "live food" meals.
Included are chapters like Making Sprout Breads. Sprout bread has no flour. The germinated wheat is ground into a dough and then slow-baked or dehydrated. Sprouted wheat bread has 3 times the bran and vitamins of the finest whole wheat bread and is perhaps the only source of wheat germ in the "live" state. Sproutman provides 40 pages of recipes and information on the making of sprout breads, crackers, cookies, bagels and yes...even sprout pizza. It is the only source of this information we know.

There is a very thorough chapter on dehydrating foods including recipes such as zucchini chips and sunflower sun-cheeze. A chapter on the pros and cons of dairy. Non-dairy recipes such as cashew yoghurt, almond milk and vanilla iced cream. Charts on Nutrition, sprouting & food drying. Low fat/low salt diet. A glossary of health foods and great recipes such as rejuvelac non-alcoholic wine, natural sodas & snacks. Many tidbits such as "the Sprout Oath," "the Marx Bros. Meet Sproutman," and "Ode to a Banana" make this a fun to read book that is also loaded with practical information.

Book Description
Turn nuts, vegetable seeds, grains and beans into gourmet food! Sprouted breads, cookies, crackers, living soups, dressings, dips, spreads, sautes, alternative non-dairy milks, ice-creams, even sprouted pizza and bagels! Chapters on making sprout bread, food dehydrating, juicing, natural sodas, alternatives to dairy and salt, smart vegetarianism. Glossary of healthy foods. Includes Questions and Answers and seed resources. Over 150 illustrations, photos & Charts.

Steve Meyerowitz (Biography)

Steve was pronounced "Sproutman" in a 1977 Vegetarian Times Magazine feature article that explored the why's and wherefores of his 100% sprout diet. While over 2 decades time, most diets change, Steve is still a believer in living foods and one of the most prominent spokespersons for sprouting.

Steve got interested in sprouts after a 20 year effort to correct chronic allergies and asthma with conventional medicine. He made dramatic changes in diet and within two months of eating a strict "living foods," vegetarian diet, his lifelong symptoms disappeared. He continued to practice a 100% raw foods diet (nothing cooked, packaged, canned, frozen or processed) for five years. During that time, he also experimented with other extreme diets such as fruitarianism (just fruit) and fasted for as long as 100 days.

Steve's innovative kitchen gardening techniques and the cuisine he developed from them, gave rise to a "School for Sprouts." He began teaching indoor gardening 12 stories above the streets of New York City. He called his no-cooking school, the Sprout House. Steve invented two home sprouters, the Flax Sprout Bag and the Sprout House Kitchen Garden Salad Kit. He supplied these growing kits and a full line of organic sprouting seeds to consumers nationwide via mail order.

Steve has since sold the Sprout House mail order business and he and his family now live and breathe fresher air in the Berkshire mountains in Massachusetts, 2 hours north of Manhattan. Much of those teaching years have been transcribed in his books. He has written such sprout-worthy titles as Sprouts the Miracle Food, Sproutman's Kitchen Garden Cookbook, Wheatgrass Nature's Finest Medicine, and Sproutman's Turn-the-Dial Sprout Chart---a portable, photo-field guide to sprouting.

Steve has been featured on the Home Shopping Network, TV Food Network, in Prevention, Organic Gardening and Flower & Garden Magazines. In 3 minutes on QVC, 953 people ordered his Cookbook and Tabletop Greenhouse. 


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