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by dawnabelieves

healers advice needed   17 y  
making attempts
arnica massages & positivity are being provided & the ”rash” dissipates each time.. the muscles continue to rotate in soreness... yesterday in the right hamstring & left upper calf.. today it was the right shoulder & left ankle extremely painful to straighten the right leg. still to come.. a visit to the drs again.. then hopefully the chiropractor... does anyone out there have some insight into this boys conditions & can offer some more wisdom? t   visit the page

more help sought   17 y  
auto immune reaction targets youngest child.
the six year old woke up on 05/15/06 with a swollen mid-lower back without apparent trauma to the area. the pain kept him from movement. the family allowed the use of arnica & other homeopathic remedies that fit the symptoms to be used. by day two the back swelling & pain subsided, but a ”rash” more like small non raised blood blisters occured. as did pain down both legs. new swellings began in small areas of the lower legs. there has been no sign of fever nor loss of appetite. by day three the parents agreed to medical treatment. all vitals were within normal range. but the visi ...   read more

negativity released   18 y  
personal growth
the mind is a terrible thing to waste, as with it goes our health. the abscess’ are gone but the ”stuck” frame of mind is not. breeding it into the children. i never knew so firsthanded, that your thoughts could breed infection. thanks for the comments and suggestions. this has been more of an education for me than any of my formal schoolinge. my eyes are wide open & for the better. love this site. grateful for all of you who put yr time & efforts into the universe for all of us to benefit!   visit the page

trips to the hospital   18 y  
infections continue, need more help
the toxins overloaded my brothers body to the point of staph infection. his leg became twice its normal size with swelling, heat, red & blueish coloring. after being seen by a dr. he received several i.v. antibiotic injections, then oral. each time they flushed his i.v. with saline & hepalite?... am i right in my understanding that although this process was helpful in the immediate infection, that it is just adding to the true problem, which may be a bad liver? arent these antibiotics really not supportive of our systems? would probiotics be helpful right now? any suggestions for him would ...   read more

another unexplained symptom   18 y  
knee swelling
after a visit today i learned my brothers knee is twice its size not due to any trauma. he is resting but must return to his long work days tomorrow. i suggested compression wrap & lots of water. is this really happening as i imagine? am i watching him die? symptom after symptom.. from the inside out. i feel so helpless. his overloaded body is screaming for help. yet he is so unwilling. i have loaded him down with herbs hidden in everything i can think of, as well as tea tree oil for the diffuser & his abscess.. his boys & wife seem to be reaping the benefits, but his persistent drinking & ...   read more

toxin overload... please help   18 y  
family maintains
their laundry day. all items grey. heavy w/ chemical. i used soda water, salt & baking soda to clean. couldnt ”see” a difference... i still have no clue to what the main source is. good news, windows & doors were open today & kids started back to school. they have to get lunch. sunday, dad complained of flu like symptoms. hes taking cold meds...uuugh. mom says she is treating leg wounds w/ the tree oil. boys had several meals w/ me last week. boys grew 2” this summer...thank GOD for family bbq’s. mom purged the boys’ toys!   visit the page

a family in need   18 y  
need simplisitc nutrition info for a family that lives very impulsively.
i am definatley concerned by the symptoms this family has. the younger boys continuously get sick. really sick. high, quick fevers & sharp stomach pains. these symptoms are reoccuring on a weekly basis, usually lasting only hours long. i am able to pump them w/ nutrition several days a week & am still trying to determine what the biggest concern is. possibly indoor air quality? i have put in a diffuser w/ lavender oil in their home, given the adults detox tea, & discussed the parasite cleanse w/ them. they say they are willing, but have dodged the initial attempts. malnutrition is a huge ...   read more

8-23-05   18 y  
the realization
this all began with a whisper from my sister in law informing me that the new abscess on my brothers hands were & had been for some time, on his legs as well. i am very newly interested in herbs & oils & have been experimenting with detoxifying my environment... i started treating the abscess’ last month w/ a dilluted organic tea tree oil, on next visit i realized it needed pure oil. there was greater healing. i have done this maybe 6 times this month & they appear to be healing. now i know the severity of the situation. i purchased: black walnut, wormwood & clove to rid him of the p ...   read more


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