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How I Conquered Cancer Naturally
by Eydie Mae [edit]

How I Conquered Cancer Naturally
********** 10 Stars!
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ISBN: 0895295180


Reviewer: from Henderson, NV United States
As a breast cancer survivor without chemotherapy or radiation I found this book to be the most encouraging and inspiring of all. If you are looking for a simple, painfree, natural, safe, alternative method to the barbaric therapies that conventional medicine offers then please read Eydie Mae's book. She talks about her entire experience from being diagnosed by a "specialist" who screamed at her husband insisting that she would die if she did not agree to a radical mastectomy, to finally finding her way through the Ann Wigmore living foods diet. It really is a delightful, easy to read book. It's like talking to an old friend. You don't have to lose your breasts (or your mind). God has provided us with everything that we need on this planet to heal ourselves naturally. Surely if he can create oceans and mountains, suns, and galaxies then he can heal our bodies through natural methods. Stay strong and know that you are never ever alone. I also recommend reading Three Magic Words by U.S. Anderson - excellent! Also check out natural healing methods by Dr.George Malkomus. He healed himself of colon cancer naturally. I think the title of his book is Back to The Garden. He is also the founder of Hallelujah Acres There is also Dr. Lorraine Day who healed herself of advanced invasive breast cancer naturally.

Eydie Mae


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