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Powerful Ancient Healing   15 y  
We can see the power of now, what we focus on grows, infinite potential, and we project our reality from within. It’s all there.
Modern day change work such as NLP, Hypnotherapy, EFT, TAT, Matrix Energetics, etc. all have their roots in old world spirituality and especially various shamanic practices. One such shamanic practice is from Hawaii and is known as Huna. The masters of the practice were know as Kahuna. The incredible thing to note is that a shamanic tradition such as Huna, shares core aspects with our modern day practices. For instance what some religions refer to as the holy trinity can be seen in the Huna tradition as well. We see this in paradigms such as the ego, the id, the super ego, or the consciou ...   read more

Are You In Alignment?   15 y  
"It is essential to correct and balance our thought energies in order to maximize our power."
Imagine the following scenario: Picture a company where some of the employees follow guidelines and work faithfully toward company goals, while other employees ignore the guidelines and put up resistance to any company goals. How effective would this company ultimately be? Our minds are very much like the above metaphor. If we have thoughts that are misaligned and incongruent, we literally create our lives inefficiently and ineffectively. When we are divided against ourselves within our mind, we are subject to haphazard results in the areas where these fractured thoughts exist. These ca ...   read more

Powerful Healing Technique   15 y  
Most people’s thoughts are like a runaway train. Society has grown to think that thoughts continually filling one’s head are a normal aspect of life.
We live in a world where diseases are running rampant, stress is at an all time high and many people are living in states of heightened anxiety. For most of us in our western culture, the threat of our everyday, basic survival is a non issue. Yet we act and feel as if there is a monster out to get us at every turn even though when stripped away, these monsters are nothing more than perceived threats that float around in our heads. Our bodies don’t know the difference between a real threat and a perceived one. We may be worried over an upcoming event, may regret something form the past. Eit ...   read more

Into the Matrix   15 y  
From intent these circuits morph and evolve and it is these very circuits that create a matrix of life at all levels.
Reality operates on two main aspects. These aspects are flow, like the current in an electrical circuit, and information, like frequencies being transmitted along the electrical circuit. There are many aspects to this but for the sake of this article I will keep it fairly simple. If you want to take your understanding deeper, I am compiling guest articles, links, recommended books and media that you can explore. This will be available on my website http://www.wolfchorus.com. There are more resources available at my partner’s website http://www.lucidcreator.com and http://www.conscious ...   read more

TAT: Powerful Change Awaits   15 y  
There is literally no area of one's life that cannot be changed for the better using the influence of the powerful modality known as TAT.
TAT is an incredible modality for leveraging change through thoughts and emotions. TAT was developed by Tapas Fleming, and stands for Tapas Fleming Technique. It is a modality that has evolved from both EFT and NAET. Tapas created this technique to help heal herself from Stage III breast cancer - and has remained cancer-free since. Her work continues to spread across the globe, leaving a path of positive changes in its wake.                                           In the simplest terms, TAT is a way of regaining coherent energetic flow, especially at the emotional level of bei ...   read more

Life Makeover (part 2)   15 y  
"Change work is diversified and most of it aims to rearrange or change the thoughts (code) at the subconscious level of our minds."
First of all, to make changes in our lives, it is important to first take stock in our lives - what do we feel is working and what do we feel is not. By identifying the contrast in our lives we can then look for patterns, then leverage these patterns so they change quickly and easily. Change work is diversified and most of it aims to rearrange or change the thoughts (code) at the subconscious level of our minds. By making the changes at that level, everything trickles forth and we experience our lives very differently as a result. There are many ways that our thought forms (stored memories ...   read more

Life Makeover (Part 1)   15 y  
"Our lives our shaped by our thoughts. Many of us have forgotten this simple notion..."
Many of us go through life like we are on a conveyor belt being pulled along automatically after giving up on our dreams. On the conveyer belt we are looping in habits that leave us in inferior states of being such as ill health, lack of abundance, lonely and alone, etc. It’s not important to know how we got lost along the way, how we took on belief systems that led us into these negative states of being. It is much more important to reset our mind and get back in the driver’s seat so we can quickly attain our hearts desire in all areas of our life, be it health, wealth, relationships, ...   read more


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Our reality, as quantum physicist are confirming what mystics have known for eons and that is we create reality with our thoughts, as quantum physicists are confirming. Most of these thoughts are stored as memories and are a function of the subconscious mind. It is this aspect of mind that holds the key to creating reality in a way that is harmonious to each of us. This blog explores reality at the code level and shows you ways to shift your reality to outcomes that are favorable to you and even miraculous. Yesterdays miracles our today’s new insights.… more...

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