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High Sodium Chloride mix for Bromide detox and Lyme treatment

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Saline IV

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Makes 2 Liters (Quarts) of mix. The idea was to produce a palatable delivery that contains sufficient water to push the salt and toxins past the kidneys.

- 2 Liters (Quarts) of the purest carbonated water.
- 4 rounded tsp of Pickling\Canning Salt. Pickling\Canning Salt is generally larger in size therefore the rounded spoons. For those using fine Pure WHITE Sea Salt use level tsps or best weigh out 20 grams.
- 1/2 - 1 tsp of Potassium Chloride. A must for Adrenal fatigue and cancers.
- 1 tsp of Pharma Grade Ascorbic Acid, no not ascorbate or other substitutes
- 1 tsp of Citric Acid

- Originally Soda water had a good Sodium Chloride content, with carbonation it becomes easier to take the salt load. One should start with very low PPM water and slowly add all ingredients if the water is already carbonated, else carbonate it after all has dissolved.
- Pure Salt means salt as close to Sodium Chloride as possible, with absolutely no flow agents. 
- Absolutely no flow agents in the Potassium Chloride, usually sold as salt substitute
- Best to buy Citric Acid used in home Wine making


The recommended dosage from 'The Salt and Vitamin C Treatment'  is:

- Body weight in pounds/10 = total daily consumption of salt in grams
- or one gram of salt for each 10 pounds of body weight.

This means that a 200 lbs man must be take a full IMAM batch containing 20 grams of salt daily

That said, there are times I have found increased dosage beneficial. Essentially at the beginning when Lyme die off is huge the toxins can overload the system and more salt is needed.

Saline IV

The funny thing is that 'The White Coats' have everyone worried about salt intake yet the first thing that happens in the Emergency room is a Saline IV. 9-27 grams of Salt are pushed for the average patient this way every day. So on one hand THEY tell you that salt kills on the other the first thing in an Emergency situation is to PUSH salt.

Excerpts from Wiki:

- Normal saline (NS or N/S) is the commonly used phrase for a solution of 0.90% w/v of NaCl, about 300 mOsm/L or 9.0 g per liter.
- typically between 1.5 and 3 litres a day for an adult



- IV Saline Solution for CFS

- Saline Manufacturers used to have published studies available online via Google on how Saline IV reduces Hospital Infections. But no luck finding those at the moment..

 IMAM Plus (+)

After some testing, see here, we found that adding SSKI to IMAM turbo charges the pathogen killing part of the mix.
 However it must be said that this can uncover so many Salt soluble toxins that the normal dose of IMAM becomes insufficient.

After this testing I recommend one add SSKI on a glass by glass basis to IMAM. 

I now recommend you add 1-4 drops of SSKI for every 200 ml (~6 oz) glass of IMAM but ONLY while you are feeling well. As soon as you turn sluggish stop the SSKI until enough Salt has gone through the system to clear the toxins.

IMAM on the Go 

 Essentially an experiment to see if we could make IMAM more portable. I know this takes it back closer to its origin  'The Salt and Vitamin C Treatment'  but it allows those who are alert and aware of their water needs to easily carry it along.

Essentially here is the first attempt:

- 20 grams of Salt, Pickling Salt needs to be ground fine in a Mortar
- 1 tsp of Potassium Chloride, normally fine already
- 1 tsp Citric Acid
- 1 tsp Ascorbic Acid (added back from Experimental version)

Anyhow, Mix well then cap in Single '0' gelatin caps. Calculate your needed number of Caps for your body weight and take them with plenty of water in 5 doses per day.


For some reason the first dose of the day is troublesome. What seems to work is to take your first bunch of caps one at a time 10 minutes apart. After that there does not appear to be another issue with nausea except when sodium levels drop to far due to not taking the caps frequently enough.

 Malic Acid

With known Liver and or Kidney stones one could add some Malic Acid to this mix. 1/8 tsp per batch would be sufficient.
From past experience I would also add 'Chanca Piedra' aka Stone Breaker.. 




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