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The Cure for All Diseases
by Hulda Regehr Clark [edit]

The Cure for All Diseases
12 Stars!
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290 of 309 people found the following review helpful:
5.0 out of 5 stars Buy and READ this book if you want to get and stay well, June 2, 2000
By A Customer
Dr. Clark's research and suggestions are being followed by my family: 9 children and 7 adults residing in two states. The results are amazing and remarkable! The biggest gift we were given is one male adult's 35-year case of psoriasis are going away before our eyes! It is incredible because medical doctors have never managed such excellent results. So far, two adults did the kidney and liver cleanses with EXCELLENT results including relief from indigestion, psoriasis improved quicker, weight loss amongst other improvements. In addition, migraines have disappeared in the female adults, commonly occurring ear infections and stomach flu in the children have also disappeared when the parasite program started. Using colloidal silver has caused toe, toenail and fingernail fungus to clear up completely. Doctors have been amazed at the results; their recommendation was to continue doing whatever we're doing! I cannot praise this book enough, and it is a "must buy" for everyone! Tell your friends and family if you care about them.

Being the writer of this review, I must add that I have NOT been sick since I started zapping and doing the parasite program. Everyone around me at work was sick during allergy and flu season this winter except me. I also gained great relief from the liver cleanse and can't stop talking about it. Hurry......empower yourself and make your own decisions for your health instead of allowing the government and powerful drug companies to make decision that ultimately kill us and make them rich!


222 of 238 people found the following review helpful:
5.0 out of 5 stars From someone who's been to her clinic., May 24, 2000
By  Blake Watson "===Blake===" (Winnetka, CA USA) - See all my reviews

I came across this book in the mid-'90s and pursued it to treat a condition one of my children was having. There was dramatic improvement and, although we have recently found the condition to be genetic, the guidelines in the book have helped to increase my daughter's abilities beyond where medical doctors (who expected her to die) said they could go. (We also used her methods to prevent and cure a variety of smaller problems in our family, such as allergies, colds, headaches, and so on.)

We went to her clinic in Tijuana, since it's not terribly far, and she never charged us more than $50. I can't say with certainty that she charges everyone the same, but we got a lot for our money. Dr. Clark sat down with us on each occasion and managed to actually spot some toxins in our environment we hadn't even considered. (We also got X-rays at one point, but not from her, and it's Tijuana, so they don't cost much.)

While in her clinic, however, I met a lot of people who had before-and-after test results for cancer and AIDS, and many, many people who had only come to her after their MD had written them off.

Obviously one should be sensible about one's health, but that goes both ways. It's just as foolish to believe blindly that the medical establishment is always right about everything as it is to believe every quack that comes down the road peddling snake-oil.

You can do this treatment entirely yourself for a couple hundred bucks so that Dr. Clark doesn't get a dime -- down to borrowing the book from the library and photocopying it. You can take the easy way out and buy supplies from reputable dealers, and it might cost you a hundred bucks more (but require less time investment). Nothing in her program conflicts with standard medical treatment, so it's not like you have to give up going to your M.D.

For some people, there's no worse shame than being "suckered" or spending a dime more than they have to. (Though I have to admit, we've spent nothing on doctors for the past several years, saving way more than we spent on the program.) Ultimately, it's you who has to live (or die) with your choice.


213 of 227 people found the following review helpful:
4.0 out of 5 stars great book, bad company management, March 24, 2004
By A Customer

I've known about this book for years, since it came out, but I was always turned off by the hideously new-agey cover and the similarly crackpot sounding title. I read extensively about health and alternative medicine, but am very critical of all new-agey approaches that emphasize the idea that the source of illness is spiritual or psychological (not that this is not possible, but I believe it is rare - not at all the cause of the vast majority of illnesses).

I'm not sure what compelled me to finally buy the book, maybe curiosity. But I was surprised and delighted to find that it is based on physical, biological issues in the body (namely, toxins and parasites). The methods of ridding the body of these disease-causing elements are both eccentric (using electricity) and traditional (herbal formulas).

I have not built the infamous zapper yet, but out of curiosity I might, since I am familiar with some of the other uses of electricity in medicine (eg, the Rife machine), and know it has benefitted people in those circumstances. So far I have found the pet parasite elimination program very helpful, as well as the mold-reducing hygiene tips (soak grains and dried fruit in vitamin c solution to de-mold them - and they taste so much better! non-soaked items now taste musty to me).

My caveat is the following: I was compelled to do some research on this book, and on Hulda Clark. (I am a professional researcher working on a PhD in the humanities, so it's my instinct to check resources as best I can). What I have discovered so far is this: I have read that Hulda Clark died recently (though I haven't confirmed the details on this), and that she seems to have signed off certain rights to a person by the name of David Amrein, who is now the president of the "Dr. Hulda Clark Research Association." The problem I have is that David is a MBA-weilding Scientologist (this is confirmed by several sources, including a Scientologist-run website), and is using the methods of Scientology to profit off of Hulda's work, and is implementing questionable marketing tactics in the manner of aggressive, multi-level marketing style ploys that the Scientologists traditionally engage in, and in effect is destroying the potential for integrity and recognition that this work might otherwise be able to attain.

What this means is that when you try to do a search on Hulda Clark, you get dozens if not hundreds of websites that are all marketing stuff - stuff that is not necessary to purchase (Hulda has instructions on building the necessary equipment yourself at hardly any cost, and the herbs are all available from any herbal medicine supplier). The whole work of Dr. Clark's is sadly going through a major cult-branding (to see this dynamic on another - although toxic - substance, run an internet search on Klamath lake blue-green algae, and you'll see a similar pattern. And there are numerous products out there that are traceble back to Clearwater, Florida, and Scientology marketing gimmiks). There is no record that Dr. Clark herself was a Scientologist, and by the absence of marketing in her work it seems she was not.

This is unfortunate, because this kind of marketing is misleading, and clogs up internet search engines for people trying to do legitimate research on a product.

If you do do research, note you will also find information written by anti-alternative medicine people and organizations (quackwatch) about the "scandalous" fact that Dr. Clark had a medical degree from a correspondence school. So what? Her previous graduate education was accredited. She's a trained researcher, whether or not she's a licenced doctor. Many MDs are ivy-leage certificated, but m*o*o*ns when it comes to healing people. I base my judgement on the integrity of the research in relation to other work in the field (ie, alternative medicine), as well as on it's ability to affect positive change in my own biological existence, which this work has. It's just a shame that it's been turned into a marketing monster.


4.0 out of 5 stars Lots Of Good Information, Take It With A Grain Of Salt, June 2, 2008
By  Sue Ellis "Anonymous 2008" (Dallas, TX USA) - See all my reviews
There is a huge amount of good information in this book. I think she goes a little far in some of her recommendations but it's worth buying for all the information.

4.0 out of 5 stars cure for all diseases, May 30, 2008

Thought the book is interesting. Its another viewpoint, and there are definitely some things I can agree with and recommend.
Some of it is easier to do than others.
I guess its a matter of choosing what one agrees with and then live with this new way of handling or preventing diseases.


2 of 3 people found the following review helpful:
4.0 out of 5 stars great understanding of human health, May 6, 2008
By  Elke Noll "earth woman" (orange county, New York) - See all my reviews
I have read dozens of books on how to stay healthy and fit. In my opinion Hulda Clark's understanding of what went wrong and how to correct it are right on the mark.
To put everything into practice can be cumbersome and will require lifestyle changes. I've done some things. The results are worth it.


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3.0 out of 5 stars I was addicted to this book, if only for a while, April 18, 2008
By  I. Finicle (Seattle, WA) - See all my reviews
OK, this book may be highly controversial, but this woman is SUPER smart and has helped hundreds of people.

Although she brings a VERY necessary exposure to the major, if not only cause of most of our ailments to light, the rest of the book on the way of treating these parasites is pretty archaeic, to say the least.

There are many other ways to treat your body in killing these nasty little creatures, as well as the treatments she describes in her book, but the wormwood tinctures, etc are definately worth a try, even though it is a very lengthy process.

I am glad that I have this book in my library, but she SERIOUSLY overwhelms the reader with options that are not only very costly, but absolutely 'near' impossible in this day in age.

I say, if you are SERIOUSLY ill, you may want to heed to teachings in this book and make her suggested life-style alterations or go see her in her clinic in Mexico in person, otherwise, just a good informational read - just don't get freaked out by her suggestions.


1 of 1 people found the following review helpful:
5.0 out of 5 stars Clarke's Cure for All Diseases, April 14, 2008
By  R. Stiefler (Buffalo, NY) - See all my reviews
A very helpful and informative book on many subjects which I am unfamiliar with - especially in the line of toxins, contaminants and poisons that are in the products and environment around us. I appreciate her attitude of helping us to help ourselves, rather than just selling products to make money. I have much to learn yet!


1 of 3 people found the following review helpful:
5.0 out of 5 stars Worked For Me, March 27, 2008
By  Capitalone "Jerry Thompson" (Lake Butler, Florida) - See all my reviews

I personally had/have four of the best forms of cancer on the planet. Oh well that was eight years ago. There are many hours of research. Good books are a treasure. The past is our future. I thank for the resources. :) jerry thompson


2 of 3 people found the following review helpful:
5.0 out of 5 stars Textbook type info --- a Classic!, December 10, 2007

We have owned the book for about 10 years. The information in it is verifiable, and interesting. We bought a zapper many years ago, and used it a lot. The results were phenomenal. My late husband had Multiple Sclerosis, and a daughter had parasites. Both were had incredible results, and we have applied her suggestions in many areas of life. If you love to read information about health breakthroughs that WORK, you should read Hulda Clark's book!


5 of 7 people found the following review helpful:
5.0 out of 5 stars Makes sense to me. Worth a try., September 11, 2007

Read the other posts for book content. I got the stuff for the Zapper although there is a website to get a manufactured new and improved one. She's right that Radio-shack doesn't have all the parts anymore. My husband said that Frye's had everything we needed. He put it together for me one evening was about ready to pitch the works because it didn't, work, that is. Fiddled with it next day and got it working.

I zapped yesterday and had more energy than I've had in a long time. I started on the Kidney Cleanse today and so far my eyesight has improved, I feel energized and the stuff didn't even taste terrible. I've had herbal tea that tasted worse. Coffee and tea taste much worse to me. I'm going to keep a jounal of my progress. I'm going to follow the protocol's in the book as closely as possible. I'll update my post now and then. I don't mind trying something new. At least this stuff won't hurt me like some of the nasty stuff doctor's have given me in the past. Day three and energy level is so great it is hard not to over do. I can see better and work harder than I have been able to in a long time.

Weeks later and I haven't followed the protocols like I should, the only thing I've done at all cosistently is zap and still I have gone from getting headaches every time I even had a nibble of a cracker or a piece of bread or any sugar to being able to eat whatever I want again. I do intend to go back to doing the different cleanses in the book, but I've been reading some fun stuff and then I'll get back to the serious business of health improvement.

December 31, 2007. My whole family has been laid low by some bug that has them all coughing and feeling lousy and I've got a little tickle in my throat but out of everyone I'm the healthiest one in the family and I'm the only one zapping. The others are unable to for one reason or another. I still haven't gone back to doing the drinks. They call for a non-reactive cookpot and we have a glass stove-top. The pans I found that were non-reactive said not to be used on a glass stove-top. Anyway, that won't hold me back for long. I'll update when I get it figured out.

If you can't figure out how to make the thing, find someone who is familiar with electronics and have them build one for you, or just buy one on line. I paid $79.00 in Doctor prescribed drugs for someone in the family who can't zap because she's got braces and she sounds worse and feels worse than before she started on the drugs. So, don't go belly-aching about the cost. It is much more expensive to be sick and go the standard route.

Happy Zappy

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5.0 out of 5 stars cure for all diseases/Great book, August 24, 2007
By  A. GEZER (Australia) - See all my reviews

This book is excellent eye opener for those who wish to learn the truth about the wide spread illnesses that most suffer today.After reading this book i realise if doctors did treat patients how would they keep up their luxury life style. Any one can treat them selves by following simple remedies in this book.I have bought over 10 copies already for friends.



Hulda Regehr Clark (Biography)

Hulda Regehr Clark

Hulda Regehr Clark began her studies in biology at the University of Saskatchewan, Canada, where she was awarded the Bachelor of Arts, Magna Cum Laude, and the Master of Arts, with High Honors. After two years of study at McGill University, she attended the University of Minnesota, studying biophysics and cell physiology. She received her Doctorate degree in physiology in 1958. In 1979 she left government funded research and began private consulting on a full time basis. Six years later she discovered an electronic technique for scanning the human body. With it she noticed clues as to the cause of cancer, HIV and other "mysterious" diseases. Today Dr. Clark puts her methods, her results, and her conclusions before you. Read her books and recover.

More Information about Hulda Clark Here:



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