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Finally Getting Cured!!

I am actually coming out of this, being cured for good. I haven't felt this good in over 15 years. I'd like to share my thoughts in this final phase because I think we all reach a moment of despair and ask the question, "Will I even get over this completely?"

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Hopefully I'll stick with this, but this morning as the psyllum that I took (again) last night taook effect, I had this overwhelming urge to share the newfound positivity and hope that I feel about this journey I am on.

I am finally, after years, coming free of this (parasites).

I'm nearing 40 (that's precise enough, thank you) and it was around my 30th birthday that I began to question feeling 'like I had been hit by a truck' (achy, exhausted and foggy) EVERY morning upon getting up. I kept saying to myself, "It can't be normal, feeling like this at 30!" I'd watch those perky women running (or sprinting) in the AM and be jealous of their energy, as though I had been left out and was part of a lower rung of humanity - the tired, beat-down, unmotivated ones.

I'm sure many people who are struggling with health issues, weight , etc. -- all those things that go with parasite infections - secretly feel this envy and bewilderment.

Anyway, I can actually say that years on I feel SO MUCH BETTER, but now I am actually getting to a place that's reallly feel optimal... AND THAT's what I want to share.

Reading this site I often see questions about being cured, coming out of this incessant treatment phase and being normal again. I have found these entries by googling the questions myself: "is possible cure?"; "really cure tapeworms?"; etc.

SO here I am trying to document my trip across the finish line. I'm not there yet, but I can see it, feel it, and my energy (for the first time) is rising and carrying me forward towards it (no backwards to the cupcake drawer and the buttered toast).

To finish this rambling start, I want to list the things (or some of them) that have made the final difference for me. Then I need to get back to work for awhile:

  • GETTING OFF COFFEE. If you are like me, you can't imagine life without coffee. And tea, though delicious, simply isn't a substitute. HOWEVER, if you need coffee all day long , if coffee drinking is a slippery slope that you've been on your whole adult life, drinking it morning 'til afternoon when your energy levels go through the floor, it's maybe time to admit that you don't need coffee, you need to rid your body of this sapping presence, AND COFFEE IS FEEDING & STIMULATING IT.

Parasite infection damages the 'me' part of your brain, and makes you increasingly susceptible to 'their' desires. Start getting in tune with what YOUR BODY needs... and learn to diffreentiate between their voice in your head, and your own.

Discover loose teas (regular and herbal): (And forget the bags) Earl Grey and Lady Earl Grey are two favorites of mine.  Don't brew your green tea with boiling water (only hot). Drink it all through the day for two weeks and (if you're like me) you'll start to have this eureka understanding that tea is what you've been looking for your whole life... because you CAN drink it whenever you want... it doesn't dehydrate or acidify you (nearly as much) and it's actually very soothing and healthful.

  • PSYLLIUM.  Couple words here: Psyllum powder (2-3 heaping teaspoons of it), shaker bottle, 6-8 ounces of cold organic juice, and about 24+ ounces of water to chase it with.  Psyuulm into cold juice in shaker bottle, shake it quickly, drink it in a flash and chase it with the water.  If it starts to thicken in the shaker bottle, add a little water and shake some more -- drink quickly.  

Don't forget the water chaser!  Psyllium properly hydrated is a GREAT cleanser, but without sufficient water (drunk IMMEDIATELY after) it's like a brick in the intestines.  OUCH.

Forget the probiotic-feeding (FOS) fibers.  At this point, they're probably just feeding the parasites.  My experience with FOS-containing fiber blends was not good, and they're expensive.  Psyllum is cheap.

A great mass of psyllium in the intestines is one of the most cathartic things I know.  It comes gushing out the next day and the relief you feel is almost tangible.  And it gets better and better with successive days of regular use.  I never felt this way about enimas.  I'm not knocking them per se, I just don't feel that they are as natural as pumping up your regular mode of elimination, and they never made me feel as good.  FYI, salt water flushes seem heavenly, but never worked for me.  I just absorbed the water.  Possibly because I did them in the AM and was too dehydrated.  Anyway, they seem to work for some, but not others.

  • EATING NORMALLY AT FIRST.  I have at least two large tapeworms in me still -- I can feel them flipping around like a 4 month-old fetuses (only their in my intestines) -- and I plan to deal with them last (because they are the most tenacious).  But I am enjoying for the moment removing what looks like a treasure trove that they have laid aside of cysts and eggs and such (helped by all the other nematodes that are, or have coexisted with them)  in my bowels.

AVOID SCATTERING THE PARASITES!  If you are too agressive in the beginning, tapeworm cysts and worms like ascaris tend to scatter, which is very bad, VERY BAD for you.  Tapeworms can end up in your brain and elsewhere, ascaris in your lungs and nasal passages, sinuses, joints (OUCH!) and the like.  Not only is this a huge threat to yout health, it can be very scary and once scattered they are more difficult to reach with herbs and other supplements.

START WITH 'MECHANICAL ACTION' STUFF, PARALYZING MEDS and CLOVES.  By 'mechanical action' I mean substances that act on the worms by physically chopping them up (pumpkin seeds/Pepitas) , desiccating them(DE, FOOD-GRADE ditomaceous earth), binding them (bentonite) or simply carry them out of your body (psyllium).

        • Pumpkin seeds have enzymes in them that digest the worms, and they also cut up the bodies.  DON'T FORGET to take a cloves supplement to kill parasite eggs as they are released from the bodies of cut up adults.  

        • DE, FOOD-GRADE ditomaceous earth shatters the skin of the parasites (particularly the smaller ones like pin worms and ascaris) and it dries them out, mummifies them.  Make sure it's FOOD GRADE ditomaceous earth you're taking and drink 1-2 heaping tablespoons in juice 1-2x day.

        • Bentonite Clay binds the parasite (and many, many toxins that feed them).  I have taken the bentonite that is in liquid form and found it HORRRIBLY constipating so you MUST take it with psyllium.  You may also have to alternate days to let your bowels breathe a bit.  But Bentonite is a fabulous cleanse for heavy metals, pesticides, all manner of toxins and parasites.

        • Psyllium need LOTS of liquid as I said before.  I personally combine about a tbsp of BENTONITE, with 2 tbsp (heaping) DE and 8+ ounces of apple juice.  I add the psyllium, SHAKE AND DRINK FAST, adding water as needed to get it all down.

        • Regular Pin Worm Medication (Pyrantel Pamoate) is available over-the-counter and is a good place to start because it IMMOBILIZES THE WORMS (not tapeworms), paralysing them and keeping them from scattering.  For me this is key to getting better and not making your situation worse, much worse.

          • Dosage is on the bottle or pills, but you need to take that dosage 2x/day (morning & night) for 3 days and REPEAT after 14 days have past (gets the eggs which will hatch out).

My suggestion is to start with the Pyrantel Pamoate for three days with Psyllium, and then continue the psyllium, adding the other things (bentonite, DE, pumpkin seeds & CLOVES).

Do this for two weeks and then retake the Pyrantel Pamoate.  

ALL THROUGH THIS, you should be eating normally (as much vegetables and fiber as possible and avoid excess sugar), and drinking LOTS, I mean lots!!   Try to kick coffee.  Forget SODA!!!  Take a teaspoon of sodium bicarbonate in water at night before bed.  Buy some pH tape and test your urine in the AM.  You should have a pH of 7 when you get up.  If not, adjust the sodium bicarbonate until you do.  You can also order online from wine-making outfits potassium bicarbonate and mix this into the sodium bicarbonate at a bout a 2:1 ration.  This is healthier because your body requires twice the potassium as sodium.  What this is trying to accomplish is balancing the pH of your body tissues -- parasite THRIVE in acid conditions and most of us are hyper-acidic.  It's very unhealthy.   Potassium bicarbonate will clump so you'll have to work out the lumps with a spoon or a mortal and pestle to get it to mix with the sodium bicarbonate.

If you get that far (about 3 weeks in), I should be further along in this blog with more to say.  I'm starting my parents on this protocol this weekend, so I will be monitoring my continued progress as well as theirs.

Good luck, and let me hear from you!



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