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a letter from Linus Pauling written March 11, 1957 a letter from Linus Pauling written March 11, 1957 a letter from Linus Pauling written March 11, 1957 Linus Pauling 1957

The most detail we have immediately is infirmity causing abnormalities in the Endocrine System…where your body meets your mind. Extreme neurological and neurotransmitter conditions can be addressed first.

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Linus Pauling 1957
Attached is a letter from Linus Pauling written March 11, 1957

1.The forward and introduction
2.The technical description of Rock-Medicine
3.Part of The cure for Diabetes (type1 & type2)
4.The link for information on the pyramids just built in Russia and more.
The most detail we have immediately is infirmity causing abnormalities in the Endocrine System…where your body meets your mind. Extreme neurological and neurotransmitter conditions can be addressed first.

This message is going out to everyone with special import to the following:

James Gleick Valery Uvarov

Michio Kaku Stephen Hawking

Vlail Kaznacheyev Alois Gruber

Don Hoey Art Bell/George Noory

Leo Nygren Thomas K sturgeon

Please read and share this to the wellness of us all.

You are 10 days into the recovery of paradise. No worries.


Welcome to Volume 1 of the three medical texts on Rock-Medicine. This physic version of the book I AM Rock-Medicine is the result of twenty eight years of development. This volume focuses on the physical application of Rock-Medicine. Some changes reflected in this book are corrections. Other additions clarify information as requested by the first two decades of students. This volume is the first academic text available.

Rock-Medicine differs from other ideological schools of thought regarding crystal and stone influences. Over time the practice of Rock-Medicine has gained significant scientific legitimacy. The laws of quantum and standard physics unite and rule the function of Rock-Medicine. At the foundation of all tangible existence is math and chemistry. All life on the planet, and the planet herself, are made up of varying elements inclusive of Hydrogen, Nitrogen, Carbon and Oxygen. All matter is chemically based and is in motion. This is the fundamental principle of Rock-Medicine.

The earliest known written text regarding both the practice of law and that of medicine is the origin of the eye for an eye reference, the Code of Hammurabi, written in 1780 B.C. The portions pertaining to medicine translated so far speak more to the compensation and conduct of medical practitioners. Little to no information has been recovered from the code as to the actual practice itself.

The oldest recognized medical text is the Edwin Smith Papyrus dated 1600 B.C. It represents advanced knowledge of the mechanics of medicine. It is oldest copy of a trauma surgery text book. It gives exquisite detail of the human anatomy. We remain a species adept at the manipulation of that same anatomy. Fifty years later the Ebers Papyrus was written. It is the second oldest medical text ever found. This, the largest ancient medical text, incorporates the knowledge of anatomy with holistic practicality. It represents the approach of body, mind and spirit with their respective sciences. They may be regarded as remedies, potions and incantations. These two Egyptian texts come from a time and place still represented today by unfathomable human accomplishment.

Traditional Chinese medicine is derived from the same philosophy. It is the classical belief that the life and activity of individual human beings have an intimate relationship with the environment on all levels. In his Bencao Tujing (‘Illustrated Pharmacopoeia’), the scholar-official Su Song (1020–1101) categorized herbs and minerals according to their pharmaceutical uses. Although well accepted in the mainstream of medical care throughout East Asia, it was, and is, considered an alternative medicine|alternative medical system in much of the Western world.

In some ways the beliefs and practices of eighteenth century German Physician Franz Mesmer looked back to an earlier period of magical medicine as far back as two hundred years before his own time to the era of Paracelsus.

Paracelsus was the sixteenth century physician who led the way in using chemicals and minerals as medicine. At 16 years old he entered Basil University’s medical school. It was 1605. Other than his medical doctorate, his fields of expertise included alchemy and astrology. Paracelsus believed that there is a willful energy that connects all that is and manipulates harmony and that this energy can be identified.

Whether he was a charlatan, a showman, or a true believer in his own practices, Mesmer is credited as being one of the fathers of modern day hypnosis and psychotherapy. He believed that sub atomic ether operates in individuals. When it flows naturally, the result is a normal healthy condition throughout creation. Should the natural flow of this ether be impeded in any way, sickness is the result. Sickness being that which affects the body mind and spirit collectively and individually.

The flow of wellness is contingent on the absence of toxicity. Toxins disrupt and block the natural pathways of balance. Toxins are generated in many forms from thoughts, words, and deeds to the dumping of industrial waste. Toxins are responsible for all that is ill. And at present all is ill. We have poisoned our planet in its entirety. We cannot kill the planet but we can eliminate life on it. Man’s negative impact can be proven wholly culpable for the extinction of other life forms.

We have contaminated all that can be seen with the naked eye and with a microscope. The infiltration of manmade toxins has reached a saturation point. We have tainted all physical matter. We have corrupted the energy space that holds matter together. We are aware of these facts as a people. These practices continue by those who are in control. This is the human condition.

Contamination breeds illness. Unchecked, illness breeds more illness. Now illness is breeding contamination from everything including its cures. The organic materials used to make medicine both pharmaceutical and alternative are the product of polluted air, water and soil. Drugs are, or contain, manmade chemical compounds that have injurious effects on the human physiology. Medicine is surrounded by the toxicity of greed and dependency and it is getting worse. You cannot treat something toxic with something toxic. In other words you cannot treat illness with something that is contaminated. Medicine, as we know it, has become not just useless, but in many cases, harmful. It is not just the obligation of medicine, but is the responsibility of all, to do no harm.

Mesmer’s 1770 basic theory is remarkable in light of new discoveries in the realm of latter 20th century physics. Recent identification has been made of something scientists call dark matter. Theorized after repeated calculations on the universal mass and gravitational forces it proves credible the practices of some of the earlier shamans, including those of the remarkable Anton Mesmer. His claims of dramatic therapeutic success were supported by glowing testimonials, in some cases from socially prominent individuals. However, mainstream medical practitioners, professional societies, and politicians, including Benjamin Franklin, rejected Mesmer and his treatments, and ultimately moved to eliminate Mesmer’s practice and that of his followers.

Glenn Starkman at Case Western Reserve, and colleagues Tom Zlosnik and Pedro Ferreira of the University of Oxford are now reincarnating the ether, dark matter, in a new form. Their aim is to solve the puzzle of the mysterious substance. They anticipate an explanation of why galaxies seem to contain much more mass than can be accounted for by visible matter. They pose that ether is a field, rather than a substance that pervades space and time. “If you removed everything else in the universe, the ether would still be there,” says Zlosnik. According to Starkman this ether field isn’t to do with light, but rather is something that boosts the gravitational pull of stars and galaxies, making them seem heavier. It does this by increasing the flexibility of space and time. This is the unseen life force.

While one might be tempted to dismiss his therapeutic successes as only applicable to hysterical or imagined illness. Mesmer could demonstrate cases cured by his treatment that had previously failed all conventional approaches. Even his detractors conceded this. Some of his patients went on to lead quite functional lives, where before they were deemed hopeless invalids.

The Southeastern Pennsylvania region is a leader in bioscience innovation. The nation’s finest concentration of leading medical/bioscience research institutions is located there. A 1681 partial repayment of a debt, from Charles II of England to William Penn created a charter for what would become the Pennsylvania Colony. Despite the royal charter, Penn paid the local Lenape tribe for the land so as to be on good terms with the Native Americans and ensure peace for his colony. As a devout Quaker, Penn had experienced persecution. He developed his colony to be a place where anyone could worship freely. This extreme tolerance led to significantly healthier relationships with local Native tribes than most of the other colonies had. It fostered rapid growth resulting in Philadelphia being America’s most important city. Penn named the city Philadelphia, which is Greek for brotherly love. William Penn hoped that Philadelphia would become a community modeled more like an English rural town instead of a city. He laid out roads on a deliberate plan to keep houses and businesses spread far apart. He believed this would stimulate sustainability by allowing them to be surrounded by gardens and orchards. The city’s inhabitants didn’t follow Penn’s plans and crowded by the Delaware River, subdivided and resold their lots. The city soon established itself as an important trading center, poor at first, but with tolerable living conditions by the 1750s.

Benjamin Franklin was instrumental in the development of main stream medicine being limited to anatomical knowledge studied by leading European physicians at medical schools in Egypt. He was a participant in filtering out holistic study and practice as evidenced by his campaigns against the works of Franz Mesmer and other proponents of energetic medicine. In less than one hundred years thousands of years of traditional and esthetic or holistic medical practices were done away with by a handful of overzealous Doctor’s and merchants in eighteenth century Philadelphia. Understandably driven by the desire to hold true to a medical science devoid of fraud, these early influential American pundits ended up throwing the baby out with the bath water. It has taken nearly two centuries for western medicine to return to the science of nature instead of limiting the nature of science. In today’s world the influences on wellness include such studies as the effect of stress, humor and prayer.

In 1821, Philadelphia was the largest city in the United States at 137,000 strong. Originally the country’s capital, 1821 Philadelphia was the site of the first American Law School, Hospital and College of Medicine. It was then that druggists and apothecaries organized themselves and created The Philadelphia College of Pharmacy. We had the world’s first school of pharmacy connected to a university and the beginning of the pharmaceutical industry.

The school was an idea pioneered by John Morgan in 1755 when he founded the Medical School of the College of Philadelphia. His conviction at the time was that there should be a separation of the practice of pharmacy and the practice of medicine. He said that a patient “ought to know what it is they really pay for their medicine and what for medical advice and attendance”. The first hospital at the time, Philadelphia Hospital, dispensed medicine freely to those who could not afford it. This followed the second primary tenet of Morgan’s belief that the dignity in medicine was that all citizens would receive necessary treatment and/or medications regardless of their social or financial status. This spirit of humanity was reflected in the fact that hospital received a steady flow of illness which did not change a great deal from 1776 to 1948. These patients were all poor because the Philadelphia Hospital’s rules, in Benjamin Franklin’s handwriting, mandated service to the “sick poor, and only if there is room, for those who can pay.” Even though Franklin failed to understand the relevance and existence of the esthetic sciences, he still understood the underlying principle that we are all one.

Philadelphia is home to America’s first hospital, Pennsylvania Hospital, founded in 1751. The first hospital for children, The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia was founded in 1855. The first independent medical research facility in the United States, The Wistar Institute, was established in 1892. The first Medical school and teaching hospital, the University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine was founded in 1874. The first cancer hospital, the Hospital of the Fox Chase Cancer Center, was founded in 1904. The first college of pharmacy, University of the Sciences in Philadelphia, was founded in 1821. The first private psychiatric hospital, Friends Hospital, was founded in 1813. All of these located in the city of brotherly love.

This region continues to be the primary support base for the nation’s Pharmaceutical industry. An industry that today has a reputation for their wealth based agenda and undue influence on Washington itself.

Attached to what we know as healthcare today we have not merely the environmental poisons of air, water and soil pollution, but also the toxicity of greed. There is too little motivation for true healing. We have become a society of medical maintenance as opposed to treatment and prevention. In retrospect it is clear that traditional physicians have had little to offer their patients therapeutically that had any real possibility of benefit. Instead they then, as now, often harmed patients with their treatments. Devastating side effects attributed to toxic pharmaceuticals are the legacy of modern medicine.

The business of medicine and medical research today appears to be one of dependency on the existence of illness rather than the eradication of disease. Making the human body into a monopolized marketplace has brought the practice of medicine to its’ equal and opposite intent. It is time to restore wellness as the right and responsibility that it is and not the for profit industry it has become. Rock-Medicine returns ownership of medicine to all people of all nations. Rock-Medicine does not replace medical practitioners, just the toxic medicines that they use. Rock-medicine returns us to what nature provides without synthetics that provide a company with a patent product.

While more and more of us seek alternatives to the toxic pharmaceutical and organic medicines, quantum, or energy methodologies are taking their place. One of the most user-friendly systems is that of utilizing the chemical resonance emitted from all sorts of crystals, gems and stones. Rock-medicine is the only scientifically standardized system. Minerals are able to be applied in the same context by utilizing the chemical vibration and not introducing any residue or additional toxicity as do pharmaceuticals and naturopathic remedies.

Because you use the chemical vibration of the mineral only, there is no depletion of the source medicine and this makes for an extremely cost effective program. Rock-medicine is easily self-administered and shared with others. A single set of 7 stones can treat the immune systems of an entire village or nation forever.

With clear definition, this book is meant to provide comprehensive instruction in the use of the fundamental chemical resonance found in minerals. This text is to be used as a first step to global detoxification and restoration of balance.

As we develop a better understanding of how the Spirit and the Mind work, we will continue to expand on the principles of the root causes of physical illness and the human condition.

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