My journey through fasting and cleansing
by health seeker

Really bad timing   16 y  
why do i plan things that require time when I have none at the moment
This fast could not have been done at a worst time. I have all these bbqís and celebrations and family visiting from out of town. Its impossible. I canít take my juicer with me everywhere I go!!! Iíve decided to postpone my challenge to september/october and settle with my 7 days that i will have tomorrow and continue to fast one day/week as asked by my doctor until later in the year when i can arrange my life a bit better and no have a function every weekend etc. Iím getting to hungry all the time and my body feels like its wanting to be done with this. PLus i hate the mess this o ...   read more

Hot stone massage and 5 days in   16 y  
hot stone massages
I had a nice relaxing 1 hr hot stone massage tonight it was fabulous so relaxing I also took my juicer into the shop tonight and they said i should likely have it back in a few days unless parts are needed then sometime next week. Amazing service I love it! That will really help me on my way to being successful. Even if I donít make 30 days iíll know when it is time to stop! I love that I can get so much guidance on here! Today was an alright day. Felt a bit nauseaus after drinking my juice so didnít really want anymore. its also incredibly hot here so that might have something to ...   read more

4 days and going strong   16 y  
4 days and going strong
Today marked day 4 which is typically one of the hardest days for me in fasting but it breezed by. Iím almost worried that this is going to easy, donít ask me why but usually its marked with challenge and is very taxing. I know my jaw misses chewing a lot its weird i might have to find something to chew on just to pass that part. I guess I shouldnít complain as likely in a few days i will be posting about struggles so I will take the good for the good and enjoy it while it lasts. I noticed my tongue getting more white coating on it today which is fairly normal. overall I am impresse ...   read more

Another day done   16 y  
more energy?
3 days and counting. I have to say I am really finding this not too challenging at the moment. I think it REALLY helps that there is nothing in my apartment but veggies to juice so no temptations at all and a lack of funds to go out and buy anything to cheat on helps too. I am managing with the old juicer even though what use to take me 10 mins to make my daily juice is now taking over 30 mins to 45 mins to do as I have to constantly stop and clean this one out, its so messy. I hope they can fix my other one fast for me. Likely not in time for this fast but for next one for sure. Alt ...   read more

day 2   16 y  
obstacles to overcome
So I woke up this morning and got my melon ready to juice and i started to juice and the motor in my new juicer blew I think cuz it wonít turn on anymore BOOOOOO!!!! Its under warrenty but going to be a pain in the ass to get that suc*** fixed!!!! Good news is I have my old one back to get me through. Good motivation is that i bought all my veggies to get me through till next payday and have no more money for food so I have to keep going!! Even though i have to chop everything into tiny bits now hahahaha no more full carrots and apples etc. Other then that mishap I am doing well. I g ...   read more

First day done   16 y  
day one
Well this day one was FAR easier then my other day ones. I think iíve been consuming so little food lately due to stress i would just get sick anyway that i was probably already in detox a bit. Its 10 pm now and i am just getting tired and headachey but then its bedtime normally so that could be why too. I have a feeling tomorrow might be a bit more intense then today. This was the first time I had ever started fasting when I had to work. Usually i will wait till the weekend but i figured it s a long weekend and the extra day might help. turns out the distraction was really good! ...   read more

where did my other posts go   16 y  
begin anew
hmmm I know I posted on here during my last fast that lasted 12 days but they all seem to be missing? I canít remember if i started a new blog or just used this one. Alas I digress and will start another blog. Iím about to begin another journey through a fast. I donít even want to call them 30 day fasts anymore as I have yet to make it to 30 days still hahaha. Iíve been fairly impressed with my past attempts and definitely experienced great benefits from both previous attempts. The upside to this fast is that I now live by myself so no fast food eating, pop drinking, smoking al ...   read more

Breaking the Fast   17 y  
8 days and will do it again
Now yes the subject says breaking the fast and that is in fact what I have done. Why you ask when things were going SO WELL?? Well before i started this fast I had consulted my dr on how to safely fast and she had stated it was fine to go ahead and do this however if I experienced extreme hunger that would not go away with juice then It was time to break it. I think 8 days for a first time faster is pretty good. It wasnít that it was overly hard but at this point in time in my life I am happy with the 8 days. Iíve decided to break it at this point in time and I do definitely plan ...   read more

Morning of Day 8   17 y  
Vivid dreams, and worries
So I have started into the land of WACKY dreams. These things are crazy. I love remembering my dreams its like going to my own personal movies made just for me all night but waking up rested (unless they are REALLY weird) Last night I had a dream that I was like psychic and I knew a neighbour was going to be murdered but if I reported it that the people would kill a good friend of mine and it was just weird. I woke myself up from that one didnít want to know how it turned out! The second one was much better, I was baking cookies with my roomate (we havenít moved in yet but we deci ...   read more

Day 7   17 y  
day 7 still not totally there yet
Today I have hit the one week Mark. I think that deserves a pat on the back *reaches back and pats my back* This Juice fast has been met with much opposition and much warmth and curiosity. In order for me to succeed I appear to feel the need to tell people what I am doing so they can hold me accountable. Well you have to be really careful who you tell. Many of the people I told have been veyr supportive and helping me through this. We had days at work where they bought pizza for everyone and then hot dogs the next day and finally finished it with a fountain of chocolate and yummy trea ...   read more

CAtch up   17 y  
The begining of my journy
I just found this page and I much prefer it so I am moving the other blog i had over here. seems I will find more support here then where I was where no one could read it. Lots of people have kept a record of their fasts and i find it inspiring. So this blog is all my initial stuff from the start of my fast it will read from oldest starting under here to newest at the bottom and then i will post a new one for day 7 and on. This place is great!!!! PS THIS POST IS REALLY LONG Friday, October 20, 2006 Before I begin I decided after many health issues and much time spent seeing a na ...   read more


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