First 21 day water Fast
by jmap20

6th day water fasting   8 y  
White coat on tongue starting to form
Okay so I could not sleep last night. I was asleep from midnight to three then I just woke up all of a sudden and I could not go back to bed until around 6 ish. Then finally crashed until noon. Today my tongue is has a slight white coating or at least more than I used to have. I have been chewing on ice since I woke up. I have the urge to feel something against my teeth. Nothing else has changed so far.   visit the page

5th day water fast   8 y  
I'm not feeling nausea or anything :(
So to clear this up my blogs are back to back because I just decided to blog this and I am blogging the past four days today (the fifth). Well today I woke up hungry and feeling less motivated because my mom keeps cooking all this good food. I have been ĒeatingĒ through my nose haha. I smell the food and walk away. I want to fast until I donít care about food anymore. Anyways I still feel normal just hungry again. Am I doing this right? I am only drinking water and thatís it! Well letís see how I am feeling tomorrow.   visit the page

4th day water fasting   8 y  
Worried about not feeling sick...
I still am having no problems! Is there something wrong with me? This fast seems to easy right now. I want to check my weight but itís not time yet. I have been dreaming every night about eating and being mad at myself for breaking my fast to find out that it was only a dream. I feel lighter or emptier I should say. I havenít pooped at all and I am waiting for that to happen. Iím thinking about doing a saltwater flush on day 7 to clear my system out but Iím not sure if I should.   visit the page

3rd day water fast   8 y  
I'm starting to water fast for the first time. Don't know what to expect.
I am not hungry right now I have no headaches or pains which I am very confused about because nearly everyone else was talking about nausea or some sickness but I feel perfectly normal. I went to bed fine no trouble sleeping or anything. Iím waiting for some sickness to occur or even some problem. Weíll just have to see.   visit the page

2nd day water fast   8 y  
2nd day of water fasting
I woke up not hungry but through out the day my tummy was grumbling. I just keep drinking the water though. Nothing else happened. I will not be weighing myself until the last day of my fast. It will only discourage me. Plus I like surprises.   visit the page

Day 1 water fast   8 y  
My start of my journey.
So today I ended my first day water fasting. I was hungry and it was hard to not attack food that came across me but I did it. I felt slight headaches whenever I turned my head quickly. Going to bed was hard because I just wanted to eat. starting weight: 119 lbs. height: 5 foot nothing   visit the page


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I have never fasted before I didnít even prep which I know is wrong but I started it anyways. I have been eating very poorly and I wanted to do this to change my look towards food; I want to eat healthier.Ö more...

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