My juice journey! Go go go!
by chopsticks

Update   16 y  
Just the latest!
Hi! Since my last 6 day juicing Iíve done a three day one which I just stopped today. Itís strange because each time i stop Iím ok with it and donít feel bad, which is good but i also canít wait to start again because of how my body feels. I think being healthy and juicing gives me more energy and happiness in myself. Iíve noticed this past few days that Iíve been thinking more about my relationship with food and how it makes me feel, when i eat etc, and iím starting to get a grip of it. and i have to say that i hope and believe that juicing will be a regular part of my diet. Itís n ...   read more

Day 7   16 y  
Oh deary!
Hey! Well ladies and gents I fell off the juice wagon today, i just wasnít feeling it this morning and last night and thought Iíll pause it for a minute. Callit weakness if you will but i feel ok with my decision.I will start again on Friday. The thing is i like the feeling of being on a juice fast but when it becomes as if i shouldnít be on it anymore i stop. probably this isnít the right way but i think it can work for me. It means this May i have done a nine day and a six day fast in quick succession and i feel good for it. when i stop and eat for a couple of days i find i wan ...   read more

Day 6   16 y  
A good and a bad day in one!
Hi! Well today has been a great and not so great day at the same time! Iím soo excited right now because Iím hopeful for a job application Iíve sent for work at home, fingers crossed! Donít want to over hope but would definitely like this job! As for the fasting the early part of today was a nightmare! I had no fruit so was having some of last nightís vegetable juice which was nice, but i think i NEED fruit in the afternoon because i felt hungry most of the afternoon. Which is strange because so many of you say vegetable juice works better for you than fruit juice. Well not for m ...   read more

Day 5   16 y  
Wasa bit of a moody mardy today, juicing is going good though!
Hi! How good, itís day 5 already! Today was grand, had some pineapple juice earlier and my vegetable stuff for dinner. Woke up feeling lighter too, i like that just woken up and feeling better feeling, could get used to it! Tonight I have been thinking of food though, especially since there was a feature on tv about chinese noodles!But i reminded myself of the greater good, and hopefully iíll continue to do this right through! Had a really good night class with my students tonight, i think they got the best of me today. At home i was a bit of a moody old granny with my boyf, for no ...   read more

Day 4   16 y  
Keeping on, keeping on!
Hi! So day four is just finishing, allís going ok so far, really wanted to eat what my boyfriend was eating tonight though. It wasnít that i was hungry more my compulsion to always eat whatís around me! I held back though and am still on the wagon! Had some lovely orange juice earlier and then some vegetable concoction later on. Had a good time window shopping too, planning to do a lot of real shoppping before i go home. Some gorgeous shoes and bags and cute t-shirts around at the mo, which hopefully will look even nicer with a more confident slimmer person wearing them in a few we ...   read more

Day 3   16 y  
All good so far!
Hi! So day three is just finishing and again it was ok. Feeling a little bit hungry just now but i didnít have much juice for dinner as i was on the move and just used what i had left from lunch but iím ok! Had extra teaching lessons for a chinese friend who had invited us for dinner before hand. My boyfriend went over for dinner and i used the extra time to walk instead of getting the bus to his house, quite productive but itís so hot here now a brisk walk is a little uncomfortable! Had the best massage after the lessons, weíre all quite regulars to this one place, Iím really gonn ...   read more

Day 2   16 y  
Some temptations but all's well!
Hi! Day two has been ok, was out tonight to see a friend and then went to anotherís birthday party but I coped well! Had some great green and mint tea, and then some fresh orange juice, managed to avoid all the cake and vodka! Still had a great time dancing and chatting with everyone though. Itís really motivating having these everyday things happen and be able to stick to my juicing, granted itís only day two but my mind is focused at the mo! Had really nice pineapple and orange juice earlier, really love pineapples!Everything else was pretty run of the mill today, but itís saturd ...   read more

Day 1   16 y  
Not so bad, just looking forward.
Hi! So today was my first day of my juicing journey. All has gone well, I had some strawberry and peach juice around lunchtime and some vegetable juice later in the evening, as well as a lot of water. I like just mixing anything and seeing what happens! Also managed to get on a walk today to the supermarket and back. I went with my boyfriend who isnít fasting, he definitely doesnít need to either. He was buying his usual, bread, biscuits, eggs but it was grand because Iíd eaten before we went and am still feeling focused. Iím motivated by getting back home and buying a pair of jeans, t ...   read more

The day before I start!   16 y  
The day before, feeling excited!
Hi! Iím just getting geared up to starting my 30 day juice fast tomorrow, and Iím pretty excited! Iíve only done two week juicings before but feel Iím ready for this bigger one. Iím hoping keeping this blog will help me keep my motivation and focus, I know I really want to do this and last because I know how much better it makes me feel. So Iíve been reading the other juicing blogs and am feeling enlightened and inspired and ready to go! Will chat again tomorrow, day one! Chopsticks   visit the page


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