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The Ten Commandments

The Ten Commandments

Asking for a Seventh Inning Stretch!

Each time we increase understanding
between one Man and One Woman
we take one Organic Step closer to the
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Ten Minute Notes:

Varieties of Experience
among various tribes,
and cultures...

May 18, 2007

Looking for message...
harvesting the Omer Barley...
Adultery theme????

What to say...
All of nature is sexual.

Example of the Barley...

Why do people commit Adultery?

Why do they look elsewhere to get their needs met?

Jewish Teaching:
Love Making, intended to be a daily Mitzvah...

Why made this commandment in the first place?
To manage the culture....whose Kid was it ???
People were doing it....

And so, if we are going to ask this of our people...
then we also need to ask for Enlighed men...and women
who are getting their needs met.

On the Seventh Commandment:

Point: Lots of different kids of Rules
around the world in various cultures.

Adultery and the Varied Sexual Customs of Mankind

And so, if we are going to ask this of our people...
then we also need to ask for Enlighed men...and women
who are getting their needs met.

In order to hold to it....
Love making intended to be a daily mitzvah...

Highly Level of trusts are needed...
words that men need to know and women want to hear....

Trust Levels are lacking...
need to be reestablished...

So adultery can be
a higher level...

Why so many leave the marriage vows...???

Trust, needs to be established...
and needs met....

Otherwise...high degree of Health Problems...

Unsatisfied men and women who are married,
commit adultery. Men and Women are
not getting their needs met in the marriage bed.

These are Soul inspired words...

Unsatisfied men and women who are married,
commit adultery. Men and Women are
not getting their needs met in the marriage bed.

30% orgasm's for women in USA according to
Felice Dunas, TCM scholar and a Jewish woman.

"Monogamy is too hard to do if it's not going to be great. And nothing makes up for it being lousy. It does not matter how successful you are in other areas of life, without erotic passion and joy, a big bite is taken out of the donut.

How is my sales job going? Would you consider a used car? Many of us get stupid when it is time to choose who we are going to have sex with for the rest of our lives. We do not make sexual fireworks a high priority, and often opt for partners with whom we are not optimally compatible. To make matters worse, the longer we stay together, the more time itself becomes justification to stay together. "Oh, we've been living together for ten years. We have so much history." Yeah, and all that history proves you are still duds in bed. You may pat yourselves on the back for your many anniversaries, but I'll bet you somebody else is patting at least one of you someplace else. And if that isn't the case yet, statistics tell us that it probably will be soon."

Dr. Felice Dunas
author of Passion Play
from her website

Every conceivable attitude prevails...

We know that morality is subject to the process of evolution and that standards of morality vary according to climate, culture and condition of the people. We also know that because of the complicated sex mechanism and the great functional differences between man and woman, every conceivable variety of sexual conduct has been practiced by the peoples in the different inhabited areas of the earth. What relationship do these varied forms of sexual conduct bear to this Commandment? Why is adultery condemned in some communities as the most heinous of offenses, while in other communities it is as unheeded as myriad other forms of physical action? Does the economic value of a woman enter into the evaluation of her sexual behavior? Is sexual purity measured for its pecuniary value, or for its virtue? Does the fear of blood pollution discount the value of woman's chastity? Is adultery condemned because of its effect on the husband, the family, the tribe or the community? If adultery is condemned, is it because of private or public concern?

Professor James Henry Breasted warns us that "it is important to bear in mind the now commonly accepted fact that in its primitive stages, religion had nothing to do with morals as understood by us today." [*114]

In early Hebrew tribal life, the woman who went to her grave unmarried was disgraced. It was her duty to marry and bear a son, in the hope that he would prove the much longed-for Messiah who Page 441 would lead his people to salvation. Yet the girl who was not a virgin was denied the privilege of marriage.



"If you read my column regularly, you know that I'm not pleased with this country's orgasm statistics for women or men. No matter your race, you're in the majority if you don't get enough sex. You concur with most women if you can't expect your sex to grant you deep, resonating orgasms even 30% of the time, and few men know the joy of consistently being their beloved's sexual hero. No wonder there's so much despair and violence in our society.

One in ten women cannot get the whistle to blow no matter what. Even movies, Jacuzzis, and marshmallow fluff can't pull us out of our frigidity. Sex education is not available in a traditional context, and, as Eleanor and Sean discovered, nontraditional contexts may have some worthy skills but offer little knowledge on how to merge those skills with the emotional complexities of a deeply committed couple."

My professional ancestors knew how to put orgasms in their place. According to Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), orgasms were an essential tool in the transfer of energy from one lover to another. Like a shared cup of hot chocolate on a cool fall night, orgasms warmed the bodies of both partners no matter who generated them. The ultimate tool for creating harmony and higher consciousness, orgasms ensured the health of a couple's love and their ability to endure over time.

Men were trained to create orgasms in their partners. They were taught by knowledgeable teachers whose respect for a woman's sexual experience was not tempered by a negative cultural view. Instead, a man regarded her climax as a tool for protecting his own body from age-related weaknesses, as energy sources supplying him with the brain power and strength needed to survive in battle, and as a vital ingredient for keeping his woman happy. Men acted as if the structure of their lives depended upon their women's orgasms because, in fact, they did. Without sexual satisfaction, a woman was less motivated to do the work needed to hold a family together. Her satiety gave her family stability and her man power. The more orgasms she had, the more chi, or divine life force, she would emit from her body to fill his, and the more oneness they would feel together. According to TCM, as sexual vitality dies, the body dies. As sexual vitality in a marriage dies, the family dies. When the family dies, the culture dies. Maintaining a healthy sex life is imperative for health in all areas of life and all levels of society.

customs among various primitives, etc.

1. I am the Lord thy God, which have brought thee out of the land of Egypt, out of the house of bondage. Thou shalt have no other gods before me.

2. Thou shalt not take the name of the Lord thy God in vain.

3. Thou shalt not make unto thee any graven image, or any likeness of anything that is in heaven above, or that is in the earth beneath, or that is in the water under the earth. Thou shalt not bow down thyself to them, nor serve them.

4. Remember the sabbath day, to keep it holy.

5. Honor thy father and thy mother: that thy days may be long.

6. Thou shalt not kill.

7. Thou shalt not commit adultery.

8. Thou shalt not steal.

9. Thou shalt not bear false witness against thy neighbor.

10. Thou shalt not covet thy neighbor's house, thou shalt not covet thy neighbor's wife, nor his manservant, nor his maidservant, nor his ox, nor his ass, nor anything that is thy neighbor's.

May 22, 2007

The Ten Commandments are Coming:

Tuesday Evening May 22, 7:30 pm
at Rabbi and Ellen Kaufman Dosick's

May 5, 10:00 AM--

Googling, looking for the Ten Commandmants;

Positive Atheism:

Each time we increase understanding between one man and one woman,
we take one organic step back to the Enchanted Garden...

Poster....have read...

Where the Heart is...


Necessary to have have orgasm...

reach the bottom of it...


from Felice...

Definition of Adultary...

Words that men need to know and women want to hear....
are necesary...

Soul inspired...

To build relationship, must be besert...

The Propagation Model of Male-Female Behavior...P25

It helps knowing I'm in it for the growth, my growth...

Monogamy agreements...

. Determine what your monogamy agreement means. Is it only a negative commitment, based upon what you will not do with others? Or is it also positive? Will you also say yes to your lover's needs with consistency? It is amazing how much pain results from differing monogamy agreements between partners. Your beloved will more likely make your sexual needs a first priority if you do the same.

4. Come up with a great sex budget. Use this money for the educational, motivational, and experimental tools that will guide you and your lover into bliss. Sex toys, books, seminars, educational videos, and red, heart-shaped Jacuzzi tubs should all be included.

5. The next time you see your honey-pie after a day's work or extended absence, make the first act between you a great big, fat, sloppy, juicy, noisy, mushy, gushy, ten-second kiss. When was the last time you shared a kiss that lasted a full ten seconds while vertical? If you can't remember, shame on you! It probably made your knees go weak and brightened your whole day. I ask my patients and audiences which family member gets the first hug or kiss when they get home at the end of the day. It's usually the dog. Be sure to make it a wet, juicy kiss. Ancient Chinese physicians considered the saliva of one's lover to be a health elixir. Kisses that exchange bodily fluids strengthen the kissers. And the more tongue action the better. The tongue is an extension of the heart. Touching tongues allows hearts to touch. Opening the mouth increases our appetite for greater closeness. In human embryology, the tongue and heart originate as the same tissue. As the fetus develops, this tissue divides to become two of the strongest muscles in the body.

6. While you are at it, add a warm, full-body hug. It not only feels great, but it's good for your children. Watching you embrace is a healthy reminder that romantic love is an important part of your life, as it will someday be in theirs. This does not mean that you have to pull up their little TV chairs, make popcorn, and put on an erotic show. But if they understand that wondrous joy comes from "grown up" love,

The Healing Value of Kissing...
Ten Points for NM:

"I ask my patients and audiences which family member gets the first hug or kiss when they get home at the end of the day. It's usually the dog. Be sure to make it a wet, juicy kiss. Ancient Chinese physicians considered the saliva of one's lover to be a health elixir. Kisses that exchange bodily fluids strengthen the kissers. And the more tongue action the better. The tongue is an extension of the heart. Touching tongues allows hearts to touch. Opening the mouth increases our appetite for greater closeness. In human embryology, the tongue and heart originate as the same tissue. As the fetus develops, this tissue divides to become two of the strongest muscles in the body."

Adultery Ideas:

# The Seventh Commandment [Size: 42k; 49k; 43k; 38k]

* The Sin of Sex and Some Aspects of Adultery
* What Is Adultery?
* Bastardy
* Sacred and Profane Prostitution
* Religious Festivals and Sexual Promiscuity
* Celibacy
* The Confessional
* Erotic Adultery
* Adultery and the Varied Sexual Customs of Mankind
o Virginity
o Chastity
o The Privilege of the First Night
o Promiscuity
o Modesty
o Sexual Hospitality
o Group Marriage
o Fidelity and Unfaithfulness
o Incest
* A Provincial Taboo
* Adultery as a Taboo Based on Sympathetic Magic
* Additional Evidence of the Prevalence of Sympathetic Magic among the Biblical Hebrews
* Complementary Examples of Sympathetic Magic
* The Child and This Commandment

A Provincial Taboo

The different forms of mating which prevail throughout the world are as varied as are other forms of conduct. While monogamy is the strict rule in one place, polygamy is the standard in another, and polyandry the custom in still another. [**168] While some communities make marriage a lifetime institution, in other places men can divorce their wives with no more difficulty than writing "a bill of divorcement." Some do not consider marriage of any more concern than eating or plowing together, while others look upon it as a "divine" indissoluble institution. Prostitution or promiscuous sexual relations prevail in nearly all communities and among all tribes, but whereas promiscuity is the rule in some places, it is the exception in others. Whereas adultery is condemned with death in one community, it is looked upon with indifference in another, while still another community regards it as sport for the pleasurable outlet of a complicated and mysterious physical function. In one place the wife of a man is jealously guarded with his life, while in another place it would be considered the greatest insult if you refused his wife as your bedfellow Page 456 while you were a guest. While the mores of one community consider virginity a woman's most valuable possession, in another community no value whatsoever is placed on chastity, and in some communities it is actually considered a detriment. In one place an unmarried girl is free to indulge sexually with as many men as she desires, but once married she belongs exclusively to her husband; in another place all members of the tribe may enjoy the sexual pleasure of another's wife, although while unmarried it was incumbent upon her to be chaste. In certain places women are as cheap as vegetables, yet it would provoke bitter condemnation if one of the women had sexual intercourse with a man outside the tribe.

In one community, copulation may take place only at certain times of the month or year; in another, in the secrecy of a dark corner; in yet another, in the open fields at planting time; and in still other communities, without regard to time or place.

As society advances, as the rights of woman become more established, as her status as a chattel diminishes, the whole tenor of woman's sexual behavior is regarded in an altogether different light. Certainly no woman will be stoned to death in a civilized society for an act of unfaithfulness. Today adultery is sometimes committed as a means of emancipation. Court records abundantly prove that many women commit adultery in order to furnish evidence to secure a divorce from perpetual slavery in an unhappy marriage. In New York State alone, adultery is the only legal ground for divorce. (It is a primary ground in all other States except South Carolina, which grants no divorces on any ground.)

In view of the great variety of sexual customs through which man has passed, and the great divergencies of sexual acts he has experienced in his process of moral evolution, it becomes increasingly curious as to why such a Commandment as "Thou shalt not commit adultery" was made one of the important parts of the Decalogue.

The failure of this Commandment to specify all the sexual acts contrary both to nature and to the welfare of society is a matter of serious omission. It gives rise to the thought that there must have Page 457 been some particular reason why only adultery was mentioned and why all the sex acts definitely antisocial and detrimental to the individual and to society alike were left unmentioned. There was a definite reason why abnormal sex manifestations were not included in this Commandment, and there was a very definite purpose for the specific mention of adultery only.

This Commandment was no more intended to guard the sanctity of the home, or to serve as a rule for the purity of sexual conduct, than were the previous ones formulated for the purposes for which they are mistakenly taken to apply today.

The ethics of personal sexual conduct up to the time of the Biblical Hebrews had not yet evolved universally to that state of morality which condemned adultery as an act of moral misbehavior. It was still associated with sinful implications.

This Commandment was a prohibition not founded on morality. It was a TABOO based upon sympathetic magic. It became part of the Decalogue for the same reason as the previous ones.

A precept claiming infallibility should certainly possess the universality of the law of gravitation and the perfection of the arithmetical table. If it fails to possess these undeviating qualities, its imperfection is self-evident and its value either greatly diminished or useless. The evidence presented here raises the question as to whether a rule governing sexual conduct can be dogmatically applied to all people of the earth, in all communities, under all circumstances and conditions, at the same time. The facts we have already adduced prove the utter impossibility of such a rule. The conclusion is inevitable that this Commandment was a provincial precept for a particular tribe of people, and was never intended to be an infallible moral guide in the realm of sexual behavior.

And so we ask: Is adultery a sin? Or is it a violation of a certain standard of sexual conduct? Or is it a wrong perpetrated by one partner an another? Or is it merely an act of unfaithfulness? We shall find the answer in the superstitious beliefs which prevailed among primitive tribes of the cultural level of the Biblical Hebrews. Page 458


The Privilege of the First night...

In ancient Ireland it was not only a king's right but his duty to deflower brides before they were handed over to their husbands; and King Conchobarn is praised in an ancient record for his punctilious devotion to duty in having destroyed the virginity of every maid in Ulster. Among the Guanches of the Canaries, it was a matter of Page 447 considerable anxiety to the bridegroom that the services of a prince of royal blood should be obtained to deflower his bride, for unless a prince could be persuaded to bestow this favor on him, his children would be regarded as bastards and the marriage would be null and void. [*133] If the woman became pregnant, her child was considered of noble heritage. The children born from relations with her husband were considered commoners. [*134] When one of the great lords of Goa married, it was the custom for him to take his bride to the sovereign and ask him to sleep with her the first three nights.

This custom was widely prevalent throughout medieval as well as primitive times. Histories of Scotland record that King Evenus III enacted a law which authorized his successors to lie with every bride before her husband could approach her. This law remained in force for more than a thousand years. When the custom was abolished, the bridegroom had to pay a tax for the privilege of the first night with his bride. [*135]

How are we to judge the standard of sexual acts when among certain peoples it was the custom for even fathers to deflower their daughters? When a Singhalese gave his daughter in marriage, he first slept with her himself on the ground that he had a right to the first fruit of the tree he had planted! [*136]


Just as there are societies where virginity is demanded as a sign of purity, there are also communities where it is of no consideration in evaluating a woman.

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