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How to Live Longer and Feel Better
by Linus Pauling [edit]

How to Live Longer and Feel Better
********* 9 Stars!
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Invaluable guide to achieving and maintaining good health., October 17, 2000

Reviewer: D. R Schryer (Hampton, VA United States) - See all my reviews
The orthodox medical establishment doesn't yet realize it but America is in the midst of a major shift in the paradigm of health. To its credit orthodox medicine has conquered virtually all of the infections diseases which were the major ailments a century ago, but it has made little progress against the major ailments of our time -- heart disease, cancer, diabetes, and other degenerative diseases -- because it refuses to recognize what Linus Pauling saw clearly: these diseases are caused by nutrient deficiencies. They will not be cured by pharmaceutical drugs with harmful side effects but rather with appropriate nutrient supplementation -- especially vitamin C. Linus Pauling was a genius. He was the only person ever to win two unshared Nobel Prizes and, quite probably, was the greatest chemist of the 20th century. In this book he presents his simple common sense prescription for a long healthy life. I wish everyone would read this book and heed Pauling's advice. By the way, recently the American Medical Association reversed its long-standing opposition to nutrient supplements and now recommends them. Get this book and get the details about nutrient supplementation from the expert on this subject, Linus Pauling.

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More Quantity and Quality of Life--Guaranteed!, February 6, 2002
Reviewer: Aaron Reed (Santa Monica, CA USA) - See all my reviews
I was lucky enough to be home one afternoon 15 years ago watching the Phil Donahue show. Linus Pauling was on the show promoting this book opposite Jack La Lanne (the fitness guru), who was hyping some expensive vitamin regime he was selling. I had never taken a vitamin in my life (28 years old!), but something about the sincerity and wisdom of what Linus was communicating made sense to me. I bought the book and followed the guidelines. I haven't had a serious cold or flu in 15 years. Oh yes, I feel the viruses and germs attack my system, and I will occasionally be congested or run a slight fever when a strong flu strain races through the population, but I just start taking 1000 mg of Vitamin C an hour at the first hint of illness and the symptoms never become more than a minor inconvenience.

I'm not claiming miracles, because believe me I've had my share of physical infirmities (ruptured lumbar disc, bursitis of the shoulder, vertigo) and I'm not a new age nut who completely rejects western medicine. However, the vitamin regimen that Linus outlines in this book will give you a turbo-charged immune system.

Please consult the text and learn about many other benefits of Linus' prescription for optimal health. Two teasers: First he explains why cheaper is better--don't pay a lot of money for natural, organic, bioflavinoids, etc. So even if the vitamin thing doesn't work out for you, at most you've spent 50-75 cents a day (because of inflation it may be a buck now, but I doubt it). Secondly, Vitamin C is a fantastic natural laxative. Talk about feeling good!

This sweet man with two nobel prizes has given the gift of health to humanity and it is yours for next to nothing. Don't be stubborn, be skeptical, but run a thorough trial and error test yourself. I have no doubt what the result will be.

Linus Pauling

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