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There is a global genocide coming! AIDS, cancer and other wasting diseases...

There is a global genocide coming! AIDS, cancer and other wasting diseases and disorders are only the beginning of this diabolic extermination of the WEAK ones,

Date:   12/28/2008 4:14:20 AM   ( 15 y ) ... viewed 3211 times

There is a global genocide coming! AIDS, cancer and other wasting diseases and disorders are only the beginning of this diabolic extermination of the WEAK ones, those who the Jewish banking elite has declared “unwanted”. This superiority ideology is traced back at least to Nietzsche’s (Jewish) “ubermenchen” and Freud’s (Jewish) ego, superego and id. Also Darwin’s (Jewish) survival of the fittest, Maslow’s (Jewish) pyramid of needs and Carl Marx’s (Jewish) capitalist ideas, and many other Jewish intellectuals around 1800-1900 inspired the money elite at that time.

Some of the most important ones being Rothschild’s, Morgan’s and Rockefeller’s which incorporated the Federal Reserve Act at Christmas eve 1913. A proper present that is , the monopoly at printing the dollar at ones own wish. Then a gold backed currency, was inflated and lead to the boom that created the Great Depression, the confiscation of private gold in the 1930’s and later to World War 2. Not many knows that President George Bush’s grandfather Prescott Bush married into the Walker family (Jewish), and together with the Warburg’s (Jewish) financed Hitler (maybe quarter Jewish). Hitler later got fed up with the Jews that also financed the enemy (Jewish bankers have a tradition of financing both sides of any war or conflict, including World War 2 and now also the so called War on terror and the Global Warming Threat), and started punishing the Jews (some even speculate that the Jewish bankers decided to get rid of unwanted Jewish family lines). After the war the Jewish bankers (Rothschild’s) managed to get the allied nations to take the land of the totally innocent Palestinians, that had nothing to do with the war and give this land to the Jews. Israel was born!

The Jews have later become a tool for these elite banking families, just as they use communism to gain monopoly on capitalism within these nations as long as they only print money and not interfere with politics. The politicians totally unaware that these “Anti-capitalists” use this position by using relative difference in money supply to alter the currencies outside these nations to gain tremendous profits. Some now estimate the 100 richest families to have between 100 and 500 trillion dollars. That is a lot! Let us just say they own the world…of course through front people like Bill Gates and formerly Morgan (front for Rothschild) and they mostly use foundations (NGO’s) to hide their wealth and get goodwill at the same time. These Jewish banking elites have managed to get a world monopoly at printing money, even in communistic nations. In fact these bankers are main donators of finance, advice and “influence” in communist nations. They use institutions like the World bank to do the cleaning of the dirty work.

They aim at creating a global system. A one World! The New World Order, and to get this power they have for decades (half a century) become more and more involved in the mind control project. This mind control project is a reality as we speak (I am my self exposed to it!). It was financed by Morgan in the 1900’s, who contacted Henry Ford (Jewish), which became the coordinator and invited people like inventor Nikola Tesla. It has been kept incredible secret since most people still do not know about it half a century later, and this indicates that your politicians are aware but most likely believes their reassurance that this is a positive solution to a difficult problem…LACK OF RESOURCES! The Jewish bankers tell them how difficult it is to solve this problem and that their mix is the best compromise… let people choose to kill them selves indirectly by sleep programming the whole world and manipulating them to do the following:

Reduce their food consumption.

Increase their mind activity.

Reduce their body activity.

Do this with a energy transfer weapon (mind control system or “WASTING your resources system”):

This automatically creates wasting diseases and disorders like AIDS and cancer.

AIDS and cancer is “Too high metabolism” compared with energy intake!

Increase inflation, thus increasing food costs (the high metabolism kills the victim).

Monopolize time limited food seeds (1 year only gen manipulated seeds).

Introduce fear (news, diseases, disorder, catastrophes) to increase brain activity.

Brain activity bumps into nerves triggering body muscle activity, leverage 1/10.

This uses up easily available energy making you feel tired, making you reduce wake activity.

This reduces income = energy availability.

This creates a bad cycle of less and less available energy, wasting body and mind.

Less easy energy=tiredness=less activity=less social activity=feel not good (depression).

Limit poor peoples food production (with diseases like bird flu, discrediting such activity).

When high enough monopoly is gained: bankrupt global food supply (World War 3 ?).

Global famine wastes half the Worlds population within a couple of years.

Only the fittest survives, the ones who deserve it…The chosen ones! (according to their ideology, they take it for granted that they are superior and thus preselected, no worry!).

What to do:

Stabelize your weight at a reasonable level. Fat is good (25-35%) and so is cholesterol, it is in essence what builds and maintains your brain. They want to destroy it, you do not!

Sleep enough (8-12 hours), but stabilize it. If you feel tired force your self up and start walk/exercise in sunlight (vital in the body’s chemical creation). They do sleep programming on you too, do not fool your self! Just do not let them change your behaviour. If you suddenly feel tired, become less social, do not care about making money or waste your resources (time, money or intellectual capacity). Sleep together with pet or partner and consider a hard mattress or water bed/boat (it limits their programming due to turning the head). Sounds and light may also be good.

Socialize as much as possible. Important for all kinds of reasons!

Make rules about how to behave as opposed to do what you feel like! Their whole system is based on changing your mood. They can change how you perceive talk, other persons, taste, smell and visuals of food. Thus your “feeling” is not reliable. Decide never to be aggressive towards family or friends without double and triple checking! They love to divide and conquer others families, so that their own stays stronger. Good rules:

Never be afraid! Vaccinate yourself by doing what you fear and should not do!

Stabilize weight, sleep and income!

You can never be too much social or enjoying yourself!

Do not trust that others do not like you, double check and make up!

Tell the ones you care about that you will ALWAYS love them, even if they think you hate them!

Ignore that others do not like you, be extra friendly!

Start spreading information about this energy transfer weapon!

All diseases and disorders (including AIDS and cancer) are in essence about energy transfer unbalance. They are not many and different as western hoax medicine wants you to believe, which also treat the reaction and not the cause. Virus is not the cause of any disease, they are a reaction to a virus friendly environment. The viruses are actually beneficial to you because they secret acid waste that increases conductivity in your system. All the waste products we secret is helping increasing conductivity: snot, slime, sweat, feces, urine etc. Fever has the same purpose, do not reduce fever! This increased conductivity is the same as higher energy transfer, which is the basis for Relative Energy Transfer Change RETC (formerly and similar to Evolution). Higher energy exchange is the same as increased “life”, and thus lowering the energy becomes the opposite, increased death! When you feel no good it in essence means that you have become less conductive…more dead! FIX IT BY INCREASING THE ENERGY FLOW: USE MORE ENERGY BY INCREASING YOUR ACTIVITY LEVEL AND SUPPLY MORE ENERGY BY EATING MORE! Reduce uncontrolled brain activity like thinking about the future or past, LIVE NOW! Past and future thinking leads to fear, worry, shame, guilt and eventually permanent uncontrolled brain activity: depression, which may lead to suicide. LIVE NOW! AIDS patients will never die if they follow the advices I have given. Thus do what you should, spread these words my friends! Happy new year from: “Two fishes swims in the fjord of prawn and the one who spins made a knot out of his family”

My blogs may be altered or hacked, my blog at got stopped this Christmas. Not worry friends, I should but enjoy myself anyway I just started a new blog at and my original blog is still Maybe you should start a blog too?

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