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The Medical Mafia: How to Get Out of It Alive and Take Back Our Health and Wealth
by Guylaine Lanctot, M.D. [edit]

The Medical Mafia: How to Get Out of It Alive and Take Back Our Health and Wealth
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The Medical Mafia: How to Get Out of it Alive and Take Back Our Health and Wealth

by Dr Guylaine Lanctôt

Like many other students before her Guylaine Lanctôt entered medical school with the hope of becoming part of a seemingly noble and humanitarian profession dedicated to people's health needs. She progressed well; she became a specialist in phlebology (treating varicose veins) and established successful clinics in several towns and cities in North America. However, during Lanctôt's many years of medical practice the realities of medicine's shortfalls increasingly dawned on her, reaching a point where she became totally disillusioned with the basic tenets of a system that she once had so much faith in.

She questioned: why, despite the vast funds, personnel and resources had the medical system failed to stem the ever-growing tide of so many afflictions plaguing humanity? And why is it that other health modalities, those outside the medical system, despite having enormous health benefits are strongly opposed by the medical establishment and government? Is there an ideal health care system anywhere? She then decided to investigate the health systems of France, Canada and the United States in order to compare them, but unfortunately found that although the systems differ in appearance, their very essence is the same, as well as their results - too expensive, out of control, and resulting in an increasing incidence of illness.

Lanctôt's search for the truth led her to questioning who is really running the health care system and for what purpose? Fortunately, her previous entrepreneurial experiences in establishing her phlebology centres in North America, where by force of circumstances she had to grapple with the legality, business and politics of medicine, and thereby rubbing elbows with the medical establishment, helped her to understand the system. Coupled with her extensive research into many important books and her many years of experience in medical practice, Lanctôt had found the answers she sought. Her conclusion is that the health system is run by an alliance of powerful vested interests that operate as a veritable mafia. That health problems were, for the most part, social and environmental problems. And that they did not require medical solutions, but rather political solutions, and that this mafia has no intention whatsoever of correcting the problem, but on the contrary, it suits its interests.

Lanctôt describes the players within the "Medical Mafia" and gives a brief history of its domination of the health system. She describes how the healing practices throughout history were always dominated by a minority of privileged people determined in controlling and exploiting the majority. More recently, during the period 1910-25 in North America the world financiers Rockefeller and Carnegie by backing the Flexner Report, whose rules and recommendations imposed strict "scientific" guidelines amiable to their interests, caused the elimination of the vast majority of natural therapists and forced the number of medical schools to be slashed from 650 to 50. And all in the name of "medical reform". The monopolising of the health system proceeded on a global level, and during the last two decades it continued under the auspices of the world financiers' World Health Organisation.

"In 1977. The Declaration of Alma Ata gave to the World Health Organization (WHO) the means to extend the Flexner Report not only in North America, but throughout the entire world. Again, in the name of health and the well-being of the populations of the world, and in respect of the right of 'health for all', international criteria and rules were established for practicing medicine. Control of health, therefore, was transferred from national governments to a world government. A world government that is non-elected. And of which its 'Surgeon General' in charge of health is the WHO.

"And what does this right to health mean? It means the right to medicalization. It opens the doors wide to a medicine of global sickness, whether we want it or not. Vaccinations and medications are imposed on people around the world....

"But who actually controls that the WHO? That is the question. And also the answer. The United Nations (UN), the political arm of the world financiers, that includes those who backed the Flexner Report and its application. More and more subtly, the medical and political authorities are robbing us of what is ours, as well as our rights. They establish the rules and make the laws that exploit us. It is a regime of medical terror. It is a world monopoly. Beware those who oppose it. The witch-hunt continues, but now on a global scale!"

The author also dedicates chapters to the issues of vaccinations, cancer and AIDS, uncovering a great deal of damning information. However, the book is not all doom and gloom, it also offers sensible and practical advice for citizens in taking back control of their health and lives.

Published in 1995 by Here's The Key Inc.

Guylaine Lanctot, M.D.


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