Master Cleanse 40 days
by dreaCA

Take Two   11 y  
Day One
Here I am again. A new year, a new cleanse. I never made it past the 18 days mark on the Master Cleanse. However, I have always titled them ”40 days Master Cleanse” s.. Why do I never finish them? It seems to be quite a popular habit, considering how many 40 days blog I have read where people just vanish at some point.. All I can recall from previous cleanses is the sense of panic that I get at some point in the cleanse, usually the day that I stop.. I usually succeed at convincing myself that I will die if I don’t eat. I would like to say that it is my body telling m ...   read more

Going Uphill   13 y  
Day 11
Today I decided to take another go at the Salt Water Flush. It was a lot harder than usual to get it down & it made me feel very sick to my stomach. I just had to give it another try, but now I know for sure that I won’t be doing it again until the end of this cleanse. I was getting amazing results with the flush at the beginning of the cleanse but it doesn’t look like it is much needed anymore. I gained 2.2 pounds since yesterday. It was really surprising to me, since I walked for a few hours (mostly uphill) & that I danced all night at a rock concert I have consumed the same ...   read more

Anorexia vs Greasy Dollar Pizza..   13 y  
Day 10
I am moving soon so I spent all day cleaning, packing boxes and lifting some pretty heavy things.. All of that without running out of energy. I was like a machine, I took only one small break in 10 hours. I don’t have much to report today, other that my place is looking really clean & that I have never seen my eyes looking so big & so bright! I also had a friend doing a lecture to me about how he believed that there was difference between fasting and anorexia.. I listened to him but he wouldn’t let me place a word.. While we were walking he had some greasy meat-y dollar ...   read more

More energy than ever before!   13 y  
Day 9
Today was an amazing day! I snapped out of boredom from not eating and applied all of the gained time doing some serious house cleaning.. I walked around town for most of the night & went to bed quite early. I must have slept almost 10 hours! It’s been a few nights now that I dream about eating. It seems like I spend most of my bed time dreaming about stuffing my face.. The funny part is that I feel really guilty during my dream because I am fully aware that I am on a cleanse & I beat myself up for giving up so easily.. It feels really good to wake up & realize it was jus ...   read more

Shiny hair   13 y  
Day 8
As of yesterday, I have abandoned doing the Salt Water Flush.. I am not sure if I will do it again during this cleanse. It started to fell really unnatural, it was giving me major heartburn & on top of it all, it almost made me regret waking up in the morning. For now I am substituting it for Laxative tea in the morning.. I will therefore be drinking this tasteful tea morning & evenings until further notice. My hair is my most noticeable improved feature today, as it is a lot more lustrous than usual & it also looks noticeably longer than usual. Seeing all of these changes in m ...   read more

Patience is..   13 y  
Day 7
Today, the weather was absolutely gorgeous!! The sun rays felt very relaxing, as well as calming. I sat on the deck for a good part of the afternoon & I also went out for a very nice bike ride. Today was another very challenging day mentally as it seems that I am now able to see my body under a new light.. I need to forgive myself for having been so neglecting in the past! It’s funny how I now realize that I had block my mind from seeing what I didn’t want to see in the past.. I let myself go physically & I sure suffered consequences mentally :) Tomorrow is another day.. ...   read more

Cramps & Boredom..   13 y  
Day 6
I am finally back around the weight that triggered all of my other fasts.. How I let myself be 12 pounds over that this time is beyond me. I guess that I let myself become so disconnected with my own body that I took until I wouldn’t fit in my jeans anymore for me to notice that something had changed.. I had some cramps in my hips all day yesterday. For most of the day I was walking around the park, absorbing some warm sun rays & pure oxygen. By the time I got back, I wanted some food. I wasn’t even hungry, I was just missing the act of eating. I watched a movie to try to ...   read more

Clearer Skin & Afternoon Naps   13 y  
Day 5
I woke up super early to do the SWF & then ended up having a super long nap in the afternoon. By now, my skin is looking incredibly better.. I would even say that it looks like my wrinkles are disappearing. I look a lot fresher & much younger.. I know I may sound like an advertising, but come on, all of these results in 5 days?! My lower back is starting to feel much better & I might even start doing Yoga again today. I did a long evening walk yesterday & my pace was a lot more energetic than before the cleanse.. I am starting to have a more positive outlook on life ...   read more

Hanging out at a food festival all day..   13 y  
Day 4
There is a food festival every fall in my city, and my boyfriend has been talking about it all year. I hung out there with him all day yesterday drinking water only. I fell much better then when I started the cleanse, no headache, no allergies, almost no more rib pain.. The only thing that still hurts a bit is my lower back. Nothing much else to report today, I am still doing the SWF & getting amazing results, which is something I never really did before when I was on my other cleanses.. -10 pounds in 4 days! Encouragement & Comments are gladly appreciated.. Have a ...   read more

Reconnecting   13 y  
Day 3
Yesterday I decided to go take a hike on one of the local mountains. It was really fabulous! It made a huge difference to re-connect with nature.. Coming back into town at the end of the day really made me feel how disconnected from society we really are. The pure oxygen from all of the greenery made me feel recharged! I won’t lie to you, it was a lot harder than usual to climb up, but all-in-all, I it was a very rewarding experience. I had a HUGE headache late at night, next time I will listen to my body, as I wanted to go to bed right after the hike, but I decided to stay ...   read more

No Pizza for me Today!   13 y  
Day 2
No more allergies already.. I can breathe better than ever! Wow, that was quick. Today, I decided to go for a super long walk. It was sunny & wonderful ( I live in Vancouver BC), almost like it still was summer time. The sun felt really bright & it had me winking for most of the day. I did the SWF upon awakening, then I had a few lemonades while walking around the city. I came back home around dinner time and we had a few friends over & they enjoyed a few drinks on the patio, eating pizza, while I was drinking my wonderful Laxative Tea. We had a wonderful evening togeth ...   read more

Sneezing all Day..   13 y  
Day 1
Today was interesting to say the least. After eating dairy last night (in preparation for this cleanse :) ), I have now been sneezing for about 6 hours straight. So much so that I injured my rib cage. It is pretty painful now.. I started the day with the Salt Water Flush, which is not bad at all if you just fool yourself into thinking that it taste like chicken soup (or vegan ”chicken” soup - if you are not into eating birds..) I had a minimal amount of lemonade today, since I have not been hungry at all. I am not working at the moment, so I have had a lot of time to relax, ...   read more

Before I get started   13 y  
Day 0
I will be doing this cleanse for the next 40 days. Lately, I have had severe problems with allergies, mainly to dairy, processed foods & animals. I also have ”chronic” back pain, which I seriously intend to get rid of. I have quite a lot of experience with the Master Cleanse. I have done it for 14 days this year & 18 days last year. I will be documenting my progress here daily. I have been at school for the past year and I haven’t been really active physically. I consider weight loss to be a nice addition to the cleansing, hence I will be posting my daily weight progre ...   read more


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