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by ariag


This is my story of contracting possible blood parasites through tiny cut in finger from infected hose that sat in wild animal drinking water bucket. Details initial onset of symptoms and remarkable improvement through use of one unusual herbal tinctures combined with several more common ones along with strong antibiotic.

Date:   7/2/2011 12:50:20 AM   ( 12 y ) ... viewed 39153 times

I decided to post this blog because this experience was so upsetting but the treatment already(3 days) so effective, that I hoped others might benefit from it.

For the last 4 months, I've lived in a rural area in west Texas, near Marfa, TX. I was renting a guest house on a property that maintained a nice, large water bucket for the wild animals to drink from (deer, javelina, squirrels, birds, foxes, etc).

On June 21, 2011, I came home in the evening, after being in town for several hours, to discover a small cut on my right middle finger tip. I saw a small bit of dried blood on the finger and could not place where I might have cut it. I quickly washed it and dabbed some hydrogen peroxide on it. Less than an hour later, I went to water some grass, completely forgot about the cut, picking up the hose that sits in the aforementioned water bucket. This hose is generally fairly slimy on the end that sits in the water that has no less than 12-16 deer, 7 javelina, squirrels, foxes and countless birds drinking from it all day. It's fairly small so with the summer heat, it is quite slimy in the bottom. So halfway through the watering, with the fresh cut touching that part of the hose, I suddenly realized what I was doing, finished watering (2 min) and went inside to thoroughly wash this very small cut and douse it again with hydrogen peroxide. No big deal right?

24 hours later, I'm sitting at my desk, with my right arm resting on the desk, and I suddenly notice my forearm muscle twitching vigorously. I think we've all had this kind of twitch though it usually stops after a few seconds. This didn't. Eventually, I think it did and I forgot about it.

The next morning(Thursday, June 23), I woke up , used the restroom and came back to bed and suddenly noticed I felt strange. When I tried to pinpoint it, in my still sleepy state, I suddenly realize my heart rate was up and my right forearm was twitching vigorously again. I had quite a panic at that point, imagining the worst. This occurred on and off throughout the Thursday and Friday but certainly was exacerbated by my fear. I have to add here that I had big fears about bacteria, Lyme's(even though everyone says it must come from a bite) and God know's what fear just had me by the ankles! Friday, I considered the emergency room at a town 45 miles away until I found out it would cost $650 to simply say hello to the doctor!! At this point, my primary concern was getting antibiotics. Late Friday afternoon, I spoke with a knowledgeable local about the situation who asked if I had considered tetanus. I said I had and she suggested I go to the one local doctor (only one in town!) and get a tetanus booster right away. Let me also add here that I have not gone to doctors for over 25 years! I think part of that fear was just not knowing what was going on or how to deal with it. Let me also add that I did start cleansing either on Weds or Thursday (Arise & Shine products), doing a mild cleanse with a couple of sets of herbs/daily, one psyllium bentonite shake and just alkaline food(large, fresh, raw veggie juice daily for electrolytes and other nutrients).

So I called the doctor's office, asking if I could come in. After some discussion, the receptionist kindly agreed and I drove the 15 miles into town arriving very shortly before closing time. The doctor came in after a 30 min wait, listened patiently to the story, but had the kind of look that had me assuming he didn't buy this was a serious situation. Nonetheless, he agreed the tetanus booster was wise since I'd not had one since I was a child(I'm now 50! Oh female by the way). He also gave me a 7 day supply of a mild antibiotic called Keflex. At this point I felt some mild relief that SOMETHING, anything, was being done. I drove home.

Saturday morning, I woke to the usual wave of fear, at which point(sometimes it came before, sometimes after) the arm started twitching vigorously again. I lay there trying to contain my fear. Oh, let me add here that by now I only had minimal soreness in my right upper arm where the shot was administered and as best I could tell, I was not reacting to the 1 Keflex a/b I'd had so far.

So I'm laying there in bed, waves of fear and concern washing over me when suddenly it hits me out of the blue: THIS IS PARASITES! I don't know why I hadn't thought of it I get out of bed, go to the herb cabinet and find a 1 year expired but still sealed bottle of Healthforce Nutritionals(very high quality stuff) Parasite formula. I read the instructions which say to take 1-2 caps the first day to and to build up to 15 caps a day. I take one. Within the hour, I took a shower and as I was applying lotion to my arms, I went to put some on the outer right arm, turned the arm instinctively to move to the inside of the arm when to my total shock, the right arm(same one as the muscle twitching) had hundreds of tiny bumps JUST from the wrist to the elbow! I figured, well, this might be good news only in the sense that perhaps this confirms my suspicions about the bugs(I don't think bacteria could react this way). Now some might say, could be a reaction to the antibiotic and I suppose that's true but my gut just was certain it was parasites. I think I took one more capsule of the formula in the evening. Note that the formula contained: Wormwood, Green Black Walnut Hull, Olive Leaf and Thyme (pretty standard parasite stuff).

This was a particularly hard day for me. In and out of the fear. Twitching coming and going and at this point it had started to move up the arm with twitching in the upper arm muscle as well as near the elbow. The tiny bumps had also begun to migrate up the arm. To say I was concerned, is an understatement.

Side note: I know a naturopathic doctor who I had been trying to get a hold of for 4 days now and this was the one person I really trusted who might have answers for me.

Sunday (June 26) was pretty much the same as just stated. Now Sunday night was special. I called a friend who is very well versed in herbs, natural healing and raw fooding. She chuckled as I shared my story which strangely did not bother me at all but which I found rather comforting. She said, "You know, stress can do all of this!" She's very spiritual as am I and she kept saying, "Do you believe Infinite Intelligence knows what to do to make you well?" I said, "I do." Well, then, start affirming that you are healing now, that your immune system is getting stronger and stronger. I could feel the fear slowly leaving my body and interestingly, the deeper we got into the conversation, my symptoms began to abate as well! I forgot to mention that on Saturday, I also noticed that my right thigh began to feel weak in the muscle which was a bit disconcerting but I believe the major liver meridian goes right through the front of the thigh so perhaps that was a connection with die off of parasites going on.

So at one point, I say to my friend, "So you're saying you think this is all psychosomatic?" and she emphatically said, "Yes!" I replied, "Well, I tell you what! I would be THRILLED if this turned out to be psychosomatic!! I'll take it for sure!" After about an hour on the phone, and feeling increasingly uplifted and focused on Spirit, I was stunned to realize that all symptoms had almost entirely left my body. I was amazed! I spent the rest of the evening in pure happiness. It was wonderful.

Monday morning I awoke to the usual fear, only slightly less because of the transformation of the night before. Monday afternoon, I was very lucky to finally contact the naturopathic doctor friend. I shared what had happened to date and very quickly he said, "Sounds like a blood parasite to me." He asked me to tell him what was in the parasite formula I was taking(Sunday I had jumped to 12 capsules and was doing the same on Monday!) and after I told him he said, "That's ok but it's not going to take care of these." He immediately recommended the following(let me be clear, I am not recommending this to anyone or dispensing advice, rather only sharing my own experience):
Artemesia Annua
Burdock Root

We reviewed protocol which was essentially 3-4 droppers, 3-4 times a day (with the exception of the Chaparral which one apparently has to be very careful with).

He asked where the nearest city was(El Paso-3.5 hours away!) and said I should go right now! Interestingly, I was moving from the area the very next day(this definitely added to all the stress: the fact that I had to pack and clean to move out by the next day). I called the only health food store around(45 miles away), no Artemesia Annua(the most important of the 6), called El Paso health stores, nothing (yes, of course, they had the basics like Echinacea and Goldenseal). Finally, late Monday afternoon, I ordered almost everything online to be shipped overnight to a friend in ABQ whose house I was driving to the next day for a short visit before going on to my final destination in northern California.

I was very nervous about not starting right away given the urgency he indicated but I felt I had no choice. I kept taking 12 capsules Monday and then the next day of the parasite formula I had, hoping it was at least slowing things(who knows if it was doing anything but I liked to think maybe it was).

I forgot to mention that the friend I spoke to on Sunday night(great, spiritual upliftment), suggested I just get a test for Lyme's to put my fears to rest. So Monday I called the doctors office again to see if I could do that and they said to come Tuesday at 8:15am.

Tuesday (6.27): I get to doctor's office a little late and end up waiting 1 hour. Finally, the PA comes in who I had heard about from the local (who had suggested the tetanus booster) who said this woman was an amazing resource of knowledge and experience, very well versed in herbs and such. I shared my story(again) and without missing a beat(unlike the doctor on the previous Friday), she said, "Yea, you can really contract some scary stuff from the water if animals are drinking from it....." She immediately suggested (again, I'm not suggesting anyone do this-just my experience) a strong antibiotic called Dioxycyclene and that I take it for 6 weeks. She seemed so confident about this that I heaved a sigh of relief for the first time since this had started(save for that magical Sunday night).

Tuesday was a blur of activity and I was so overwhelmed with all I had to do and did do, that my arm was actually quite agitated with lots of twitching and I could not help notice, in the upper arm too and I felt some strange sensations in my shoulder as well. This migration really made me nervous. I can only say I was glad that in less than 24 hours I would be at my friend in ABQ's with my extracts that the naturopath had recommended.

I know this is serious build up folks but I do feel compelled to share all the details. Anyway, shockingly, I did not finish with packing and cleaning the guest house I'd lived in for four months until 8PM!! So I drove through the night, fairly relaxed but still with that undercurrent of light fear to arrive at my friends at 6am on Weds(3 days ago), June 29th. The herbal tinctures arrived at around 2pm that day, and I immediately made a toddy with all of them in a glass, poured hot water over them, let it cool to warm and drank it(about 6 ounces of water).

SO this finally brings us to the good stuff. In less than 2 hours, ALL TWITCHING SUBSIDED. Other symptoms like soreness in the muscles also subsided. They still felt a bit strange but I'm writing this on Friday evenings, 11:36pm and twitching has not returned. I have been taking only one of the Dioxycyclene with dinner(even though I was told to take 2/day but my intuition said to just take one for now). Note that from 2-7pm on Weds, I had no twitching. I took the antibiotic with dinner and just 30 min after, the arm muscles began twitching again, but only for a few minutes and then it stopped. Since then, it has not reoccurred. My right thigh muscle still feels strange and I need to confirm this but I think, again, this is where the liver meridian runs through. Today, for the first time, I noticed that the tiny bumps which were still visible yesterday, are now completely gone. As I sit here typing, I am drinking my third "toddy" of the day and have been doing this for three days. MY GRATITUDE AND RELIEF IS HUGE.

I am having some strange symptoms with the die off. I often feel little crawling sensations on my legs during the day only to find there's nothing there. This kind of symptom is probably not new to anyone who has done parasite work. I've been wanting to do parasite work for a very long time but have just kept putting it off. Worse, I was always taught that one should cleanse well first, then do liver work for a month or two so that when one does do parasite work, the liver won't be so overwhelmed with the die off. So here I am, not having cleansed, not having done liver work, but so far so good!

One more thing on the antibiotic: I'm not crazy about taking this stuff and I have not put a med in my mouth in 30 years but this experience was just unnerving enough that I decided to do it. I use my intuition(as best I can!) right now to determine best amounts(for instance, I have not started the Chaparral yet because my gut tells me the other stuff is a load enough on my body and that the Chaparral, as powerful as it is, might be too much)

That wraps it for now. I know this is super lengthy but I thought it was important to really detail the backround. I'll check in every day or two to share what I'm experiencing and to let you know what I'm doing.

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