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You are not over-weight, you are over-acid!

obsetiy and acidity

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You Are Not Over-Weight - You Are Over-Acid
"Let us first understand the facts,
and then we may seek the cause."
- Aristotle -

Obesity in America is worse than ever before. New statistics reveal that a startling 64.5% of American adults, or more than 120 million people are overweight or obese. US obesity experts say, these numbers, probably mean a definite increase in diabetes and heart disease cases, if things do not improve. The number of Americans who are overweight, is the high acid level ever recorded. The data from the 1999-2000 National Health and Nutrition Examination survey are consider the most definitive assessment of America's weight us of the length in size of the study. And because peoples high can wait are actually measured.

The statistics reveal that:

1) 31% or about 59 million adults older than 20, are obese. Obesity is defined as 30 or more pounds over a healthy body weight; overweight is roughly 10 to 30 lbs. over a healthy weight. Overweight and obesity in adults are determined by body mass index, which is a measure of persons weight in relation to his or her height. The BMI is calculated by dividing a person's weight in kilograms by their height in meters (which has to be squared mathematically). A rating of 25 to 30 kg/m2, or higher is considered overweight, and obesity is a BMI above 30 kg/m2 or higher, and 40 kg/m2 or higher is extremely obese. For example, a 5'8" person who weighs 190 lbs. would be overweight; a person at the same height, who weighs 230 lbs., is obese. In general, obesity is crudely defined as more than 20% above ideal body weight, and by this definition, more than one third to one half of of the population of the United States is obese. There are one in three (33%) Americans that have a degree of being overweight that puts them at a medical risk and many of these individual have insulin sensitivity and Type II diabetes.

2) 33% of adult women are obese, compared with 28% men.

3) 50% of black women are obese, compared with 40% of Mexican -- American women and 30% of white women. There is virtually no difference in obesity among men based on race.

4) 5% of people over all are extremely obese. That's up from about 3% in the early 1990s. But 15% of black women are extremely obese.

5) As of the early 1990s, the National Center for Health Statistics (NCHS) found that 15 percent of children between 6 and 19 were overweight, twice the comparable percentage a decade earlier. Today 9 million children overweight, and another 7 million considered "at risk" of joining them.

Samuel Klein, President of the North American Association for the study of obesity, said, "when you look around at our current environment, it's surprising that anyone is lean, because there is an abundance of food and marked decrease and regular physical activity."

In 1991, when the epidemic was less intense, researchers from St. Luke's/Roosevelt hospital in New York estimated that obesity killed 325,000 Americans a year -- eight times the number who died of AIDS, and more than the combined deaths from alcohol, drugs, firearms, and motor vehicles.

It approaches the 430,000 per year killed by smoking. But while smoking rates are going down, obesity rates are accelerating. Since 1950, health experts have been telling us how to lose weight and telling us to eat less and exercise more. Yet, obesity rates have tripled. Obesity is fast becoming the leading cause of death in America.

Why? The answer is so simple that it eludes us. We perceive that fat is the problem. We perceive that fat is bad. We perceive that fat will kill us or is killing us! The truth is fat is saving our life! Fat is protective! Fat is our friend! Without the protection of fat we would be dead! The answer to the "WHY" is simple. When our body becomes over acidic from an inverted way of living, eating and thinking the body uses FAT to bind to the acid as a protection for all other cells, tissues and organs that sustain life. For example, when you eat sugar and that sugar is fermented to lactic acid, if the lactic acid is not eliminated it can disturb other cells and cause them to breakdown, leading to disease. I call this the rotten apple metaphor, that is, when there is one rotten apple in a bushel of healthy apples, the one rotten apple will spoil all the other apples. When are diet is over-acid form high sugar fruits, dairy and meat these acids have to be eliminated or they will spoil or rot other cells. So, what does the body do? The body goes into preservation mode and uses dietary and body fat to bind and neutralize the acid. The acid bound fat is now eliminated or if elimination is compromised or if the body is enervated (tired) and elimination is not possible it is stored in the extremities or away from the organs that sustain life. You see your dietary fat and body fat is saving your life. The more acidic your lifestyle and diet the fatter you will be. The less acidic your lifestyle and diet the thinner you will be. That is not to say over-thin people are healthier than fat people. That is not the case. In fact, fat people are generally healthy than over-thin people because their fat is providing a place to park all their acids, where in a thin person, if the acids are not eliminated they can and will breakdown the tissues, (muscles), bones and organs causing and array of symptomologies. Do you know someone who is underweight who can eat everything and anything and not gain weight? This is a serious problem because the fat buffering system of the body is not working properly. Underweight and overweight is two sides of the same coin and is always a result of over-acidity.

Risks of Obesity or Risks of Acidity

I would like you to think about what you ate for breakfast or what did your child have for breakfast? Was it cereal and milk, yogurt, a pastry, a bowl of oatmeal, or even a glass of orange or apple juice? All of these foods metabolize to sugar which increases metabolic acids which signals the body to go into the preservation mode to bind the acid with fat. You see you are not overweight. You are not obese. You are over acid! Acid is the expression of the level of your obesity. All of the risk factors for obesity are ALL a result of your level of acidy! Do not blame the fat, it is saving your life - blame your life choices - your lifestyle your diet! Here are some of the risk factors generally associated with obesity but are in reality states of acidity:

1) Hyper and hypoglycemia is a result of too much sugar - the cocaine of the food world. It is about time people started realizing that sugar is not just like a drug, but is a drug. A drug just like any other that compels people to take more and more and more. Unlike other perfectly legal drugs like cigarettes and alcohol, sugar and complex carbohydrates don't carry a government warning, despite the fact, they are known by medical savants to be linked to diabetes, hypertension in children and antisocial behavior. Diabetes has more than tripled since 1958; right in line with the consumption of sugar. Although over 100 years ago, 1% of the population had diabetes, now the figure is officially 1 in 12. We now consume over a third of a pound of sugar each day, and the number of children and adults suffering from this life threatening condition is and can only rise. The sugars found in many of our low or no fat foods will and can cause insulin release and insulin can be broken down to acid by yeast, which then activates the body's protective mechanism to bind the acid with fat. So read the label carefully, no or low fat foods make you fat. It's the sugar not the fat in, No Fat Foods. Our kids are being seriously compromised with school lunch which is acidic. From all the vending machines of soft drinks which all contain carbonic acid to candy bars, popcorn, ice cream, to after school, a cola and fries at the fast food restaurant across the street from the school, which is extremely acidic, to most American dinners which include meat, pasta, potatoes, corn, deserts which are all acidic. The body has only one choice and that is to protect itself from all the sugar, from all the acidic foods and from all the acid with FAT. Thank GOD for Fat!

2) Liver Disease is as simple as understanding that the liver is one of the many filters for toxins and the toxins we are talking about here are gastrointestinal, metabolic, respiratory and cellular breakdown acids - if that weren't enough for the liver to deal with we pour the acid down our throats with, coffee, tea, beer, wine, and colas, just to name a few and expect the liver to withstand this onslaught of systemic acid. NO wonder the liver breaks down. It can only with stand so much acid to filter and if the liver can't deal with it then the kidneys have to deal with the acid, which leads to kidney dysfunction and break down. And if the liver or kidneys are filtrating the acid then the acid comes right out through our third kidney, the skin, leading to acne, blemishes, rash, eczema, psoriasis, etc. To top it off, our kids are smoking more to get their sugar hit, from tobacco that is fermented with sugar and yeast during the drying process of the tobacco leaves. This is why when someone stops smoking they crave sugar. The sugar turns to acid and the acid if not eliminated is bound by fat. Eureka. So smoking increases blood sugar, which increases acid, which in turn increases your risk for obesity as the body binds the acid, diabetes as the acid breaks down the insulin producing alpha and beta cells, pancreatic cancer as a result of localized acid that breaks down the pancreatic functions, and lung congestion and/or lung cancer, also due to cellular break down from acids. Always keep in mind that cancer is NOT a disease of the tissue but at state of acidosis in the fluids that surround the tissue.

3) Heart disease is the result of the heart muscle turning to mush as sugars breakdown to acids tenderizing the heart like Heinz 57 sauce tenderizes a steak. By the way, the second ingredient in Heinz 57 behind the water is an acid. So, if you want to weaken your heart just keep on tenderizing it with an acidic lifestyle and diet.

4) Arthritis, as the body uses another buffer, calcium, to bind to the acid creating micro-calcifications that build up on the joints, or can be found in the brain in dementia or Parkinson's, or in the breasts in breast cancer, and in the liver or gallbladder, as in liver and gall stones.

5) And now for the next biggest scientific illusion - cholesterol is bad! In fact, cholesterol comes from fat and is created as a binder of acids in the fluids of the body. The bottom line here is this - when you eliminate your acidic lifestyle and diet you lower your cholesterol and when you increase your acidic lifestyle and diet you increase your cholesterol - that good cholesterol we have been told for years by scientists that it is bad - low density lipoproteins (LDL's) - is another fat that binds to systemic acids that is saving our life! When the body fluids, especially the blood is acidic, the body goes into preservation mode and creates LDL's out of fat to bind to acids in the blood to protect the endothelial cells and basement membrane. If the acids are left free to flow throughout the blood stream, they will damage the endothelial cells, that protect the blood vessel and expose the basement membrane, which activates certain clotting factors to prevent internal bleeding. This can then lead to disseminated intravascular coagulation, which is the premature clotting of the blood, which then leads to circulation problems, oxygen deprivation, cellular breakdown, excess acidity, which culminates in arteriosclerosis (hardening of the arteries due to acidosis), stroke and/or heart attack. If you the various peoples of the area and have little or no arteriosclerosis and are virtually free of heart disease.

A scientist by the name of Lowenstein, found that fat intake ranged from 21 g per day to as much as 355 g per day. (Lowenstein, F. W., American Journal Clinical Nutrition, 15:175, 1964). In both the Somalis and the Samburus East Africa, the diet is from 60 to 65% fat, and yet they are nearly free from arteriosclerosis and heart attacks. Only be argued that ethnic differences are involved here, population groups of wide ethnic variation have been reported to subsist on a high fat, high cholesterol, high caloric diets, while remaining virtually free from coronary heart disease.

Gsell and Mayor report that the isolated peoples of the Loetschental Valley in the Valaisian Alps of Switzerland, habitually eat a diet high in saturated fat and cholesterol, high in calories, but evidence low serum cholesterol values and little cardiovascular disorders (Gsell, D., and Mayer, J. "Low blood and cholesterol associate with high calorie, high saturated fat intake in a Swiss Alpine Village population." Am. J. Clin. Nutr., 1-:471, 1962)

In Kenya, Africa, the Masai tribe, subsists on a diet that is excessively high in butterfat and cholesterol, the fat constituting as much as 60% of total calories consumed, yet are virtually free of cardiovascular disease.

An epidemiological study of coronary heart disease in a general population of 106,000 Americans conducted over a one year period, W. J. Zukel and his co-workers found the highly provocative fact that farmers showed a much lower incidence of coronary heart disease, than males of other groups, in spite of the fact that there were no substantial differences in their mean caloric intake or fat cholesterol consumption (Zukel, W. J., et. al., Am. J. Publ. Health, 49:16 30, 1959).

According to a published article in the well-respected scientific journal, the Lancet, (1981) said, incidence of arteriosclerotic heart disease, including coronary arterial disease, in Greenlandic Eskimos is extremely low. From 1963 to 1967, Greenland. Moreover, not a single established case of diabetes mellitus is known to have been reported in the public population of Greenlandic Uhanak district. Since diabetes mellitus and arteriosclerotic heart disease afficy literally millions of millions of people around the world, these statistical figures have attracted the serious attention of many scientist throughout the world.

The word "Eskimo" is of Red Indian Origin and means "people eating raw meat." The food of the Greenlandic Eskimos still living as hunters and/or fishermen consist predominantly from fats and proteins of whales, seals, seabirds and fish (usually halibut and hang salmon).

Why, therefore, can a group of people who consume such large amounts of fat and protein have such a low incidence of atherosclerotic heart disease? The answer to this question is found in a tongue twisting fat called EicosaPentaenoic acid (commonly referred to as EPA). EPA is a direct precursor of the important prostaglandin PGE 3. There is a large amount of EPA in fish: you get for example, about 20% EPA in salmon tuna, mackerel, or by taking brain oils like cod liver oil.

One interesting fact about EPA came to light when the polyunsaturated fatty acids in the diet and tissues of Eskimos eating their usual high fat and protein diet and the Danes in Copenhagen living on an American type diet were scientifically compared and study. It was discovered that the longer chain polyunsaturated fatty acids of EPA found in the marine oils was present in much larger amounts in the Eskimos. In fact, EPA was present to the extent of 10% of total plasma lipids (blood fats) in the Eskimos, whereas in the Danes, living on a diet especially low in marine fats, it was nearly absent. And, of course, the Danes had a much higher statistical record of coronary heart disease as compared to the Eskimos.

And finally, in an epidemiological study of two Polynesian island groups, Hunter compared the diet, body build, blood pressure, and serum cholesterol levels of the traditional-following Atiu and Mitiaro with the more Europeanized Rarotongan neighbors (Hunter, J. D., Fed. Prop., 21, Supp, 11:36, 1962). The Atiu-Mitiaro people live on a diet low in calories and protein but rich in the highly saturated coconut fat. There Rarotongans eat more food, but eat comparatively little coconut fat. Hunter found that 25% of the Rarotongans (males) suffered more hypertension, as compared to only 10% of the Atiu-Mitiaro males. While the serum cholesterol levels of the saturated coconut fat-eating Atiu-Mitiaro males were higher (as high as European males), Hunter was unable to discover by electrocardiographic readings any tendency to coronary heart disease.

It is clear, that adults of widely differing ethnic stock can subsist on a high fat, high cholesterol, high caloric diet, and yet remain free of cardiovascular disorders.

From my own research, I have found evidence that strongly points toward the conclusion that a diet low in sugar, will be low in acid, thus, maintaining the delicate pH balance of the body fluids, that maintains the integrity of the cell and the amount of fat or cholesterol consumed is relatively inconsequential. Your fat is like a parking lot and the acid you create through digestion, metabolism, respiration and cellular breakdown are like the cars. So, the more cars you have the more parking lots you need to park your cars or acids. All diabetics are over-acidic and 80% of the 95% of the Type II diabetics are overweight from over-acidity. Remember, fat is your friend, love your fat, because it is saving your life form gastrointestinal, metabolic, respiratory and cellular breakdown acids. One of the inconsistencies is the fact that 80% of those who suffer heart attacks have normal cholesterol in the blood. And, most of the cholesterol that exists in the body comes not from the dietary intake from fatty foods, but rather is produced by the body, and particular by the liver. So take care of your liver with clean alkaline foods and drinks and eating lots of good healthy fat from avocado, olive oil, flax, borage, primrose and marine oils from fish.

Generally speaking the concentrations of cholesterol in the blood are determined largely by the amount synthesized by the liver. One dietary food substance that seems to accelerate the livers synthesis of carbohydrates to fat (cholesterol) is the intake of sugar (sucrose). In England, evidence has been presented by Dr. Yudkin and co-workers that excessive consumption of sugar is statistically associated with arteriosclerosis and heart attacks. Dr. P. T. Kuo, in a study at the University of Pennsylvania, found that dietary sugar administered to patients actually caused blood fats to increase. Dr. Yudkin points out: "a person assessed by our dietary history was taking more than 120 g of sugar a day (4 oz.) is perhaps five or more times as likely to develop myocardial infraction as one taking less than 60 g a day."

Current medical science knows that cholesterol serves many important functions of the body, and is necessary for the optimum health of the whole person. Cholesterol found in the skin can be converted, for example, into vitamin D when exposed to sunlight or other ultraviolet light. Bile salts are derived from cholesterol. Cholesterol is involved in sex hormone production and with steroid hormone production by the adrenal gland, especially in times of severe stress. Cholesterol, therefore, is no foriegn or evil substance within the body. In fact, it is absolutely necessary for life!

When we can teach our body to burn fat rather than sugar or protein we are literally burning cleaner fuel. Our internal landscape or terrain, the fluids of our body are cleaner, our liver is cleaner and less stressed from an over-acidic lifestyle and diet. You want to move away from fast foods, colas, fries, shakes, hamburgers, pasta, pizza, etc. that are high in sugar and focus on slow foods from good fats, like avocados, marine oils from fish, like cod, mackerel, salmon, tuna, trout, primrose oil, flax oil, olive oil, hemp oil, and borage oil will help give your pancreas a break from all the sugar metabolism and allow the body to begin healing the pancreas and the insulin and glucagon producing beta and alpha cells that will eventually lead to the reversal and cure of your diabetes and/or arthrosclerosis and/or heart dis-ease!

Ketones and Ketoacidosis

A tendency of folks with Type I diabetes to suffer from a severe diabetic complication called ketoacidosis, or very high blood glucose with large amounts of ketones or acids in the blood. The reason why ketones or acids increase in the presence of high blood sugar is the deficiency of insulin and glucose is no longer able to enter the cells so an alternative source of energy is needed - fat. The body begins burning fat as its primary source of energy instead of sugar creating acetones and butyric acids or ketones. If these acids are not eliminated or chelated with cholesterol, bicarbonate, electrolytes like sodium, potassium, calcium or magnesium they will compromise the delicate pH balance of the body fluids causing the body to go into ketoacidosis. Whenever the body fluids are over-acidic whether from sugar, protein or fat metabolism the body goes into preservation mode and uses body fluids (water) to dilute and neutralize the acid leading to dehydration, vomiting to eliminate acids via the mouth, rapid breathing as your body's attempt to blow off some the acid through the lung, or muscle soreness as the body throws off the acid into the tissue to maintain the alkaline balance of the blood at the delicate pH balance of 7.365.

Some of the symptoms of ketoacidosis are blood sugars usually more than 300 mg/dl or 16.6 mmol/liter and your urine will be 2% sugar or higher. When there is not enough insulin or chromium to bind the insulin to the glucose molecule to take into the energy cycle, the body cannot use glucose for energy production so it goes into fat metabolism. Fat metabolism is the healthiest way to create energy producing twice the amount of energy than sugar metabolism with half the amount of acid waste. The most important point to remember here is that any acid in the body fluids can compromise the alkaline pH and needs to be eliminated, including ketones from fat metabolism, lactic and acetic acid from carbohydrate metabolism and sulphuric and uric acid metabolism from protein metabolism..

Get off Your Fat ACID and GO to Health

The key to eliminating any acid quickly is superhydrating immediately with alkaline fluids of 10 grams of sodium bicarbonate in 1 liter of distilled water or 16 drops of 2% sodium chlorite (Prime pH) in 1 liter of distilled water, 1000 mg. of pancreas compound (Pancreas Plus), 1000 mg. of adrenal compound (Adrenal Plus), 15 grams of powered soy sprouts (Super Soy Sprouts) or 5 drops of colloidal aminos (LL Aminos), and 5 drops of colloidal chromium and vanadium (LL Chromium).. To avoid any symptom of imbalance may I suggest again to simply alkalize and energize the body with green foods and green drinks (SuperGreens), throughout the day and avoid any acidic lifestyle or diet choice. The choice is yours if you truly want to go to the House of Health.

So get off your fat acid and go to health!

In Love and InnerLight,
Dr. Robert O. Young

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