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The Master Cleanse Express
by Zoebess

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  • The Process   by  Zoebess     16 y     4,204       3 Messages Shown       Blog: The Master Cleanse Express

    Today was the first real cool autumn day where I live.
    I dug out my jeans from my winter bin of clothes and with
    slight reluctance tugged them on, remembering last year
    that they were tighter than I would prefer.

    An EASY FIT ~ with room to spare!! Yay! ~ so progress in my
    work to make changes which will bring with them, better health,
    and the comfort of clothes which are not too tight!

    There are many reasons we choose to do the Master Cleanse.
    Almost as many reasons as there are benefits!

    This is an excerpt from an article which addresses a range of different
    kinds of fasting, including the Master Cleanse, and their benefits.
    It includes some of the metabolic process many of us experience which
    has been a topic of interest this last week in the Master Cleanse forum~~


    The Process and Benefits of Fasting

    Although the process of fasting may generate various results,
    depending on the individual condition of the faster, there are
    clearly a number of common metabolic changes and experiences.
    First, fasting is a catalyst for change and an essential part
    of transformational medicine. It promotes relaxation and
    energization of the body, mind and emotions, and supports a
    greater spiritual awareness. Many fasters feel a letting go of
    past actions and experiences and develop a positive attitude
    toward the present. Having energy to get things done and clean
    up old areas, both personal and environmental, without the
    usual procrastination is also a common experience. Fasting
    clearly improves motivation and creative energy; it also
    enhances health and vitality and lets many of the body
    ystems rest.

    In other words, fasting is a multidimensional experience.
    Physiologically, refraining from eating minimizes the work
    done by the digestive organs, including the stomach, intestines,
    pancreas, gallbladder, and liver. Most important here is that
    our liver, our body’s large production and metabolic factory,
    can spend more time during fasting cleaning up and creating its
    many new substances for our use. Breakdown of stored or
    circulating chemicals is the basic process of detoxification.
    The blood and lymph also have the opportunity to be cleaned of
    toxins as all the eliminative functions are enhanced with fasting.
    Each cell has the opportunity to catch up on its work; with fewer
    new demands, it can repair itself and dump its waste for the
    garbage pickup. Most fasters also experience a new vibrancy of
    their skin and clarity of mind and body.

    Initially, the reduction of calories allows the liver to convert
    glycogen stores to glucose and energy. Body fat can be used
    for energy (ATP) but it cannot generate or reform glucose;
    although many cells can metabolize fatty acids for energy,
    the brain and central nervous system need direct glucose.
    Proteins can be broken down into amino acids; of these, alanine
    and serine can be used to produce glucose. With fasting, some
    protein breakdown occurs, less if calories are provided by juices.
    When there is no stored glycogen left, our body will convert
    protein to amino acids and to energy. Fatty acids can also be a
    fair source of energy, usually after being converted to ketones.
    With total fasting, ketosis occurs as an adaptation by the body
    to prevent protein loss by burning fats. Still, protein and fats
    can be used to provide energy for brain cell function. With juice
    fasting, there is less ketosis, and the simple carbohydrates in
    the juices are easily used for energy and cellular function. The
    high-protein diets and fasts do burn fat and generate ketosis and
    weight loss, but they also add more toxin buildup in the body from
    the foods or powders used. Also, they do not rest and cleanse the
    digestive tract and other organs as well.

    Fasting increases the process of elimination and the release of
    toxins from the colon, kidneys and bladder, lungs and sinuses,
    and skin. This process can generate discharge such as mucus from
    the gastrointestinal tract, respiratory tract, sinuses, or in
    the urine. This is helpful to clear out the problems that have
    arisen from overeating and a sedentary lifestyle. Much of aging
    and disease, I believe, results from "biochemical suffocation",
    where our cells do not get enough oxygen and nutrients or cannot
    adequately eliminate their wastes. Fasting helps us decrease this
    suffocation by allowing the cells to eliminate and clear the old

    Some Benefits of Fasting

    More energy
    Better sleep
    More relaxation
    Rest for digestive organs
    Better attitude
    Clearer skin
    More clarity, mentally & emotionally
    Antiaging effects
    Improved senses—vision, hearing, taste
    Reduction of allergies
    New ideas
    Weight loss
    Clearer planning
    Drug detoxification
    Change of habits
    Better resistance to disease
    Diet changes
    Spiritual awareness
    Right use of will

    This physiological rest and concentration on cleanup can
    also generate a number of toxicity symptoms. Hunger is
    usually present for two or three days and then departs,
    leaving many people with a surprising feeling of deep
    abdominal peace; yet, others may feel really hungry. It
    is good to ask ourselves, "What are we hungry for?"
    Fasting is an excellent time to work on our psychological
    connections to consumption.

    As far as fasting symptoms, headache is not at all uncommon
    during the first day or two. Fatigue or irritability may
    arise at times, as may dizziness or lightheadedness. Our
    sensitivity is usually increased. Common sounds like television,
    music, refrigerators may irritate us more now. The sense of
    smell is also exaggerated, both positively and negatively;
    I have had whole meals of smells while fasting. The tongues
    of most people will develop a thick white or yellow fur
    oating, which can be scraped or brushed off. Bad breath
    and displeasing tastes in the mouth or foul-smelling urine
    or stools may occur. Skin odor or skin eruptions such as
    small spots or painful boils, may also appear, depending
    on the state of toxicity. Digestive upset, mucusy stools,
    flatulence, or even nausea and vomiting may occur during
    fasting. Some people experience insomnia or bad dreams as
    their body releases poisons during the night. The mind may
    put up resistance, with doubt or lack of faith or a fear
    that the fasting is not right. (This can be influenced even
    more by listening to other people’s fears.) Most of these
    symptoms, however, will occur early if they do appear and
    are usually transient. The general energy level is usually
    good during fastings, although there can be ups and downs.
    Every two or three days, as the body goes into a deeper level
    of dumping wastes, the energy may go down, and resistance and
    fears as well as symptoms may arise. Between these times, we
    usually feel cleaner, better, and more alive.

    (Excerpted from Staying Healthy with Nutrition:
    The Complete Guide to Diet and Nutritional Medicine,
    Celestial Arts) by Elson M. Haas M.D.

    for the full article you will find it here~


    Fasting is not always an easy option, but for most, it is a
    healthy alternative which empowers us and in many cases, gives
    us a "new lease on life"!

    be happy, be well,
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    • is that you zoe?   by  cobramike     16 y     1,095
      are you cleansing now?

      i always see your name in this forum
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      • Re: is that you zoe?   by  Zoebess     16 y     1,038
        Im you know me??

        I am currently just using the lemonade as a cayenne delivery system and more often than not, have a bottle chilling in the fridge. Just finished up a 30 day parasite cleanse, am on to a deeper 30 day parasite cleanse, with a series of liver flushes in between. Just finished one yesterday and so am on to an Oil of Oregano protocol, and then in November, when the new crop of oranges comes in, an Orange Juice fast for a few weeks to get my head screwed on right before the holidays...ggg. The new year, I will do a candidas protocol before considering another long MC which I plan on doing annually, this last 30 dayer being my second.

        You will find me around Curezone since I happen to have more time on my hands this year and have the interest to sort of "home-school" myself in alternative methods which is something I have been doing since the early 90's, if not a bit before.

        If you are considering trying out the Master Cleanse, I can recommend it...jump in the lemonade is fine....

        be happy, be well,


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