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The Master Cleanse Express
by Zoebess

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  • All Healing is Self-Healing   by  Zoebess     16 y     12,213       7 Messages Shown       Blog: The Master Cleanse Express

    Bless me Father, for I have sinned. Its been 3 weeks since
    I broke my fast and longer than that since I posted my last
    blog entry. For the life of me, it wasn't that I did not want
    to do it, but its taken this long to integrate the shifts a
    30 day cleanse facilitates. I have run through my mind a
    thousand times the things I would like to share with others
    but then, to step off my current hamster wheel pace would have
    felt like another wreck and so my mental notes stacked like
    3X5 cards and now to make a collage of it all seems
    disconnected and amusing.

    Still, I made the journey and arriving at my personal finish
    line was a triumph and as I danced naked in front of
    the mirror and did my twirly happy girl dance, I wished I had
    written to share that moment more than the others which by
    the Grace have sunk below the calm into my subconscious and
    were transcribed into my karmic ledger of things I did good
    for my body.

    I would still like to share some of the major highlights
    although mellow in comparison to most, since life in the
    country can be amazingly boring while at the same time
    things seem to jump or cause jumping in the case of snakes
    and scorpians.

    Today is a perfect day to cough up some feelings too since
    it is one of those days when the rain clouds moved over in
    a dramatic fashion and then the pouring began and all my
    other intentions like washing and hanging the clothes out
    to dry went down some mental drain and I relaxed, made a
    cup of coffee and at least for the next few hours will take
    the day off. The dogs, who I must amaze, since I always
    seem to let them in just as the thunder and lightning and wind
    begin to crescendo and the line of garbage cans begin to
    scatter, are now safely laying at my feet. A cup of warm
    brew sits beside my ever faithful glass of water and if
    not for occasionally admiring the storm and the torrential
    rain, my mind is here for this while.

    For those familiar with Doc Watson's rendition of this song
    whose lyrics may be familiar to some, listen in your
    mind, to him play & sing along, that's what I do!

    Down in the Valley to Pray

    As I went down in the valley to pray
    Studyin' about that good old way
    And who shall wear the stary crown
    Good Lord, show me the way
    Oh fathers let's go down
    Let's go down come on down
    Oh fathers let's go down
    Down in the valley to pray

    As I went down in the valley to pray
    Studyin' about that good old way
    And who shall wear the robe and crown
    Good Lord, show me the way
    Oh mothers let's go down
    Come on down don't you wanna go down
    Come on mothers and let's go down
    Down in the valley to pray

    As I went down in the valley to pray
    Studyin' about that good old way
    And who shall wear the stary crown
    Good Lord, show me the way
    Oh brothers let's go down
    Let's go down come on down
    Come on brothers and let's go down
    Down in the valley to pray

    As I went down in the valley to pray
    Studyin' about that good old way
    And who shall wear the robe and crown
    Good Lord, show me the way
    Come on sinners and let's go down
    Let's go down oh, come on down
    Come on sinners and let's go down
    Down in the valley to pray

    As I went down in the valley to pray
    Studyin' about that good old way
    And who shall wear the stary crown
    Good Lord, show me the way

    While I was offline for a few weeks, I busied myself
    with the details of detoxing but also listened to music,
    and delved into inspiring books and DVDs, Deepak Chopra
    and Wayne Dyer being favorites.

    Doc Watson singing to me, "Down in the Valley to Pray"
    was a favorite to sing along with and to bring into focus
    my goal of spiritual renewal. Many of you may of heard
    Doc Watson's rendition of this song, although it was
    also featured in the movie, "Oh Brother, Where Art Thou?",
    sung by Alison Krauss.

    Seems many of my spiritual epiphanies are related to music.
    I can listen to a particular CD and remember where I was
    when I got it and what was happening in my life. Of course,
    it wasnt all that long ago that I was down in the *river* to
    pray and so it was very uplifting for me...

    It turned out to be a good thing that I broke down on the
    side of the cyberhighway. It allowed me to slow down and listen.
    I listened a lot. It was a meditation of the breath. Pulling in
    my focus so that afterward, when I allowed my choices to expand,
    I might feel differently about it and pay closer attention.

    In a way, doing the Master Cleanse had me feeling like I was
    forged in a fire and beaten to a sharpness. I craved awareness
    and peace and balance. I wanted to believe of myself that I
    could meet the challenges of living on a planet full of so
    many diverse humans, that to find the one thing in common which
    could hold us together instead of tearing us apart, has become
    a daily search.

    What I found, that worked for me, was something most consider
    precious and yet I found if I gifted it to others, it came back
    to me in kind. That gift is love. It is a gift we give and receive.
    That we should learn to share it with our fellow humans
    is something worth striving for. So simple too, that Golden Rule
    stuff our own elders would admonish us to remember when we were
    young and needed reminding.

    I also wanted to see myself reflected in my world, I wanted to
    bring wellness into my life on all levels including planetary.
    We have so many challenges as a species spinning around a star
    in a Universe that we can only imagine, it is so big.

    The lemonade and the other aspects of my fast in the latter
    days were fine. Not a problem. I appreciated it more because
    the lemonade and fasting had become like an old friend.
    Someone/thing who reflects and mirrors to me that which I try
    not to glimpse. It soaked me out of denial and encouraged me to
    face myself in a good way. A controlled way, and a healthy way.

    I knew that the fast eventually would have to end and all the
    practice of delaying gratification and saying NO to my inner child
    and YES to owning my choices would become more real as the obstacles
    of life and friends and food became a part of my reality again.

    It became about being in the present. It was laying in the sun
    watching the clouds and wondering what the others who cloud watch
    were praying about. It felt magical to go out on a starry night and
    know I was not alone. That countless others were with me in their
    thoughts and prayers. Distance may define one aspect of the experience,
    but the act of looking up brings countless numbers into a simple
    resonance. I was one of *them*...

    If you look up at night to admire the stars and pray, know I am too.

    Breaking went fine. My oranges were not as sweet as I would have
    preferred, but a dollop of maple syrup made all the difference.

    I had frozen soup and cheated a little there but it also flashed
    me to cooking and nurturing and I could taste the goodness in my
    soup...and that was a divine taste!

    Any excuse to eat good yogurt works for me. I was real good
    at portion control, eating only a 1/4th cup of soup or yogurt
    at a time. It did not take long to feel comfortable enough to up
    the amount. I had fasted 30 days though and wanted to go slow.

    That lasted until the 4th of July. Rain and company helped me
    toss all discipline to the wind and drink a beer. Again, confession
    is good for the soul!

    Yes, it was naughty. Yes, it tasted great. No, I did not feel
    guilty because I give myself permission to make choices that may
    not be popular with others or myself! It was good for my soul...ggg.
    I had a great time with my friends and other than the beer dehydrating
    me, I did not seem to suffer any serious side effects.

    Life happened while I was away, off-line. I spent more time outside.
    I picked pears and figs and apples to eat and share with our birds.
    My good guy neighbor came over and picked grapes which he turned into
    jelly and jam. He got strawberries and make preserves. I was still
    fasting when he did that project so I enjoyed going and inhaling deeply
    of my neighbor's kitchen.

    The rainy weather brought out snakes and I felt fortunate not to
    have killed any although my neighbor loves to argue my logic. One
    afternoon, I was out in our garage with some company. I turned to
    see a large snake just feet from me in a big coil. Snake, I girl
    shrieked! My company rushed over just in time to see the snake
    slither under the garage freezer. He grabbed this gizmo that helps
    you pick up socks or something, a Golden Retriever thingey. His
    intent was to reach under the freezer and nab the snake but what
    appeared was a huge toads foot! So, he grabs the toads foot and
    pulled it out.

    Attached to this toads foot and large body was its face, which was
    gargantuan by comparison to the snake, who was trying to eat the
    toad face first. My friend says, "Looks like he is trying to eat
    an elephant!". He nabbed the snake with the Golden Retriever and
    the snake spits out the toads face. We both looked at the spasming
    snake...not a bad snake, we both agreed.

    He took the Golden Retriever, snake in clamp, and carried it
    across the road for a change of scenery. The snake was fine.
    The toad even shuddered a bit and hopped off! It was the biggest
    real toad I had ever seen!

    I broke with OJ, but after finishing up a whole bag, I immediately
    juiced half a watermelon. It tasted like liquid fruit sorbet,
    all summery and sweet. I was in juice heaven. I especially liked
    that it was so alkalizing.

    One major surprise post-cleanse was something that happened. One
    of my friends came home to get their boat. He shined it and spiffed
    it and it looked really nice. It is a boat like one they used in an
    early James Bond Movie. Not so big as sporty.

    He hooked the boat trailer to his truck and was going to leave
    at the crack of dawn one morning. We said our goodbyes the night
    before since he did leave early. Earlier than the early I woke up
    hoping to still see him...ggg. He called me from the road to report
    the surprise. He was checking his rigging and discovered 3 kittens
    in the boat!

    I was stunned especially since the cat who turned out to be the mama
    was a cat I thought was a guy cat. She had come as a stray and I
    could stand close to her but not touch her.

    He was on an eight hour trip so it was too far to come back. He
    called his wife and she was excited with the prospect of baby kittens.
    She sent off for formula and some bottles at Petsmart. Me, I sort of
    wished in a perfect fantasy, that the Highway Patrol would rescue my
    kittens and bring them back home to their Mama...

    There was a gaggle of women waiting when he arrived and they had
    readied a basket for the babies which he carefully handed over to them.
    Wait, one of the women said, I hear mewing! He searched the boat and
    found 3 more kittens!

    The dogs there were not impressed but everyone else was. I was
    worried about the Mama Cat but she just wanted food and did not
    even cry for her babies. I really felt it was a Divine Intervention
    since the kittens were beginning to wander and we have our country
    dogs which run together and they love if not live to chase cats! The
    cats are amazing and survive fine in spite of the dogs but it would
    have been a problem to keep a herd of kittens from wandering out
    into the paws/jaws of a waiting dog.

    I can only imagine that the Mama Cat "Blue" lifted each kitten into
    the boat. She may have even intended to go along and escape with her
    new family to a place where dogs did not live. I will never know, but
    I know one thing. She missed the boat!

    She cried later for a few days and I prayed for her but knew the right
    thing had happened for her kittens. Thanks God~~~!

    Well, the sun has come out, the doggies are nudging me, and so I
    gotta go!

    I wish all my fellow fasters much success. My story had a great
    ending. All is well that ends well, right!

    many blessings,

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    • Hi Zoe   by  dreaming ofhawaii     16 y     1,570
      I enjoy your writings. I have been meaning to write to you for awhile; but as you say, life has been moving at a hamster-wheel pace. Although, my daughter's hamster, Natasha, died the end of June, I know very well the pace of the hamster wheel. She was an all-white breed and cute as can be. I fed her raw foods and she lived a year longer than my daughter's last two hamsters that I fed store bought seeds for. I miss her most when I make smoothies, I would give her the leftover scraps of various fruits and vegetables. Anyways....

      I enjoy the writings between you and Germanflower. I look forward to moving someday back to "the real world" and getting my first colonic. Also, I know first hand what it feels like to be a "freak" of nature. My friends and family think I am so weird at times. Oh sure, they agree that everyone should eat better, exercise, cleanse, etc., but they don't do it. My husband is slowly converting and my daughter is a real trooper. Since her period started June 1, she has been eating mostly ray, exercising daily (on a treadmill at the gym that has cable TV, we do not) and reading on early menses. She never had a period in July and I am hoping that we can stave it off for a few more years.

      I was busy exploring cure zone for different ways to arrest her early menses and I stumbled on Owen's writings. I emailed him and starting reading all of his back messages. The man if very well read and I highly respect what he has to say. I spent days reading the forums looking for his past posts.

      I have a question for you. I have been eating raw since my last MC that lasted 8 days, but I have gained weight, am hungry all of the time and have major bloating. I am thinking of going on another MC but I also think I need to do a parasite cleanse. That is one cleanse that I haven't done yet. I ordered the capsules that have the wormwood, cloves, blackwalnut hull, etc. in and started taking them last night. I already have headaches (which I never have) and burning in my stomach. I also feel lethargic and kind of sick. My question is: can I do the MC while I am still taking the capsules? And, also, since I weight about 125, do you think I should take less capsules. Maybe I would have less side effects.

      I totally agree with what you say about going to Doctors. I had a frozen shoulder in July 2001 and a contracted hip muscle (from years of running) since 1991. The orthpedic surgeon said only surgery would cure me. He even thought physical therapy was a waste of time. He said without the surgery I would never get better. Well, after finding a good Rolfer I can say that surgery would have been my downfall and I will continue to go to a Rolfer until the day that I die.

      I am saving your blogs that I missed for when I go on the MC. I will reread everything for inspiration. Thanks so much. Don't stop, I know alot of people read, even if they don't respond. I respond to very few, but I read a lot. Aloha, Kathy
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      dreaming ofhawaii
      • Re: Hi Zoe   by  Zoebess     16 y     1,661
        Hi Kathy,

        Glad to see you are still out there in the world working at living well!

        Also that you are working with your daughter to balance out her menses. I wish I had my health library handy however, it is in storage. I can still recommend kelp capsules although I am sure your research has also offered many other options.

        Sorry to hear about Natasha. As a youngster, my brothers and I had two white hamsters named Snowball and SnowFlake. We were on our porch playing with them and a neighbor who was a mean spirited person allowed his dog "Freddie" to snatch them up and kill them. We sure loved them while we could and never did forget the mean neighbor, Joe Fondo, and his killer dog, Freddie!

        You are very right that Owen is a sweetheart and so willing to share his wisdom and research. I like to check out his website and postings too. Let me know what ultimately you find that works for you daughter. For my daughter and I, her beginning her menses was a big deal. I had my friends over and we threw a party for her. It was bonding too to demonstrate on myself how to insert a tampon and then she tried it on herself...that kind of stuff my mom would never have addressed. She always referred to my special parts as *down there*...ggg. I enjoy a more comfortable relationship and my daughter and I laugh because so often we cycle together or a day or two apart.

        I cannot recommend fasting while doing a parasite cleanse. If you were taking a liquid perhaps since I also use a parasite homeopathic formula which my friend brought me from Germany. I cannot even understand the instructions but she told me the dosage. Still, I could take those with my extensive cleansing, and not have a problem with excessive die-off. I parasite cleanse routinely just because I know it is probable I am getting something. Your bloat and hunger suggest you are just dealing with it so you may want to be aggressive. Begin with a 30 day cleanse and if you still have symptoms, do it again. My naturopath uses Orea cookies to lure her parasites out from inside organs where many live. I have my late summer and fall cleansing strategy forming and it looks intense. Candida first and then parasites, parasites, and then a November 14 day OJ fast when the new crop of oranges comes in. I am hoping there are no hurricanes here in Texas to contend with since pyschically, it can be difficult for me to focus on cleansing when I am stringing electrical lines to generators and filling up barrels so we have water when power goes out.

        No need either to lower the recommended dose. Just be sure to drink plenty of water to keep the toxins moving. The parasites often shed a gazillion eggs when they are dying and do not go without a fight. In between, they defecate in your bloodstream and that contributes greatly to feeling bad.

        I watched a NOVA program once on parasites which really had an effect on me.

        Conquest of the Parasites

        NOVA examines the complex world of parasites, parasitic diseases and the exciting work currently being done by a new breed of medical researchers as they meet the challenge of conquering the world's number one medical problem.

        Original broadcast date: 01/29/85
        Topic: medicine/disease & research

        I lost my innocence watching the footage where they microscopically watched parasites doing nasty stuff in your body. I also watched my own parasites on a dark field study and my naturopath pointed out the different ones. I got to see my candida "bloom" once it figured it was outside the body. The test requires a drop or two of blood. My husband had it done and had a blood parasite so rare my naturopath called in her students to show it to them. It was weird looking. You also get to watch your blood cells battle these invaders and I realized how important it was to keep my immune system up. I consider myself a passive person and yet, I had war going on in my body! So, once I began to give my body help in fighting off the intruders I began to heal and feel better. Your parasite cleanse is just the ammunition your body needs to help it fight the battle against the parasites. It will all take time so be patient. Certainly, unless you live in a bubble, you will want to keep up your parasite protocol annually if not bi-annually.
        The headaches and gut ache are detoxing symptoms. Again, water will help flush the waste out as fast as it can. If it gets too intense, and it can, lower the dose or quit for a day so your body can catch up. I had that happen when I was eating Oil of Oregano capsules...whew...did I stir up my hornets nest!!

        Let me know how it goes for you!

        Are you getting to go home in August?? I am leaving next week for a week with my daughter. I will visit my storage, toss down some mouse pellets and say a prayer all is well until the next time...ggg.

        I wish you the best!



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        • Oreos Yum   by  dreaming ofhawaii     16 y     1,388
          Every time I see that Oreo I want one. I haven't had "real" sugar in so long. We had a two pack of oreos in the freezer my husband threw in there that he got on the plane. I had to eat them with my parasite pills. I am so weak, but boy were they good. Now I am craving more.

          I went back to the original dose of the parasite pills. Three pills three times a day. My body is better handling them now. These parasite pills are from Herbal Way that someone on curezone recommended to me. They seem to work great. But I ordered more from Humaworm for my daughter and me. The pills have stopped my night time eating and I lost 3 lbs effortlessly. Before, if I didn't eat all evening long and right before I went to bed, I wouldn't be able to fall asleep and I would be real antsy. My legs would feel crawly, too. I should have know something was wrong. Now I know the parasites probably wanted fed. My daughter has a few symptoms also, like an itchy nose and mouth. Also an allergy to peanuts that cause her to break out in cold sores.

          I will be leaving for Hawaii in a week or two. We are taking a military flight, so I never know when one will pop up. They don't post in advance (because of terrorist) and you never know if you will get a seat. We have been pretty lucky, though. We have to drive (about 2-3hours) to Yokota Air Base to catch the flight, though, and most stop first in Guam. Makes for a long, long day. But at least I can stock up at the health food store, go shopping, to Borders and check out new books and walk on the hot sand and dive in the healing ocean. Yahoo!!!

          I am still waiting to see what happens with my daughter the first of August; she is not always so cooperative with the diet being ten and all. She still can't swallow pills. If it is capsules I can open them up and put the contents into applesauce. I don't think at this point she would want to celebrate the start of her menses. She thinks it is awful, poor thing.

          When I return from Hawaii, I probably will be ready for another MC. I decided to wait until then and let the parasite cleanse do its thing first. I am curious about your youthing ceremony. You would think they would celebrate youth in the spring, but maybe in the autumn it keeps you from turning into "winter". How do you do the ceremony?

          Have a great trip. We will be looking forward to your posts when you return. Aloha
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          dreaming ofhawaii
          • Re: Oreos Yum   by  Zoebess     16 y     1,418
            Ten is a little young. Is your daughter eating lots of meat which have hormones added to them? I noticed when my own daughter was growing up, her friends who ate lots more meat than we did developed much earlier and began their menses early too.

            Yeah, I like Oreos too although I do not eat refined sugar often at all so Oreos are not a big temptation. I love the idea of them since I have many fond memories of dipping them in milk. You are right about the histamine reactions of the itchy nose, even the ears, are symptoms of parasites. Certainly, I see people swiping their noses and that is the first thing I think off. Brittle fingernails is another good sign to look for. Yay that you are doing your cleanses though! Certainly you may find you lose more than a few pounds since once the parsites are gone, your cravings diminish and you will find you are more nutritionally sated by the food you are eating since the parasites are not getting the cream off the top. You may want to investigate your candida cleansing for down the road. We all have yeast but an overgrowth can cause problems and if you have never done a cleanse, its simple and the diet requirements can also contribute to weight loss.

            The youthing ceremony happens always on the Harvest Moon in the fall. I wish I had more details about the history but its something which there is not much written about. We do not even write about it. I know there is something to it since my friend who does it every year just this summer stopped her menses and she is 66.

            My first youthing ceremony was interesting since people flew in from all over the world just for that one day!

            Last year, I was here alone with a friend who had evacuated from New Orleans who had also done the youthing ceremony many times. Most of our youthing crowd was doing the ceremony up in Arkansas but we did our own ceremony here and my friend made a big fire and firewalked which was really nice. It was especially nice to have the ceremony be simple and profound and of course I enjoyed watching him walk the fire over and over.

            They do hold the ceremony in Germany if that is an easy place for you to get a military plane ride to. Google the youthing ceremony later in the summer and you should be able to find someone who is conducting the ceremony. The one I do will have something about it being an African ceremony or lineage. There seem to be other kinds, Native American, which is not the one I have done.

            I hope you have a great trip back home to the warm Hawaiian waters and a nice dose of American culture...ggg. You might have to buy some Paul Newman version of Oreos...ggg...healthy....yum...heee heee....

            Have a great day~~!

            be happy, be well,


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            • Re: Oreos Yum   by  dreaming ofhawaii     16 y     1,401
              No, actually, my daughter doesn't like meat. I never ate meat when I was pregnant or nursing her and she just doesn't have a taste for it. She is tall for her age, all legs, and thin. I know if she had excess fat, like I did as a child, that would be a factor, but she doesn't. Although mine started at 10 and 1/2. I don't push milk on her, either Growing up in Hawaii, she didn't have flouride in the water. I don't know. I sure hope it doesn't come back. She has been pretty diligent about eating better since that first one in June.

              No, we can't take military flights to Germany. We are civilians, so we can only travel the Pacific region. We can't even traverse the US. Just to Seattle, McChord or Travis.

              I stopped after the two oreos. Cane sugar doesn't agree with me, although they sure tasted good. I know that sugar lures out the hidden parasites, but I will have to lure them out with maple syrup or agave.

              What are the symptoms of candida and how do you get rid of that? So much cleansing to do. You know of any thing to reverse the need of reading glasses. Ugggg I hate them, having never worn glasses all of my life. I have pairs everywhere around the house in varying strengths.

              You have a great trip, too. Aloha
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              dreaming ofhawaii
              • Re: Oreos Yum   by  Zoebess     16 y     1,557
                Candida is like parasites...lots of ways to knock down an overgrowth. I use the Herbal Healer protocol just because I have used it for years and was the one my naturopath recommended for me. It worked well and so I have stuck with it. There is lots of info online and I also read lots of the candida books.


                Giving up beer and mushrooms was the most difficult for me but I had systemic candida and so had to be aggressive in my treatment of it.

                When you are in the states, check out your bookstores and health food store and try not to get overwhelmed by the choices...ggg

                Yeah, refined sugar burns my throat so I limit my intake and that only after weighing if I really want it or not. I prefer to bake my own sweets using honey or raw sugar. Its not what Grandma made but I suppose my tastes have changed...ggg.

                Glasses, there are exercises you can do but my books on that are also in storage. Check on is one article from my files:


                Better Vision Without Glasses: The Newest Methods of Building Perfect Eyesight Without the Use of Artificial Contrivances

                We all want good eyesight— eyes that see clearly, that are bright and denote vitality. We do not want to suffer from eyestrain, nor do we enjoy wearing unattractive and bothersome glasses. Oculists and optometrists have been unable to give us healthy eyes. In spite of the increasing numbers of eye doctors who have entered public service in recent years our eyesight is becoming worse and worse. But this condition is not without solution. Thanks to the work of Dr. William H. Bates, of the New York Eye and Ear Infirmary, as well as other broadminded doctors and scientists, we now have a system of eye care which is marvelously effective, one which is able to give you excellent eyesight without the use of glasses.

                Hygienists were the first to grasp the importance of the discoveries of Dr. Bates. They quickly employed the techniques he recommended, and with good results. Patient after patient has discarded his glasses after using the Bates system of the eye training for a few weeks to a few months. But the oculist and optometrist, those who should be most interested have shown practically no interest in Dr. Bates’ discoveries. They continue recommending and fitting eyeglasses to their patients in spite of the overwhelming evidence that these are unnecessary if the more natural hygienic measures are employed.


                Now let us consider the eyes from the standpoint of the newer knowledge of hygiene and the latest discoveries of Dr. Bates. First the matter of nutrition and its relation to eyesight will take our attention. Prior to World War I it was not known that food had any important effect upon the eyes. But when the armies who invaded Belgium took most of the dairy stock, and fresh fruits and vegetables became very scarce many of the Belgians developed hemeralopia, better known as night blindness. Many things were tried to overcome this ailment, but all to no avail. Then came the summer and a new supply of fruits and vegetables, together with more dairy products, and the night blindness soon disappeared. At first this was quite a mystery but now it can easily be explained. The fruits, vegetables and dairy products are good sources of vitamin A. In recent years it has been shown repeatedly in experimental tests that night blindness frequently occurs when vitamin A is lacking in the diet. Of course this vitamin is no cure-all for every eye disease and its lack is not the cause of all eye troubles. Nevertheless, it is of greater importance than any other single element in determining eye health. If you want good eyesight you should refrain from eating those foods which have lost their vitamin A through modern methods of food preparation. Use plenty of green and yellow vegetables, which are among the finest sources of Vitamin A.

                The importance of vitamin A has frequently caused nutritionists to overlook the effect of other elements upon the eyes. In reality, the eyes are helped by an abundant supply of all the vitamins and minerals. Deficiencies of calcium, potassium and sodium, in addition to vitamin A, have often produced blindness in animals. Then these elements are added to the diet, and the animals regain their vision. Nursing calves become blind if their mother's diet lacks certain essential vitamins and minerals. In nutritional deficiency diseases such as pellagra we also find that the retina of the eye is inflamed. Dr. Sydenstricker, of the University of Mississippi Medical School, has shown a deficiency of riboflavin in the diet frequently causes dim vision and bloodshot eyes. In addition, it is reported that a lack of riboflavin frequently causes cataract in animals, and it may do the same in man. The eyes of experimental animals also become diseased when vitamin C, vitamin D, paraminobenizoic acid, inosital and certain amino acids are lacking in the diet. These facts should speak for themselves and show you the importance of using foods which have not lost most of their vital elements. You should use only raw foods in your diet, foods which still have the elements the eyes need. Remember that vitamin A is easily lost in the cooking process, that much vitamin C is lost when milk is pasteurized, and that refined grains have lost most or all of their original content of riboflavin. Use natural plant foods if you want good eyesight.


                The second great need of the eyes is plenty of sunshine. Fish which live in dark caves, into which no sunlight enters are blind. Their eyes atrophy and in many cases disappear. Light, especially sunlight, will strengthen the eyes. If you have dark sunglasses, discard them, for they do you more harm than good. Then go outside and let the sun shine on your closed eyelids. Start doing this very gradually; a few minutes or less the first day is enough. Eventually you will be able to let the sun shine on your lids over longer periods of time. Blinking into the sun is also good for the eyes but it should not be overdone. In the beginning stages this blinking should be done in the late afternoon or early morning when the sun's rays are not so strong. If you follow these instructions and give your eyes sunbaths you will soon note that your eyesight is improving and that your eyes are less sensitive to strong lights.

                RELAXING THE EYES

                The finest known method of relaxing tired, strained eyes is to palm them. Place the cups of your hands over both eyes so as to exclude all light. Then completely relax and try to see nothing except black. At first you may see gray or flashes of other colors. But just keep trying until you see black, black and only black. Try to imagine a black box or some other black object if that will help when they are tired. When cataracts exist palming is especially valuable.

                Another method of relaxing tired, strained eyes is to blink often. Whenever you notice the slightest eyestrain blink your eyes about 20 times. Children blink more often than adults do, and this is one factor which accounts for their better eyesight. If you have a serious eye defect you should blink much more often than otherwise. It is especially important to blink frequently while reading. Don't blink so often that it interferes with your reading but simply stop occasionally and blink gently a dozen times or more.

                EYE EXERCISES

                The use of eye exercises forms the basis of all modern hygienic systems of the eye training. The eyes need exercise just as do the other parts of the body. When this is lacking the muscles and tissues attached .to the eyeball become strained and rigid. They are no longer capable of giving efficient service. Then, when a program of eye exercises is employed, the muscles regain their flexibility, suppleness and coordination. There is an increased flow of blood to the eyes, bringing greater amounts of nutritive material. The tissues gain better tone and strength, and recovery is facilitated. The following exercises should be employed by all who have weak eyes. Blink several times between the movements. Blinking will enable you to do more exercise and will keep your eyes from getting sore, especially where you are doing the exercises for the first time.

                1. With your middle finger very gently massage the closed eyes in a rotary motion.

                2. Alternately close the eyes very tightly and open them as wide as possible. Do this at least 20 times per day. When you squeeze your eyes shut, the tissues around them are exercised, and this does much to prevent the formation of unattractive lines in the surrounding skin. The muscles attached to the eyeball are also exercised, and the tear glands, which supply an alkaline secretion which keeps the eyes bright and clean, are stimulated.

                3. Look upward and then downward as far as you can. Alternate the movement. Do not move the head in doing this exercise; move only the eyeballs.

                4. Look to the right and then to the left as far as possible.

                5. Look up and to the right, then down and left. Reverse the movement and look up and to the left and down and to the right.

                6. Roll the eyes around in a circular motion. Look to the right, down, to the left, upward and then to the right again. Repeat at least 10 times and reverse the direction of the movement.

                7. Hold a pencil or similar object about 10 or 11 inches from your eyes. First look at the end of the pencil for a few seconds; then look at some object in the distance. Do this alternately at least a dozen times.

                8. Hold some object about 14 inches from your eyes. Then move it in every possible manner- up, down, to the right, to the left, obliquely and in a circular path. Keep your eyes on the moving object all the time but do not move your head. This calls into action all of the six important eye muscles

                GENERAL EYE CARE

                Most of the things which optometrists tell us harm the eyes, are really good for them. Reading fine print, reading in a dim light, reading in a moving automobile or streetcar, reading while lying down- all of these have been claimed to weaken the eyes. However, in reality, they do not hurt the eyes at all. You can read all the fine print you wish and it will actually improve your eyesight. You can't gain strong eyes by pampering them. The eyes were made for use and the more they are used, within certain limits, the stronger they will be.

                Now we come to the question of glasses. One of the first things most students of eye gymnastics ask is: "Will I be able to discard my glasses?" In most cases the glasses can be discarded; the only exceptions are those individuals whose eyes possess mechanical deformities such as flattened lens. Simple eye ailments such as nearsightedness and farsightedness quickly respond to eye gymnastics. It should be remembered that eyeglasses in themselves never remedy eye troubles. They are simply crutches, and the more they are used the weaker the eyes become. As the eyes weaken the glasses must be changed. The new glasses have stronger lenses and the eyes are correspondingly weakened still further. If the patient lives long enough for this process to be carried to its logical conclusion, blindness is often expected. So if you wear glasses and do not suffer from a mechanical eye defect the first thing to do is to discard them. The longer you wear them the more difficult it will eventually be to bring your eyes back to a normal, healthy condition.

                After discarding your glasses begin an eye-training program which includes attention to every hygienic measure that has been proven helpful to the eye. First go on a fast in order to improve the general condition of your body and hence give your eyes a better chance to become healthy. The length of this fast should depend on the condition your eyes are in while being treated. If you have cataracts it will be necessary to undertake a long fast. Other eye troubles do not often call for long fasts. After the fast pay the greatest attention to your diet. Remember to use only uncooked foods which are rich in vitamins and minerals. Give your eyes daily sunbaths, palm them at periodic intervals, blink them as often as you can, and use all of the different eye exercises everyday. By doing this you should notice a distinct improvement in your eyesight within a few weeks to a few months. During the fast there may be some improvement, and as you get well along in your eye gymnastics you will notice that your eyes are stronger than ever. Don't expect miracles. There won't be any. The possession of perfect eyesight does not come overnight. But in the end, if you pursue your work every day, you should gain a set of normal, healthy eyes which require no artificial contrivances of any kind to enable you to see easily and clearly.


                I hope you have a nice trip too...especially that the plane comes for you!!

                Have a great day!

                be happy, be well,


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