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Day 16   16 y  
June 16th
Day off Quite a tough day today mentally.Felt empty and drained and a bit fed up with the juice.The last 2 or 3 days i have been waking up with a very dry mouth and nasty taste but oddly try and take some encouragement from this as i guess its part of the detox. Started day dreaming about chicken soup for some reason,a little voice was telling me it would be ok to have some but i ignored it.   visit the page

Day 15   16 y  
June 15th
Woke up with a headache which soon left me.Made up a litre of juice and took it to work.Very busy and stressful day and didnít have time to think about food,the juice easily sustained me throughout the day though. Somebody at work had some photoís developed and there were a few of me which were horrible (think overweight fat gerbil/pig) which only strenghthened my resolve to continue what iím doing. My weight seems to have plateaued a bit but i am enjoying many other benefits from doing this than just weight loss so am not too bothered. Looking forward to a nice relaxing weekend.   visit the page

Day 14   16 y  
June 14th
Had a good sleep,woke up refreshed which is still a novelty for me.Had small bm.Made a jug of juice,knocked it back.Off to work. Yet again i had to endure sitting with people while they ate and i drank elderflower water. Today for the first time there food looked very very appetising to me.Like a few people have said itís not that your hungry itís just missing the taste and texture of things.Prawns in a marie rose sauce enveloped in smoked salmon with new potatoís and salad all very well presented,yum.Still generally feeling flat but am sure it will pass. Its been a long day and o ...   read more

Day 13   16 y  
June 13th
Day off Straightforward day really,just cruising.Did a 3 minute jog on treadmill thats about all for today.   visit the page

Day 12   16 y  
June 12th
Well the days seem to be going by quite smoothly and my energy levels have increased slightly.Pretty straight forward day really.Up to this point i havenít really had a definite goal,but have now decided to go for 30 days or 14 stone which ever comes first(probably 30 days).Then i will have a little break,then hope to continue for the final few stone.Am also considering some light exercise if i have the energy.   visit the page

Day 11   16 y  
June 11th
Nothing of note to report really.Made some nice ginger ale with sparkling water which was very nice and made a change from just juice.I got the recipe from curezone. http://curezone.com/blogs/m.asp?f=573&i=9 Weight 15 stone 9lbs ***-13lb*** :-)   visit the page

Day 10   16 y  
June 10th
Day off Had a good sleep,but woke up sluggish for the first time since i started.Oh well.Made up some nice juice.On the upside i had a quick look in the mirror and noticed for the first time that my belly definitely looks smaller :-). On the downside iím still feeling a bit flat without much energy and am starting to lose focus and forget the reasons why i started doing this.I will try and write down in a note book all the reasons why i want to do this to help me re-focus.:-(   visit the page

Day 9   16 y  
June 9th
Had a good sleep and when i awoke stayed in bed for a bit watching tv.I have run out of fruit and veg so just drank water for an hour or so. Went shoppping for fruit and veg and also bought some new bathroom scales as i was becoming a bit suspicios of my old ones.The weight seems to vary too much depending on how you stand on them. Well i got got an unpleasent shock with my new scales,according to which i am much heavier than i thought.I double checked with my neighbours scales and they tallied up with the new ones.Seems i was right to be suspicious of the old scales.Anyway i will am ...   read more

Day 8   16 y  
June 8th
Got up at 8.30am.Felt awake, no sluggishness (i am really enjoying this part of the experience).Had some juice then prepared a whole bottle to last me the day.Also made a up litre of lemoned water as knew i would not be home till 5pm.Felt a bit flat but i guess thatís because i am just not getting the ups and downs you get when you drink coke and eat rubbish food which is a good thing. Had to endure sitting with about 8 people while they ate there meal and i drank some sparkling water.Had a few comments but nothing to worry about.Watching people eat didnít bother me,i mean i was not get ...   read more

Day 7   16 y  
June 7th
Went to bed at twelve pm last night and yet again was kept up till 3am by stressing about work stuff.Woke at 10.30am.Made some juice up to take with me to work.Day went ok,no hunger pangs or headacheís.Feeling quite content with this new way of life.Thatís all for now:-)   visit the page

Day 6   16 y  
June 6th
Day off today. Woke at a 4am,pottered about for an hour or so then had a juice, suddenly got really tired again so went back to bed and dozed till about 11.30am.Went out and bought a water filter and a sieve and some more fruit and veg.No headaches today.Had a haircut and tidied my flat. I had some company this evening and think i came across as quite flat i didnít feel the same zip that i do when i am normally with this person.Oh well nevermind. Ramblings Iím starting to realise what a vicious food circle i have been in for so many years.The food i was eating had such a big cont ...   read more

Day 5   16 y  
June 5th
Went to bed at 12am which is early for me,then spent the next 3 hours getting getting stressed and anxious about a situation and colleague at work.Eventually drifted off and woke up about 8.30am.I only had 4 and a 1/2 hours sleep and did not feel in the least bit sluggish!This alone is amazing for me as in similar situations in the past i have felt awful. Had some juice and thought about the day ahead.Today would be my biggest test as i was working from 10am -7pm and knew i would be doing some physical work (gardening) which i dont normally do. Morning Did the gardening ok, but pac ...   read more

Day 4   16 y  
June 4th
Hello :-) Morning I normally get up at 9.15am to go to work at 10am.Went to bed earlier, slept quite well and woke up at 8.45am.It was nice to not have to rush so much.No headaches and wasnt as sluggish as i normally am :-).Had some carrot juice with apple.Still tasty! Bounced off to work feeling more awake than normal.Was prepared to be tripped up by temptations,so was on guard.Made it to lunchtime without much hassle. I live near my work and get 1hr lunch break sometimes,so i made a beeline for the grocery,stocked up and made it back home.Was wondering what concoction to juice ...   read more

Day 3   16 y  
June 3rd
Woke up with the same headache i went to bed with,drunk some water that was by my bed and it cleared within a few minutes.Strange.I was relieved as i thought i was going to have to put up with it all day.Did some more juicing (carrot,apple etc)and layed off the master cleanse today as i didnt fancy it.Stayed in and rested as i needed to just chill out and get used to this way of life. No real hunger pangs.Not looking forward to work tomorrow as there will be lots of food temptation in the big wide world.I live alone and havent really seen anyone since Friday so i am bit worried about ge ...   read more

Day 2   16 y  
june 2nd
Slept ok.Woke up drank water with lemon,spent the rest of day buying stuff like juicer,fruit and veg,maple syrup cayenne etc.Was a bit irritable and just wanted to get the shopping over and done with. Tried the juicer which was a novelty for me as i have never had one before.It worked well and was easy to clean.tried some apple juice,orange juice,carrot juice,and beetroot juice with the leaves included.The latter smelt like freshly mown grass.Weird.I managed to chug it down and thought it must be good for me.I think it contains chlorophyll or something. Also tried the master cleanse ...   read more

Day 1   16 y  
june 1st
Had my last meal at 3pm,ham egg and chips left half of it as i wasnít even hungry to begin with,just eating for the sake of it.Yuk.Subconsciously i knew this was going to be the start of my fasting experience.Drank water with a twist of lemon for the rest of the day.Nice gentle start. weight 16 stone 8lb 232lb   visit the page

Summary and a bit of background   16 y  
Summary and a bit of background
Ok, a bit about me,i am male 35,6ft 3inchs.For the last 6 years due to the nature of my job,lack of disipline,lack of regular exercise and complete lack of thought put into what i eat,i am according to bmi 4 stone 8lb overweight. I look terrible and have little energy and am weak willed. The thought of losing lots of weight has always appealed to me for all the usual reasons.The thought of what i might have to do to get there has scared the hell out of me.Recently for reasons i dont really understand my attitude has changed and its like a light has been switched on somewhere. I ...   read more

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