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Vulture Speak

Vultures and how I came to discover that, to our detriment, some are on the endangered species list.

Date:   3/16/2015 2:41:09 PM   ( 7 y ) ... viewed 1456 times

Please forgive my sloppy writing style and know this is my first attempt at blogging. This message is mostly about the Vultures and how I came to discover that, to our detriment, some are on the endangered species list...

Sometimes a few “villainous” vultures would sit on my rooftop and scare the neighbors with their nasty reputation. I never did mind them or the noisy peacock that sometimes showed up. After all, living on the edge of a swamp, this place seemed as much their home as it was mine.

Then early one morning several years ago, as I headed out to visit my Lyme Literate Dr., a large turkey vulture crossed over my car then closely shadowed me from my driveway to the edge of my neighborhood. “Wow”, I thought. From there the drive would take me two counties away, which was about 100 miles round trip. This trip also led me through mountain sized radioactive gypsum stacks in what is known as, “Bone Valley”, a phosphate mining area of central Florida containing the largest known phosphate deposits in the United States. That might be important.

I cannot tell you how many vultures flew by me, over me, directly in front of me! At one point one of them landed right in the middle of the road so I had to come to a complete stop. They had to be trying to tell me something… But what? Another very bizarre thing which I’d not seen on any previous trips, or any since, was that there were dead cows on the sides of the road in three places. It was horrifying really. They were outside their fences and each one was in a separate county. One was only a calf. Guess what though? The vultures flying all over the place were ~not touching~ any of these cows!

Later that night I Googled in “Vulture”, and among the recommended sites was an article about an analgesic NSAID drug called Voltaren that cows in India were being treated with. Vultures that fed on these cow carcasses were quickly overcome with kidney failure, causing them to wind up on the endangered species list. Their poisoned livers and kidneys were encased in a white pasty substance that was uric acid.

Here’s the rub- I’d just received a tube of Voltaren(diclofenac), from an overseas pharmacy! I’d only had a chance to use it once, but after finding this new info, I got rid of it. I figured if something could kill a ~vulture~, that can handle just about anything, then I didn’t want to use it. They really were trying to tell me something.

Now, I think they are trying to tell something again… I don’t know what. I ~do~ know how absolutely ~crazy~ this sounds and I’ve tried to act like it’s not happening—BUT IT IS! Vultures, Peace Eagles, Condors or whatever you want to call them, keep showing up all around, all the time… And it’s just as weird—maybe weirder.

Awhile back I’d found a long filament attached to the bottom of a T-shirt that hung in my closet. I find these types of “threads/strings” often and consider them to be fungal growths that are connected with what’s known as Morgellons or Fiber disease. I believe this because under the microscope it’s apparent that these “threads” are not your average sewing thread, but instead are a continuous coiling of hyphae with conidia and fungal reproductive structures. I’ve posted numerous images of these fungal threads on several of the Curezone forums. I also think it’s possible this is fungi that grows in response to a nematode infection, (I battle).

What does that have to do with a vulture you ask? Well, that particular thread coiled and writhed like most of the others, except at the very end it was shaped ~exactly~ like a vulture’s head. What?! How could this be real? There it was though, right down to the pointy curved beak with nose holes in it.

At that time I wasn’t sure what to make of it and worried it might actually scare someone who’s already sick, or too superstitious, so I decided not to post the images or anything about it. Since then, however, I feel like this information isn’t sinister and isn’t to be feared. It needs to be posted … They are constantly making their presence known and won’t quit until I do this.

One encounter that I did previously posted, was a bald eagle scavenging with a crowd of vultures.

Always seeing them and them swooping by me is one thing, but this latest move they made makes it seem urgent… My delivery route took me to a new place next to a pasture. Directly on the other side of the barbwire fence was a group of—you guessed it--- vultures! They weren’t even scavenging, there was nothing there. As I sat there gaping, one by one they each flew and perched onto one of the wooden fence posts. There were 5 then 6 lined up in a row. Next the first vulture flew to the other end and perched on the next empty post. Then it hit me… Vulture/Post/Vulture/Post/Vulture/Post… That’s about as plain as it gets!

Sadly, several days afterward I saw a dead vulture on the side of a country road. A few days later there was a hawk dead, maybe 20-30 feet down from the vulture… This is the last stop on my route that I call, “Where the cows come home”… because there are cows everywhere. Are the cows being treated with Diclofenac?

Now here I am, having a vulture show- and- tell, putting my sanity and reputation ~way~ out there. I know this sounds like some kind of whack fairytale, but God as my witness, it’s all true.

May be that the fungal filament was just to draw my attention back to the fact that millions of vultures have been/ are being poisoned via the food chain:

“Poisoning – by veterinary drugs like diclofenac or other substances used against predators - is the biggest threat to vultures worldwide. Vultures are keystone species that play vital roles in maintaining ecosystem health. Their removal and depletion have a number of cascading negative ecological effects as well as adverse impacts on human health.”

Pick your poison... Diclofenac has at least 150 different trade names worldwide! I counted.

Then again maybe the vulture headed fungus thread, (nematophagous fungi), and vultures have a common bond, just by both being something that we/the world needs to keep disease and pestilence in check?

I apologize if this writing isn’t tied together as neatly as it should be, but you’ll get it, and that’s what counts! I welcome thoughts, ideas, facts, photos, or stories anyone wants to share.

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