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by YoungLady

The Warrior Diet

Just found out about it, it seems an interesting way of eating that I've always found natural and easy

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The Warrior Diet involves retraining the body (and the mind). If you try it for a few weeks, your hunger will diminish during the day. And, when you eat at night, you'll know exactly what to eat and how much to eat. Your body may, in fact, tell you to eat a considerable amount -- no matter, listen to it. During the day you'll likely want to nibble on things. This is okay, as long as your snack consists of fresh vegetables, fruits and a little protein if desired -- and doesn't include carbohydrates like breads or grains. Yes, this runs against current theory. Yes, it runs against modern-day common sense. But there's a body of science to support it. We already know that exercising on an empty stomach stimulates more weight loss than when you eat beforehand. This diet guarantees you several hours a day of fat-burning hormones percolating through your body.

Long periods of undereating increase protein efficiency. If you refrain from eating large amounts of protein at arbitrary times, your body will become more efficient at recycling proteins, so when you do eat protein, it'll be utilized much more efficiently. Not eating for long periods also improves insulin sensitivity, so when you do eat, your blood sugar doesn't fluctuate wildly and your body won't store the carbohydrate calories as fat. The list of potential benefits is staggering. Taking in certain types of protein on an empty stomach can increase testosterone levels and growth hormone levels, and you can't do that on a full stomach. Long periods of fasting also allow certain beneficial amino acids to act favorably on the brain. How many conventional diets do that?

Naysayers might argue that the body needs large reserves of glycogen to compete in athletic events. This may be true, but the Warrior Diet trains the body to stretch glycogen reserves so that athletic endurance doesn't become a problem. Others might point out that this type of diet may induce the production of the catabolic hormone cortisol, which may have negative effects on muscle growth and fat deposition. Ordinarily, yes, but this diet is not about water fasting. By ingesting the right nutrients during the Undereating Phase you will be able to block the cortisol effect.

To recap the essentials of the Warrior Diet, remember, the main "trick" is to retrain your body; to teach it to become more instinctive. You can do this by avoiding most foods during the day, although it is recommended that you eat vegetables and fruits (mainly as freshly squeezed juices). It's also okay to have a little protein during the day, such as eggs, lean fish, cheese, yogurt or, preferably, undenatured whey. As you get used to eating this way, your cravings should disappear. And once you're done "fighting the battles" of the day, you can eat as much protein, vegetables and carbs as you want -- even if it means eating the equivalent of three meals in one seating.

The Undereating Phase is built on the principle of controlled fasting. It lasts for 16-18 hours after your last meal, including time you are asleep. During this phase, you can consume fresh, raw fruits and vegetables, and some protein.

The Undereating goals:

* Burn fat
* Detoxify and cleanse
* Manipulate your hormones to reach maximum metabolic efficiency

Controlled Fasting

The Undereating Phase can be followed by not eating anything. Some people like water fasts, while others prefer to drink coffee or tea and water only. This is okay if it's what you like to do. However, these are extreme methods that won't appeal to most people. Moreover, the best way of going through the Undereating Phase is to follow a controlled fast, not a water fast. Controlled fasting is easier to follow and it accelerates detoxification and overall well-being.

To practice the Undereating Phase, it's very important to understand what controlled fasting and hunger are -- as well as their different aspects. This is essential reading if you plan to follow the Warrior Diet.

What happens to your body during controlled fasting:

* Detoxification takes effect (a cleansing)
* The body's enzyme pool is reloaded (which accelerates fat burning and toning, as well as creating an anti-aging effect)
* Insulin drops and is stabilized (efficient metabolism of carbs and fats)
* Glucagon increases (a fat-burning hormone)
* The GH increases (tissue repair and fat burning)

When you fast, insulin drops and the hormone glucagon increases, to ensure a steady supply of energy to the body. When glucagon dominates, most of the body's energy is derived from glycogen reserves and fat stores. Also, the drop in insulin allows the growth hormone (GH) to peak. Elevation of GH helps the body to rejuvenate, repair tissues and burn fat. A natural elevation of GH on a daily basis should help slow the aging process. Unfortunately, GH is deactivated under acidic environments. Most people suffer from overacidity as a result of overconsumption of acid-forming foods, a lack of digestive enzymes, mineral deficiencies and physical or mental stress.

The advantage of controlled fasting is the alkalizing effect that "live" fruits and vegetables, and their juices, have on the body, which is further pronounced by taking ionized mineral supplements. Ionized minerals are the most potent biologically active minerals, and they provide an instant, alkalizing action. When GH is elevated in an alkalized body, it will reach its maximum metabolic efficiency.

Overeating sounds like a lot of fun. As a matter of fact, it is! But there is an order to this "piggin' out" thing. In other words, you have to know how to overeat during your main meal.

The Overeating Phase does not involve guilt or obsessive self-control. You should find that by following the rules you'll create a way of eating that is more instinctive. By trusting your instincts, you'll experience a sense of freedom and real satisfaction. Having a sense of freedom is necessary to be truly happy.

The goals of Overeating:

* Accelerate your anabolism (repairing tissues and building muscles)
* Boost your metabolism
* Replenish your glycogen reserves
* Nourish your body and mind for pleasure and full satisfaction (compensation)
* While eating, experience a sense of freedom (guilt-free)
* Retrain to eat instinctively

Morning through Noon:

* Water: Drink at least one glass of water upon awakening, preferably two (either plain, or with a lemon or orange wedge)
* Coffee or tea
* Fruits: Fresh and raw
* Juices: Freshly prepared from raw vegetables or fruits -- those made to order in a blender or juicer, not preprepared or bottled juices

Noon through the End of the Day:

* Coffee or tea
* Fruits: fresh, raw fruits
* Juices : Freshly prepared from raw vegetables (such as carrot, beet, parsley juice) or raw fruits (such as oranges, grapefruits, strawberries, blueberries)
* Miso soup

During the adaptation period, and days that you feel deprived:

* Green salad, with little or no dressing
* Lean protein: No more than 6 ounces of sashimi, eggs, chicken breast, turkey breast, fish, shellfish, plain yogurt or kefir (low-fat or nonfat), cottage cheese or whey protein. Don't mix proteins; have only one per day
* Raw nuts: A handful of raw nuts, preferably almonds, instead of lean protein


Eat as much as you want from all the food groups (protein, fat and carbohydrates), as long as you follow the Warrior Diet rules of eating:

1. Start with leafy green vegetables (such as romaine lettuce red leaf lettuce, arugula, parsley, endives)

2. Continue with protein (such as chicken breast, turkey breast, fish, shellfish, veal scaloppini, sirloin steak, filet mignon, eggs, cottage cheese), cooked vegetables (such as broccoli, cauliflower, zucchini, carrots, squash, mushrooms, eggplant, beet greens, kale, collard greens) and fat (such as essential fatty acid -- EFA -- oils, olive oil, almonds, avocado, butter)

3. Finish with carbohydrates (such as rice, potatoes, corn, yams, quinoa, barley)

4. Stop eating when you feel much more thirsty than hungry

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