HIV VS. Beck Protocol and Ozone - My Learning Experiance and Expe...
by Fenix

A new blog with a new focus   15 y  
I have stopped updating this blog. I did achieve 102 and   visit the page

I'm Undetectable   17 y  
HIV Cure
I’m undetectable ... After 2 months of treatment, I havent been treated for 2 weeks. In the words of EMF... I’m Undetectable, OOHHHH OHHHHH I’m Undectable, OOOOH   visit the page

I win, I won.   17 y  
I found what I was seeking
Sadly, the Beck Procotol is not effective as claimed. I have tried it as Dr. Beck claimed and all I can say is that the data I have gained personally has shown this treatment is probably not false, but is hard to implement and fraught with problems. The good news? The answer is not in possibly dangerous home made devices devised by people who cannot be questioned because they are dead, or the advice of the blind leading the blind here on these forums. It may not be 100% false, but it is ineffective comparatively. It lies in Ozone and Lauric acid. Better known as Coconut oil. I will ...   read more

New Format   18 y  
New Format
Decided on a new format. I would like to keep this page free of my rantings and ramblings and keep it purely to my protocol. I was needing a writing outlet for a couple of days however I prefer to keep this strictly business and as close to what I am actually doing as possible. I have decided to keep a journal of all that has been happening. Has all my variables checked and accounted for. I think it will come in handy later. Also made my mag pulser and beck unit is still holding up and making cs as well. The mag pulser is 1000uf run off AC main line. It will give a slight shock to th ...   read more

Communication is great   18 y  
Swing in thinking
The last week or so has been really great. Saw M a few times. Been studying for finals. Doing pretty well in classes. We had a very good talk about all of our present concerns. It was very reassuring. I was feeling so bad at one point a while ago, but things so easily swing in the opposing direction. I have what it takes for all of this.   visit the page

Current Experiance W/ the Beck Device   18 y  
Hurt Myself minorly w/ the Beck Device
So I still have not gotten materials for the pulser. I have a vivitar 1900 comming in the mail though. Soon my little ones, soon. I know you want to get electro-zapped now, but your questionable ”life” and parasitic autonomy shall be stopped soon. I did have a few notes on the beck device as I have now been using it for approx 1.5 Weeks. I had it on for the first time during my sleep last night and but prior to my sleep I noticed it was acting up. PArticularly it was giving a half click or half step sound from the main relay. I thought it was a battery connection problem as when I re ...   read more

Numbers   18 y  
Viral Load Stats
Ok So my numbers before this were Vl 128K CD4: 410 CD8: 600 That one was actually quite lower. I’m usually in the 700cd4-1100cd8 range. anyway This time 116k cd4:500 cd4:700 So I showed an almost 100 tcell jump on both types and a 12k drop in overall Viral load. It will be interesting to see what happens in about 3-4 weeks from now when I test again. The PCR test cannot differentiate between live, dead, immature or unviable virus so hopefully some of that should be cleaned out soon. My vitamins are comming as well. Selenium + sulphur + some others. I have been told before th ...   read more

Back On Track   18 y  
Back On Track
Well. Finished my test at school. People left there hanging their heads pretty low and complaining so I don’t think I was the only one whos mind was blown. I am going to try really hard for the final. Not only do I want an A, which is still at this point entirely achievable, but I want to be a chemist, so it seems important as a building block. I didn’t do any ozone on monday and now it is 11pm and I am studying for another test tomorrow. I slept from 4-now and I need to make a good crib sheet in order to decimate this thing. Anyway, Time and an E and an I. Enema and Insuffilation! It s ...   read more

Day Off And Other Musings   18 y  
Short Update
Today was my day off of treatment. Kind of nice not to have to do an enema and pump ozone in all ends. Lol. I haven’t been as good with eatting as I would like. To much cooked food. Mostly due to time constraints I havent been able to shop. Mid-Terms are this week for 2 classes, yay, not, just kidding I will own you O-chem and Physics. O-Chem and Physics the joy the joy. Racemic mixtures, voltage potential, enantiomers and diasteriomers abound. Enough of that. I should be getting my results from my VL, T-Cells, Bloodpanel within the next 2 or 3 days. I will update when I get them. I kno ...   read more

M and I   18 y  
Some things are neccessary
Today I explained to M that I needed a month or so of sparse contact so that I can follow my protocol exactly. She understood. But it was tearful. With something of equal magnitude that could be treated I would be in a hospital. But I am not, my house is my hospital. I have every material imaginable here, from bandaids, to heperin, to an ozone generator to a stockpile of needles, tape, butterflys, lab equipment and vitamins. My house is my hospital and thats how it should be. I have claimed my right to my own health and I will have it. We are young and this has been a very intense experian ...   read more

Oil Pulling   18 y  
I was reading about oil pulling today. I think I am going to give it a try as I think that having braces has allowed some organisms to sprout.
I was reading about oil pulling today. I think I am going to give it a try as I think that having braces has allowed some organisms to sprout.   visit the page

Viral Load and Blood Panel BaseLine Test Nov 10 2006   18 y  
Testing Tomorrow Results in 5 days
Getting Testing done tomorrow. I will not do ozone or any protocol in the morning as i usually do because it affects tests negatively showing higher VL and lower tcells. I made that mistake last time.   visit the page

My Current Protocol   18 y  
The current protocol that I have formulated based on the best of the worlds I believe in.
Vegan, Mostly Raw ~ 80% raw / 20% lightly cooked   2-3 Large Green Salads per day                 Organics are not required, but where available are the best option                 Focusing on All members of the Mustard Family                         Cabbage, Mustard, Kale, Collards, Kohlrabi etc. Anything green is preferred ...   read more

Some Notes on My Past Fasting and Ozone IV experiances   18 y  
Some Thoughts About My Treatment Then and Now.
I started my first fast upon reading some of Hulda Clark’s literature. I also did the parasite cleanse as per her instructions. I didn’t get the rest of the information until January 2006 when I received my medical ozone generator. After that I got the information from my ally and started on his Ozone protocol for HIV. 7 Day Master Cleanse Style Fast (Didn’t make it to 10 th ) (Summer of 2005) Parasite Cleanse (Summer 2005) 10 Day Master Cleanse Style Fast (Made it!) (Jan 2006)             Coffee Enema ...   read more

The First 48   18 y  
The First 2 days of my HIV experiance
I was once a young man among young men with a normal life and no aspirations of anything particularly greater than any other. My daily activities were going to school, playing video games, swimming, hanging out with my friends, enjoying my girlfriend, doing various hallucinogenic drugs (no stimulants etc, I was looking for my purpose, I still am) and the usual college teenager things. I stand 6 foot 3 inches tall, 180 pounds. And as cliche as it sounds my average life changed quite abruptly, ultimately for the better on a single day. I was 19 and I had gotten an HIV test because my rela ...   read more


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I am a 22 year old pre-med college student. I was "diagnosed" with HIV in June of 2004. I am fighting and I will win. more...

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