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by Noam Chomsky [edit]

********* 9 Stars!
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Reviewer: Alan Kocevic. Halmstad University, Sweden

By way of introduction, I would like to say that Chomsky is one of the most intelligent and proficient writers in the world. Most importantly, he always assumes an objective view to international conflicts. In this book, Chomsky accounts for the events that led to September 11 attack. It should be stressed that Noam by no means attempts to justify the atrocious attack on World Trade Center. Instead, he seeks to explain why a great number of third world countries view the US as an enemy. Killing innocent people must not be justified under any circumstances; this is irrefutable! Nonetheless, understanding the underlying causes may be of great importance in forming an objective opinion of the conflict. Undeniably, there are numerous aspects of the US foreign politics that are erronous, unjust, debetable and ambiguous! Noam Chomsky provides an invaluable insight into US involvement in international conflicts. The greatest strength of this book is clear and lucid arguments that are supported by empirical evidence! Buy this book today; it is without doubt the most intelligent and elaborate book on the subject matter!

Noam Chomsky (Biography)

For the past several decades, Noam Chomsky has become more famous for his trenchant critiques of U.S. foreign policy than for his groundbreaking linguistic theories. In this collection of material from his lectures and teach-ins, public defenders Mitchell and Schoeffel put his challenging, controversial opinions on display. The discussions a format that allows Chomsky to present his views in a conversational, accessible style confirm his wide-ranging engagement with world affairs. Whether the topic is Cambodia (he all but holds the United States responsible for the mass deaths under the Khmer Rouge) or the Middle East (where he sees the peace process as analogous to South Africa's creation of apartheid), he consistently blasts the United States for what he sees as its guiding principle of maintaining its own power while claiming to fight for freedom and democracy. Chomsky, who has published more than 30 books but is best known for his contribution to Manufacturing Consent, a critique of the way public opinion is formed, often excoriates the press for what he sees as a willingness to reflect the views of the "elites" rather than challenge them. But while he maintains a gloomy view of U.S. policies, he preserves a surprising optimism about Americans, arguing that the civil rights and anti-Vietnam War movements have made citizens more critical of the mass media. Some readers will appreciate the views articulated here and others will be infuriated; but for anyone with an opinion of Chomsky would be wise not to ignore this collection, which provides a useful and wide-ranging introduction to his analysis of power and media in the West.

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