10 Day Master Cleanse.
by starburst2011

Final Day!!!   12 y  
Final Day!!!
My final day today, and I didnt loose any weight this morning, so my weight is still 12.05 so all in all I have lost 12 lbs of weight in 10 days, which is great, like mentioned yesterday, im gonna have sushi this evening, as a celebration :) but will be strictley back on the cleanse tomorrow morning, might not update this blog until Monday though, but we will see, however im still feeling great :) Weight: 12.05 Stone 173 lbs   visit the page

Day 10!   12 y  
Day 10!
My final day! and I have lost another 1 lb :) bringing my weight to 12.05 (loss of 12 lbs in 10 days) and still feeling great :) Gonna have my sushi day tomorrow :) so expect to put on maybe a pound or 2 when I return on Saturday, but am determined to drop at least another 9 lbs before the end of April (even if its not entierly through cleansing.) Will update tomorrow morning with my final weigh in :) Weight 12.05 Stone 173 lbs   visit the page

Day 9   12 y  
Day 9
Lost another 1 lb in weight today, bringing my total amount of weightloss to 11 lbs in 9 days! which I am very happy about. Tomorrow is officially my last day on the cleanse, but I have decided that I am going to follow it for a further 7 days as I havent reached the weight that I intended. I will however break the cleanse on Friday, but have decided that I will not start the maintanence plan as I intend to resume for a further 7 days from Saturday, so on Friday have decided that I will celebrate my success and satisfy my craving, with sushi :) but that will be all and I will resume on Sat ...   read more

Day 8   12 y  
Day 8
Didnt lose any weight today so am still 12.07 stone. Was very good yesterday and did an hour and a half of excersise :) Weight 12.07 Stone 175 lbs   visit the page

Day 7   12 y  
Day 7
I have gone down another 1 lb today. Wasnt as good as I should have been yesterday :( as I consumed a little alcohol, and didnt do any excersise, but am glad however that it didnt show in my weightloss. Will be stricter with myself today and for the next 3 days :) Weight 12.07 Stone 175 lbs   visit the page

Day 6   12 y  
Day 6
Down another 1 lb today, bringing my total amount of weight loss to 9 lbs in 6 days! Still feeling fine :) Weight 12.08 stone 176 lbs   visit the page

Day 5   12 y  
Day 5
Lost 1 lb in weight today, bringing my total amount of weightloss to 8 lbs in 5 days! Ended up doing a lot more wii dance yesterday as I had visitors over (again a lot of fun!) Weight 12.09 177 lbs   visit the page

Day 4   12 y  
Day 4
Day 4 and I am down another 2 lbs. Still feeling fine, and have no hunger, and had very few cravings yesterday. Still keeping ontop of my Wii dance as well :) Weight 12.10 stone 178 lbs   visit the page

Day 3   12 y  
Day 3
Down another 2 lbs today, still feeling fine, and have very little hunger (a few cravings though :( Still keeping on with my wii dance (a very fun way to keep active) and have also been working on a plan for breaking the fast at the end of the 10 days. I have decided that I will continue blogging for a further 10 days once the fast is over in order to document and keep on top of my transition back in to normal eating (as this to me is the most difficult part, as it is so easy to regain lost weight if not careful :( Weight 12.12 Stone 180 lbs   visit the page

Day 2   12 y  
Day 2
Day 2 and I have lost 3 lbs in weight! Still feeling ok. Also started trying to up my activity level, I done 40 minuets on Wii dance yesterday, which was a lot of fun :) Weight 13.00 Stone 182 lbs   visit the page

Day 1 (Again)   12 y  
Day 1 again
Im back, from my time away! and sadly am 3 lbs heavier than I was when I started :( but I kind of had a feeling that would happen as I took an extra few days off, as I decided to take my mother out for a meal on mothers day (and yesterday I had no real excuse really, lol), but on the flip side of that I have had a really great time! :) which I felt was really important. But I am ready to restart my master cleanse starting from today :) And I plan to kick it up a notch by adding a mild arobic excersise routine in to it for the 10 days (maybe through my nintendo wii) and my aim is to lose ...   read more

Day 8   12 y  
Day 8
Started eating again yesterday, very lightly with salad and fruit, and had put on 1 lb upon weighing myself this morning (Which I partly expected) But am still feeling fine. I have decided to stop until I return on the 1st, and do expect to put weight back on whilst im away, but will continue with the cleanse when I return. Will update when im back :) Weight 12.08 stone   visit the page

Day 7   12 y  
Day 7
Have lost another 1 lb :)bringing my total weight loss to 7 lbs in 7 days! I am very pleased with this, and feel great, as I now feel no hunger, but have however decided that in relation, to myself going away in a few days, this I will start from today slowly adding salad and maybe soup to my diet, in terms slowley allowing my stomach to get used to food again, as I doubt I will be able to abstain whilst away :( I will continue to log my weight until I travel, and will more than likley resume with the mastercleanse upon my return :) but am however aware that I will regain some, if not ...   read more

Day 6   12 y  
Day 6
No weight loss today, but am still feeling fine :) Weight: 12.08 stone 176 lbs   visit the page

Day 5   12 y  
day 5
I have lost another 2 lbs this morning, and am feeling generally ok :) the hunger element of the diet has dramatically subsided which is great :) Weight: 12.08 stone 176 lbs   visit the page

Day 4   12 y  
Day 4
Day 4 and I am down another 1 lb :) Yesterday, was ok, was a little difficult in the morning, but got easier as the day went on. Have just been invited on a few days away, which starts on my planned day of ending this cleanse :( which im a lilltle worried about. Think I will have to be quite vigilant about waht I eat whilst there (but feel it may be difficult :( But I will try, its only for 2 days, and if nessecary will continue with the cleans for a few more days after I return :) Weight 12.10 Stone 178 lbs   visit the page

Day 3   12 y  
Day 3
Day 3 and I am down another 1 lb. Woke feeling a little hungry this morning, but other than that have been doing ok :) Havent had a chance to get any excercise done as my livingroom hasnt been available to do so :( but will attempt to get some done. Weight: 12.11 179 lbs   visit the page

Day 2   12 y  
Day 2
Have made it through the first day :) and can see from the scale that I have lost 2 lbs :) Yesterday wasnt as difficult as I thought it would have been, I was busy most of the day, so was able to stay focused (although there were times I wanted to give in) But I figure 10 days isnt too long, and I know from my previous experiences on the master cleanse that things generally get eaier after the 3rd day. I didnt do any excercise yesterday, but plan to try to incorperate light excercise in to the 10 day, but this will depend on time and on how im feeling. Weight: 12.12 Stone 180 lbs   visit the page

Day 1   12 y  
Day 1
Yesterday, I decided that I would attempt the master cleanse for a period of 10 days. I have done it before,so know what to expect. I have decided to try the master cleanse, due to its weight loss and general health properties. Following on from the 10 days I plan to take a break, in terms of reviewing my progression, and in order of deciding on how I will proceed from there on (as I have found this to be the most important part of the process). My initial aim is to lose a minimum of 7 lbs. And I will attampt to update my progress daily. Wish me luck! Current weight: 1 ...   read more


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