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Taking-for-granted   17 y  
What is its Karma lesson's like?
When a person is doing something unexpected for us, incase we’re not use that all our needs supply by others without a need of input from our part than, we’re surprised and mostly we thanks that person and perhaps God too for that lovely surprise.   If the same person go on doing that very same act that did surprise us at the first time and made us be thank full few time later, after sometime we get use to receive that service or gifts or emotions from the giver and by getting use to it we mostly start to take it for granted.   We may no longer thanks that perso ...   read more

Balancing our day   17 y  
The Eastern are 'rooting' themselves to Planet Earth; The Western will look for Spirituality
To balance our days it is wise to root ourselves both to Planet Earth and to the Eternal Power of the Creator’s Light. We than will be able to manifest our 3d Dimension life upon Earth through the power and encouragement of the Eternal Light that some of us may call Spirituality. Successful Rooting Process ttat combine both of the two essential powers I have found in this web site’s connection:     read more

Breatthing   17 y  
Think it over
Most of the healing procedure begins with breathing.   A child is born with the automat breathing ability.   Automat breathing take place while we leave our lips open a little bit.   Most parents tell the children to close their lips   All of us should, maintain the born breathing pattern or otherwise we don’t breathe properly.   If we’re under stress we need to concentrate in breathing – our brain may need more oxygen to function efficiently therefore, if we are not practicing breathing methods that str ...   read more

Creating a Global Peace   17 y  
It has the politician ways and the human being's way…
It’s easier to look at the large picture, as far away as possible from ’ME’. To let Global Peace manifest naturally there is a way to let it become a ’Global Peace’… The first step is to look inward and make peace with ’MYSELF’. I should look inward and at my body, accept whatever I can observe free of criticism, looking at ’MYSELF’ with forgiveness and letting go eyes. Realizing that there is within ’ME’ a lot more than I may never be able to realize but since I am alive it means that The Creator accept this ’MYSELF’ with love and compassion – Therefore I ne ...   read more

Sometime I wonder   17 y  
Taking a Fresh Breath-in
To ’really live’, it seems to me that I need to take a fresh breath. Not that I am breathing anything ells in Jerusalem therefore it is not literally rather it is an act that put a side the immediate un-pleasant past, let go of it and start fresh. Whatever we carry from yesterday we don’t carry it rather it keeps us set-back in the past. Whatever we could change yesterday and we didn’t change we shouldn’t look back and say "IF…" There is no if; there is the here and now. Learning to breathe in a fresh present allows me to share this universal gift with m ...   read more

Your Family   17 y  
Clearing our eyes
Families are not always the ideal picture we may dream of during our child hood. Unconditional love and reliability, being able to feel the supportive power of your family and their tenderness perhaps been transformed with physical, sexual, mental and emotional abuses or being neglected by your family’s members, miss ability of a parent to practice love or let you feel that you’re loved or the hate that you may felt between your parents and perhaps other family members. All of it through your idealism of shared family to the trash. Nothing is as hurting as the death o ...   read more

Joyful rhythm   17 y  
Joy is meant for every single person not just for kids
Let your heart let go of age’s patterns Let your heart bring in the joyful song of life sang by your blood bits and blood stream. It is a song of life and living. Your heart and your blood will find its healing rhythm once joy will be your daily hosts.     read more

Living in Heaven   17 y  
Create your heaven here and now
It is almost a must, the need to live your life in the preset in such a way that you’ll feel as if you’re in Heaven, to prepare your place in the heavenly realm of the eternal spirit after death too. It is said that our world mirror The Creator’s eternal creation. Therefore, we need to find the environment, people and events that will make us happy, will support our feeling as if we live in heaven and will bring us sense of self-fulfillment. As long as we act in ways contrary to those mentioned above it is not heaven that we prepare for us. It is quit weird ...   read more

Marching to Heaven   17 y  
We have self-responsibility to live long healthy life!
Due to this self-realization we look for methods within Cure Zone toward self-healing and maintenance of our well being. Due to this awareness we oblige to make peace in this world. Peace within a family, a group, a nation, human being’s race, between us and planet earth, between us and the other kingdoms and races. Just as we need to maintain inner peace to the maintenance of our body so we should do in every other layer and facet of our lives. 2 nd WW created a trend of freedom’s fighter’s underground groups that tried to gain freedom over the Nazis. ...   read more

Photos   17 y  
Interesting web page   read more

Spirituality, Mysticism   17 y  
You may find it contradicting but is it really so?
It seems as if some of the people that are called Spiritual leaders or Spiritual Teachers in each western country are in fact Mystical power searching people that changed their mask according to fashions.   I have been familiar to the will of some people to gain power and wealth over other people as spiritual teachers in several countries.   Yet, this war in Israel while the terrorists bobd the north part and million refugees are looking for place to sattle while the terrorists keep bombing their homes, some of the Israel’s so call Spiritual Teachers&nbs ...   read more

Geobiology   17 y  
Energy’s ley-lines, Earth meridians and us
What creates such ley-line and how can it be changed? There are few bad energy ley-line that circle Planet Earth, most of them are few hundreds meters beneath the surface of our planet. It been created by developed ancient civilizations that leaved upon this planet some 250,000-80/90,000 years ago. Just like the experiment with atom’s splits in the ocean this lifetime, such experiments that will create a bad energy ley-line for future existence upon earth so we are influenced by the results of the ancestors of civilizations on Earth. One such profound influencing ley-lin ...   read more

2000 years of pre-born patterns   17 y  
Realization is the first step toward freedom
It could be great to clear it away   For almost 2000 years the European people has been brain-washed in some ways and also it proved to be wise in the sense of the religion control over richness, whealth and their power of control over people. We, in the 21 st century, can let go of that ‘undeveloped’   brain-wash:   A. It was quietly placed to the Cristian’s believers ears that as long as the Hebrew people alive Christianity don’t have ’the power over God’, therefore hatred been supported by the charch and fanatic kings and rul ...   read more

Meditation   17 y  
Footnotes to successful results
Our intention mostly will lead us to meditate toward self-manifestation, self-development or global target: peace, healing Planet Earth and so on. Also our intention is positive there are some steps to watch for to make sure that the meditation truly meets its goal. “You are the color you choose”. In the sense of meditation this Aura Soma slogan should be changed a little bit: “Your Meditation Manifest the Color You Choose”. Each of us radiates the full spectrum of visible light wavelengths (many millions J of colors’ wavelength radiated as a ...   read more

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