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by seunim
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Week 9 results   13 y  
Some sore muscles this week
 Well, it's been yet another week and I saw a two-pound loss for the week.  It was kind of a wierd week for me as I felt all week that I was starting to plateau, despite the fact I droppe...   read more

Week 8 results   13 y  
Half-Way There
This week I saw another three pound weight loss.  This puts me about half-way to my goal of losing 63 pounds.  I have started interval training on the treadmill and have seriously amped u...   read more

week 7 results   13 y  
Trucking Along
Week 7 saw another good result.  So far I've avoided hitting a plateau.  I have started to add one or two cheat meals per week to my diet.  I am very careful about the portion s...   read more

Week 6 Results   13 y  
Another four pounds to add to the heap.
  Overall, it was a good week with an additional four-pound weight loss.  I am down 24 pounds since I began six weeks ago, but still have a ways to go to meet my goal of 63 pounds of we...   read more

Week 5 Results   13 y  
It wasn't a great week but I'm not discouraged.
My week 5 weigh-in produced less than stellar results, especially compared to the first four weeks.  No worries however as I am in no way discouraged or about to give up.  I'm pressing on...   read more

The Power of Focus   13 y  
The greater danger for most of us is not that our aim is too high and we miss it, but that it is too low and we reach it.
Like soil, our subconscious mind is totally impartial -- it doesn't discriminate.  In it will grow whatever seeds you plant there or allow to be planted there.  Many people have perf...   read more

Week 4 Results   13 y  
The pounds keep falling off
Thanks to a regimented diet plan that I have been strictly sticking to, as well as daily cadio of an hour and weight-training 4-days a week, the fat continues to melt away.  In this weeks resu...   read more

Week 3 Results   13 y  
Upping the cardio is paying off
Here are the results from my weigh-in of January 18, 2009.  I saw a 5 pound loss for the week, thanks in part to the fact that I have upped my cardio to burn more calories.  It seems to b...   read more

Conventional Diets Never Work   13 y  
Why 95% of all diets fail
A "diet" is any severe restriction of food or calories that's temporary.  Most conventional diet programs call for extremely low calories: 800-1200 or less for women and 1500-1800 or...   read more

Good Fats vs. Bad Fats   13 y  
Fat Free Doesn't Mean Sugar Free or Calorie Free
We are all aware of fat-free foods.  The craze began in the 1980s and really took off in the 90s.  What happened since that time is that many people have cut out the fat, and simply repla...   read more

The Eating Plan   13 y  
What I'm eating to produce fat-burning results.
There are a number of factors in play for me to make the best possible choices for what I eat.  The first is that I am choosing foods with a high thermic effect, in other words, metabolism-boo...   read more

Week 2 Results   13 y  
A three pound loss for the week.
Below are the results of my weigh-in from Sunday, January 11th.                    &n...   read more

Alcohol and Fat-Burning   13 y  
Alcohol suppresses the body's ability to burn body fat.
I'm not here to preach the evils of alcohol.  In fact, I enjoy pretty much all wine, beer, and spirits.  The intent of this entry is to point out that excessive alcohol consumption will definitely ...   read more

Why Water Is Essential For Fat Loss   13 y  
If you dehydrate your body, it's like dehydrating your plants. Who want's to have a wilted body?
Everyone has heard the maxim, drink 8-10 glasses of water per day.  That's a good starting point, but most of the time we don't do it.  The effects of not drinking enough water can be devastating t...   read more

My Threefold Approach   13 y  
How did I let myself get so bad?
It was perhaps a year and a half ago and I was at 210 pounds.  Not exactly my ideal weight but nothing to really complain about either.  Between then and December 2008, I managed to pack ...   read more

Week 1 Results   13 y  
It was a good week
As promised, here are my week one stats.  I have my baseline stats from December 28 when I began and the week one results from January 4.  I will add to the chart each Monday so my progress can be ...   read more

Introduction   13 y  
My reasons for doing this.
Once again I find myself in familiar territory, the CureZone.  Unlike my previous ventures in this arena doing the Master Cleanse ( http://curezone.org/blogs/f.asp?f=817), this time around I intend...   read more

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