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The Hoax of Evolution Has “Overturned Reality”

Reality overturned! The quarrel between Christianity and the ‘carnal reason’ of man is older than Christianity itself. It has taken different forms in different ages. In that regard, the facts do stack up differently from what everyone has been told. “Global Warming” is hard upon us. Observations showed 2.06 million square miles of sea ice as late as Sept. 19, 2005. That’s the lowest measurement of Arctic sea ice cover ever recorded, researchers said. Scientists at NASA and the National Snow and Ice Data Center now report that the total Arctic ice in 2005 will cover the smallest area since they started keeping measurements on it in 1978

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Chapter I.
The Hoax of Evolution Has “Overturned Reality”
“ . . . we are as a Man that awakes in the Night, all is dark about him, and he knows not how far the Night is spent; but if he watch till the (first) light appears, the first glimpses of that will resolve his doubts. We must have a little patience, and, I think, but a little; still eying those prophecies of the resurrection of the Witnesses, and the depression of the Antichrist: till, by their accomplishment, the day dawn, and the clouds begin to change their color. Then we shall be able to make a near guess, when the Sun of righteousness will shine.” From The Sacred Theory of the Earth, 1691. (1)
Reality overturned! The quarrel between Christianity and the ‘carnal reason’ of man is older than Christianity itself. It has taken different forms in different ages. In that regard, the facts do stack up differently from what everyone has been told. “Global Warming” is hard upon us. Observations showed 2.06 million square miles of sea ice as late as Sept. 19, 2005. That’s the lowest measurement of Arctic sea ice cover ever recorded, researchers said. Scientists at NASA and the National Snow and Ice Data Center now report that the total Arctic ice in 2005 will cover the smallest area since they started keeping measurements on it in 1978.(2) The scientists, meteorologists, geologists, and all the rest need to clear the air, and ask, “what is going on?” To start, carefully read what Thomas Burnet wrote over three hundred years ago, in his book, The Sacred Theory of the Earth.
“Others expect the coming of Elias to give warning of that day, and prepare the way of the Lord. I am very willing to admit that Elias will come, according to the scene of the Prophet Malachi, but he will not come with observation, no more than he did in the Person of John the Baptist; He will not bear the name of Elias nor tell us he is the Man that went to Heaven in a fiery Chariot, and is now come down again to give us warning of the last Fire. But some divine person may appear before the second coming of our Savior, as there did before his first coming: and by giving a new light and life to the Christian Doctrine, may dissipate the mists of error, and abolish all those little controversies amongst good men, and the divisions and animosities that spring from them: enlarging their Spirits by greater discoveries, and uniting them all in the bonds of Love and charity, and in the common study of truth and perfection. Such an Elias, the Prophet seems to point at; and may he come, and be the great Peacemaker and prepare of the ways of the Lord. But at present, we cannot from this Sign make any judgment when the world will end.”(3)
You be the judge as you read this book. By way of a more complete knowledge of reality and ancient history, Burnet also addressed the fact that the primitive earth, as inhabited by mankind until the deluge, had a perpetual ‘Equinox’ or spring, and “in that earth stood Paradise.” Ministers, scientists, geologists, governmental officials, and everyone else should pay close attention to the lines that follow as Burnet gives us the true meaning of the word “Chaos.” He wrote, “we can run down all the rocks and stones, into their first liquors.” And, “other bodies also that compose the Earth, were once a fluid mass, which is that we call a Chaos.” That surely gives a new meaning to what has been said by every theologian who believes that the world was once “formed out of chaos.”
“They conveniently forget that long ago all the galaxies and this very planet were brought into existence out of watery chaos by God’s word. Then God’s word brought the chaos back in a flood that destroyed the world.” 2 Peter 3:5 and 6, The Message
So how could there ever be enough water to flood the entire world? The correct answer is that scientists have shown that the mantle within the earth itself IS highly compressed, and it is mostly compressed silica, oxygen, and hydrogen (i.e., water), and other smaller atom actually that make up the earth’s mantle.(4) Each time that vast amounts of “new matter” are released, it floods to the surface as a watery, fluid-like mass. Liquefaction occurs. When the mixtures of old and new matter harden and they are no more watery, the newly combined atoms form new layers of the earth’s strata. Sometimes these waters pile up forming massive glaciers or ice sheets. When newly released -the atoms flooded upward and reorganized; millions upon millions of tons of new water were formed. That is where the Genesis flood waters actual came from. They were held in a compressed state within “The Great Deep” or “The Great Abyss,” or what is now referred to as “the earth’s mantle.” In other words, the mantle is made up of compressed matter, and it can change surface areas significantly. Hence, in Genesis 7:11, “In the six hundredth year of Noah’s life, in the second month, the seventeenth day of the month, the same day were all the fountains of the great deep broken up, (i.e., worldwide, the mantle itself released great fountains of new matter in the form of compressed silica, oxygen and hydrogen,) and the windows of heaven were opened.”
We cannot expect Burnet to possess any true intellectual grasp on the hydrous nature of compressed matter. That is, we now know water is incorporated in many molecules. Scientists know, lavas and their associated flows, are crowded with tiny cavities . . . filled with dense liquid carbon dioxide trapped at high pressure.(5) We must suppose, however, that almost no one is familiar with the essential point, that carbon dioxide plunges into an absolutely cold temperatures when involved in a pressurized state. That note alone is ample in detail - to explain the rapid emergence of each of the so-called ice ages! The very rapid release of new matter packed with highly compressed carbon dioxide atoms and other gasses, in sufficient quantities, is surely sufficient to explain what very rapidly caused each of the so-called ice ages - such as the glaciations of Europe and America. Obviously the geologists have been incorrect in proposing, and then otherwise insisting that each ice age was an event that required millions of years to emerge. No one among them could envision the sudden release thousands of tons of slush-like new matter, moving up and very rapidly restructuring the strata.
Some have also reported gigantic walls of water.
When the New Madrid earthquake hit in 1811, river men told about the Mississippi receding from its banks, small boats were left sitting helpless on the sand, “then rising into a wall of water 15-20 feet straight up!”(6) When the wall of water came crashing down, the boats were crushed and the waters overflowed their normal banks. At seven that morning another large earthquake struck, and the ground began to move in billowy patterns like sea waves. Great fissures opened up and depressions in the ground burst open, spurting forth “a mix of sand, (i.e., silica,) lukewarm water, carbonized wood, small rocks, coal, and vapors.”(7)
On February 7, 1812, the greatest of the quakes struck. The Mississippi River flowed backward for several hours. The walls of water can now be recognized as the rapidly decompressed matter. Likewise, at one time super-cold water, and sand (i.e., as silicon atoms,) carbon and oxygen atoms (carbon dioxide gases,) and other new atoms were sent surging across what was once the lush tropical lands of what is now the Artic circle. As one author noted, “the most enchanting islands in the subtropical area of the South Seas today are but an imperfect replica of what that world was . . .”(8) The mantle’s rapid release of many tons of potentially super-cold new matter, does explain how an enormous ice-sheet such as the Kansan Till-sheet ended up so large as to cover most of Kansas, Missouri, Iowa, and Nebraska – and there has been no “great production of water as a product of its melting.” Chamberlin had actually pointed to this as “one of the strangest of all the strange phenomena of the glacial period.”(9)
This issue of the release of highly compressed matter explains not only a flood sufficient in size to overwhelm the entire earth, since the same system of forces also explain “the wealth of information concerning glaciers and ice-sheets immensely larger than any in the Alps, and quite comparable with those which at one time covered the continents of Europe and North America.”(10) Moreover, two of the most abundant atoms involved are oxygen and hydrogen, which to readily combine to form water, and they also come from “the Deep” or from within the mantle itself.
Burnet wrote that “it,” i.e., the compressed matter of the earth’s mantle,
“was ready to swallow up the world that hung over it, and about it, whensoever God should give the command, and the vault should break.” He then explained, “the Great Deep was thrown out of its bed, forced upward into the air, and overflowed, in that impetuous Commotion,” (the tightly squeezed atoms began decompressing more and more, until the ‘new water’ covered -) “the highest tops of the Fragments of the ruined Earth, which now we call its mountains."
You should alos be aware that geologists have only recently begun putting together continental drift and plate tectonics! Please make special note of the fact that it was only in the early 1970's, that continental drift captured the imagination of man. But before that everyone held to yet another ideology. That is, "most of the conceived of the earth's crust as being a fairly stable layer enveloping the earth's fluid mantle and core.”(11)

To briefly turn away from the so-called “scientific explanations” of today, also leads to another clear realization. In the dim light of ancient days, one of myths coming out of Babylon was that the creator-God had fought with and overcome ‘the monsterof chaos,’ and after cutting it in halves the claim was that He had “made the heavens out of one half, and the earth out of the other.”(12) Along these same lines another key pointed out by Burnet was that: “Paradise is not so much a spot of ground were a fine Garden stood, but a course of nature, or a peculiar state of the earth.” He even explains, “the Poles of the World did once change their situation, and were at first in another (upright) posture from what they are in now."(13) We might as well go ahead and consider the fact of what may be obviously true, Paradise was at one time, a place where every atom in the world had an upright axis.
Burnet wrote . . .
“From the Creation to this Age the Earth hath undergone but one Catastrophe, and Nature hath had two different faces; the next Catastrophe is the conflagration,” or a spontaneous firestorm, or the hitherto unexplained burning of the world. Evidently - this is what is to occur when the two differing dimensions (i.e., when the molecules of the heavens and the earth) collide. When that reality happens, according to Burnet, “a new face of Nature will accordingly succeed, (i.e., or emerge, along with,) a New Heavens and a New Earth. Paradise renewed, and it is called the Restitution of All Things, or (the) Regeneration of the World.” (14)

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