Is it easy: Learning to be kind to oneself? by Growing Gratitude .....

A coping mechanism while on the road to recovery or simply dealing with the stress of life, is to be forgiving and kind to oneself. While this may seem obvious, how many of us are truly forgiving to anybody? The purpose of this blog is to offer a nudge of inspiration of directing attention right back at ya, with patience.

Date:   11/2/2008 11:00:21 PM ( 13 y ago)

Those of us with Adrenal Fatigue (AF) and it's many syndromes may find it hard to get understanding and support than those with dramatic and visual conditions, like a broken leg, diabetes or much, much worse.

Also, dealing with AF can have a significant and painful emotional component that affects relationships with friends, intimates, mates, family, and associates. To me this really can be the worst of it, at times.

In most of the books out there, the emotional anguish that many feel may be clinically addressed, and I feel it would be helpful to learn interpersonal coping skills to use during these times, and after if they prove worthy.

The purpose of this blog is to provide a guide for coping.

While there are many steps one can consider, the one I have found to be most powerful and most elusive is practicing kindness/forgiveness to oneself and then to others. After a dozen years meditation experience I still resist practicing twice daily. What I have found to work for me is to attend a group meditation once a week. What would work for you? I often find when I am writing cards (by hand) and contemplating my loved ones, that too helps me feel positive.


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