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Diets Don't Work: Stop Dieting ;Become Naturally Thin; Live a Diet-Free Life
by Bob Schwartz [edit]

Diets Don't Work: Stop Dieting ;Become Naturally Thin;  Live a Diet-Free Life
******* 7 Stars!
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ISBN: 0942540166


Reviewer: Melissa Joy Goldstein (see more about me)
I started my first diet when I was just old enough to say diet. I continued riding the diet roller coaster for the next 25 years of my frustrated life. My frustration and all my life's woes can easily be traced back to my issues with my weight. Everything became about weight, diets and eating. I could tell anyone the calorie content of anything. I thought that was a gift. It really was a curse. I know this now. I saw diets don't work in the book store years ago and thought YES that is SO ... TRUE!!! I believed in the philosophy of the anti diet for a very short time but did not, could not, and would not allow myself to trust myself, so at first it did not work for me. Now, about 4 years later I picked up this book again, and decided to read it over one more time. One thing I knew for certain was that diets had failed me again and again and again making my life totally miserable. I felt if I could just succeed in making myself thin than I could master anything, but I could not lick this problem. It lingered on and on. I also knew that I noticed thin people everywhere eating pizza, ice cream and cookies all around me, whereas my chubby compatriates were suffering silently with their rice cakes. I thought something's rotten in Denmark. How is it possible that thin people seemingly eat whatever they want and don't gain weight? Then it finally clicked once and for all. DIETS DONT WORK!!! Tell your friends. Tell the world. Diets cause overeating, obesity, depression, self hatred, failure, food obsession............This book and others like it that I have read have literally saved me. I have only been following this for 1 week. It's true. It may sound nuts that I am so convinced after a week, but I am sold. In just a few days I have not deprived myself of anything, and remarkably the things I thought I wanted so much like "a whole cake" or an entire pizza were not actually things I wanted. I found myself reaching for a banana! A Banana! Can you believe? I had thought vegetables and fruit were some kind of punishment, but when you're not eating them to diet or lose weight you find yourself actually wanting to have them. It is so unbelievable. One week and I am completely sold. Thank you Bob Schwartz. YOu are a life saver. Now when I hear people talking about atkins, the zone, weight watchers,.....I just laugh. I don't bother telling them what I have learned, because I think it takes a lifetime of dieting before you can possibly give up on diets all together. They'de just never believe me is all. I am so glad to have my life and sanity back.

Bob Schwartz


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