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Naked Empress or the Great Medical Fraud
by Hans Ruesch [edit]

Naked Empress or the Great Medical Fraud
********* 9 Stars!
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ISBN: 0686402332


This new exposť of Ruesch shows how with the help of press agentry and the venality of the mass media the public has been brainwashed into equating medical care with health, whereas in fact exactly the opposite applies - modern medicine has become the principal cause of disease today. NAKED EMPRESS describes how the oil industry adopted vivisection to give public confidence in its new chemical products in the late nineteenth century. And its massive donations to research institutes, through charitable trusts like the Rockefeller Foundation, helped to counter objections that such "research" is dangerously misleading. NAKED EMPRESS shows how the drug industry, an offshoot, grew into the most profitable of major industries and set up more trusts to influence medical schools and by the 1950's health services had become distorted into retail outlets for the drug industry, and laws or codes of practice enabled claims for compensation to be rejected on grounds that animal "research" had been carried out.
"Hans Ruesch has done a painstaking job of research and has compiled the most serious indictment against the world-wide Chemo-Medical Syndicate ever before published." (THE NATIONAL HUMANITARIAN, Phoenix, Arizona.)

Hans Ruesch (Biography)

Hans Ruesch is the father of the new scientific antivivisection movement and author of the groundbreaking books. 

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