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The Master Cleanse Express
by Zoebess

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  • Day 23   by  Zoebess     16 y     4,515       5 Messages Shown       Blog: The Master Cleanse Express

    Day 23, it felt like my sap began to rise. I did not do the
    Salt Water Flush, opting for the lax tea again. It was sort
    of comforting to sip something warm and sweet instead of the
    room temperature briny saltwater.

    There was a flurry of activity early in the morning since it
    seems we are back to the hot days of summer. Certainly, if I
    were not fasting, it would be a great day to set up a WATER
    WAR and invite the neighbors over so we could soak each other.

    If I were younger, that old family favorite, the slip-n-slide
    would be appropriate for today! A roll of plastic and a hose
    and you are in business!

    Of course, you can expect some bruising if you slam the
    ground too hard!

    My neighbors had not moved here yet when we had the whole house
    involved in a water battles. It begins with some unspoken decision,
    usually born of a weatherman's forcast. Then we make plans. I
    have my own bathroom and am an expert at making water balloons.

    We will hide water balloons in the freezer outside to get cool
    and then, to protect them, I will put mine in a cooler in my
    van and lock it! We hide them all over the property too. Usually
    the girls have the patience to make water balloons and the guys
    depend on leaping like gazelles to avoid being hit since the girls
    are also notoriously bad marks when it comes to throwing them.

    We have a variety of water guns but the weapon of choice is a
    Stream Machine. I have a couple of the largest, which when
    filled, can deliver an awesome amount of drenching!

    One sign a water war is coming up is the disappearance of
    buckets and garbage cans. My friend's husband is always up
    first and he can be seen scurrying around hiding the water
    buckets in the fields and behind trees. If I peek from my
    bathroom window and watch, I can figure out where many of
    them are since it is important in reloading to have a source
    of water.

    If you are unsuspecting, it is nothing to go outside some
    morning and be hit in the back from a water gun of someone
    up on the roof!

    Anyway, its lots of fun when its hot and it seems to revive
    everyone out of the summer doldrums and there is so much laughing
    and squealing (by the girls) and whoops of victory by the guys.
    I do not think the girls have ever really *won* any battles, but
    its still fun to get wet and wild.

    We do have one water guns in the house!

    For the most part though, today, my plan is to get my
    chores done and hole up in my airconditioning. I did all
    my Master Cleanse chores too. Its always nice to make a day's
    worth of lemonade for me since it seems the hunger for it hits
    me and it helps me to stick with the program if all I need to
    do is reach for a bottle. I read in my research that if you
    wanted to make up a days worth at a time to store it in a
    bottle right up to the top so there is not much air in the
    bottle to break down the enzymes. So that is one change I
    have made recently.

    I had bookkeeping to do today and it went very easy too. I
    like fridays since it is a chance to get everything done and
    be ready for the weekend. So, laundry, the few dishes I am
    getting dirty, and floors and vacuming.

    Most of all, I wanted to finish up a couple of blog entries
    I had been researching and thinking about. I was successful
    in putting them together and still had good energy so that
    really made me feel encouraged that my sap was rising again!

    I am still adding more cayenne so kept that up and am amazed
    how fast my body adjusted to it! No more mouth on fire!

    I went to visit the neighbors. It was the first day I felt
    like doing it. My neighbor's wife had been shopping and so
    I was able to admire her new purchases. I look forward to when
    we can go together shopping and to lunch at *our* favorite
    Asian Diner, Pei Wei's. We always go there when we go out
    together since there are so many healthy food choices!

    I did not stay too long since the smells of brunch were so
    good, and my mind has wandered to food a time or two today.
    I give the birds snacks, fruit, veggies, and cheese and even
    meat. Giving them crackers today, I so wanted to lick a cracker
    ...ggg. I must be craving salt!

    I also noticed today my tongue is getting pinker! Now that is
    exciting. There is a patch way to the back which is still gruey
    looking but its nowhere the shag fur carpet I had just a few days
    ago. I took out my super duper magnifying mirror and checked it
    out! It gives me 10X the view of the gunk and also 10X the view of
    less gunk so thats what I was looking at!

    I did wander out in the late afternoon to jump and bake on
    the trampoline. Our kitty, Miracle, was cozied under some
    bushes with her face in the sun...

    The rest of the day I puttered around with my files. I
    listened to some music for company and kept the lemonade
    flowing. I am still on my cayenne kick and the more that
    comes out one end, the more I want to drink up the
    lemonade/cayenne drink.

    It was another beautiful night outside and I enjoyed going
    out and gazing at the stars. I know I am not alone in this
    habit so I find it comforting to think that others are
    contemplating our place in the the same time
    I am...

    It is fun to find the symbols in the night sky that people
    have looked at for ages. Here is the Big Dipper...

    I used to have some good binoculars which gave me *eyes*
    in the night, but someone borrowed them and I have never
    seen them again! waah...

    I like watching planes and the sometimes unexplainable stuff,
    although I am very good at spotting satellites which are more
    frequently seen sailing through the night sky.

    All in all, it was a great day, and I had a lot to pray
    about and be thankful for as I stood under the canopy of
    stars amidst the sounds of summer. I could even smell a
    campfire by the pond which is in walking distance. Hee
    hee hee, it made me think of marshmallows!

    I am always glad too when the end is in sight of a long
    project like this. I have 7 days to go and its been a good
    journey, through my mental landscape, and my day to day
    interaction with myself, "off food". There have been times
    when just breathing through the moments of temptation was
    the only thing I could do. It makes me feel very glad to
    have remained true to my commitment.

    Another lax tea, and snuggling in bed with my thoughts
    and the warmth of my belly was nice. For some reason I did
    not want to go to sleep and turned so many thoughts over
    in my mind...trying to leave no stone unturned so-to-speak.

    I suppose when you are having a low day and have to
    reliquenish everything because there is not an ounce of
    energy to even think about it, that once you feel your
    sap rise, you want to gather up all those thoughts again
    and infuse them with fresh enthusiasm. So that is where
    I was as I lay there in the dark with the whirr of the
    air-conditioning the only competition to my brain
    clicking away....

    I hope all my fellow fasters have a great day tomorrow
    and that we all try harder to seek out the fun to be had
    in our lives. Laughter is good for the soul!

    be happy, be well,

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    • aunt flo question   by  Germanflower     16 y     1,378
      Sweet aunt flo is getting ready to come visit again and all the sudden my entire abdomen is...bloated and painful! I don't get bloated normally, and usually I don't even realize it until she actually comes knocking at the door and then I go "Oh yeah, it's time." But I know it's got to be related, huh? Maybe all this cayenne has really stirred things up but tomorrow is the 25th so this is like clockwork. It can't be starvation and otherwise I feel fine. Last time everything was in my head, neck and upper body except for some hip pain for a few you think that the cycle is more pronounced on MC? Will I have my reward in a few days after the tides subside? I'm scared of what the cramps are going to be like, I normally have about 2 hours' worth of yucky ones and then it goes away. Am I cleansing something serious here or getting excited about nothing? I have no previous "female trouble" LOL--I love to use that euphemism...I AM female trouble, haha.

      Great job Zoe, I feel a little lazy relying on YOUR blog for MY inspiration so much...but it's like the morning paper to me these days...a cult...LOL.

      AND, I've been meaning to ask you, what ever happened to the planet on the top of your head anyways?
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      • Re: aunt flo question   by  Zoebess     16 y     1,251
        LOL...after I finished my blog entry about yesterday and I was walking through the house and unconsciously felt for my "bump", I realized I had forgotten to give my Mount Vesuvius report. It was still there but it is going down not and not going up soooo yaaaay. Thank you SITZ BATH! I will do a small entry on that since I have been doing it for about 3 months and love it. I just forked out the $19.95 too for the PDF book on it so, its great to have some confirmation I am doing it right....

        Anyway, yes, the MC does do a number on the hormones. I was reading this somewhere in my research journey and it made me glad my cycle came early in my cleanse. The last time, it came late but only because I was surprised I had lasted that long...ggg. Both of my experiences were that the cycles were not as achey-breaky.
        My most unexciting day is the first day so a plan to read in bed with a hot water bottle can be handy. I can really recommend the ginseng tea which helps menstrual issues. I drank a quart a day while Aunt Flo visited and although those seven days seemed long, they were not painful and I did not even miss chocolate! Of course keeping up the epsom salt baths encourages your body to release all pain...ggg

        I am glad my blog is inspiring some since that was most of my own motivation. If no one ever looked at my blog, well, I can indulge in self-talk but hey, as you know, my neighbors were not especially okay with this until they realized they could not change my mind. Now they are okay but ready for it to be over...ggg. You all here at the forum are my support!

        Also, it was a chance to put in one place many of the answers to so many questions that kept coming up in the forum. People do seem to be more informed and confident and as well, not exactly what I would call "cultish" as much as, supportive...ggg.

        Certainly, I would be the last one to declare Stanley Burroughs word as gospel. Especially in light of the fact he is dead...gggg, and also I think if he were here, say moderating his own forum, he would shift with some of the sands of time and include things we have widely available to us that were not when he was treating those thousands of people. For example, ginseng tea would be under the chapter, what to do when your cycle shows up on the cleanse!!

        be happy, be well,
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        • Hi Zoebess   by  dreaming ofhawaii     16 y     1,245
          I am back from my trip to LA. Sorry about your computer. I leave all of my computer problems to my son. He is in Oregon, but somehow, magically, he fixes my computer via long distance. Now if only I can get him to program my VCR. I hope your computer troubles are over soon. I can't wait to see how the rest of your cleanse went and the changes to your body.

          Not to be too personal, buy I thought I read somewhere in your writings that you were about 51 years of age. I am 54. My "Aunt Flo" left me about 3 years ago. My daughter, age 10 and 4 months had her first one last month. Well, she was devastated. So we had a talk and revamped her diet (as much as I can control when she is home). She is eating more raw with no soda, little processed sugar and white flour. Low and behold, this month she had only about 3 spots in one day and that was it. She is a believer now. I am hoping we can hold it off for a couple more years until she is more mature and better able to handle it.

          LA was fun. We were at the Westin in the Financial District. Nice and Ritzy. We did take the bus and subway a couple of days to Pasadena and Hollywood. I got to eat at the Souplantation (my favorite) and shop at Target, Ross and Whole Foods. I bought a suitcase of raw nuts, nut butters, cheese, dates, raisins, etc. back to Japan with me. Also some raw Larabars, etc. Couldn't find the smooth move, but I didn't find a health food store. We are planning on going to Hawaii next month to check on our houses, so I will further stock up then.

          My Japanese friend gave me a container full of raw, fermented soybeans to make miso soup, along with some seaweed. Talk about implanting the good flora in your gut. Wow! That stuff is potent. I need to cut back; too fast, too furious.

          Well, I will have fun reading the rest of your blogs that I missed. I had trouble finding this blog after being gone. I think I will refer back to it every time I cleansed. My next one will be after my Hawaii trip in late Aug. or early Sept. Although, I feel like I need one now. Have a great day. Aloha

          One thing I figured out is, do not do the MC before a trip, do it after a trip (to clean out the junk you have no control over eating) and also to fly on foreign carriers. They are not bancrupt like US carriers and they treat you like people and the service is much, much better.
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          dreaming ofhawaii
          • Re: Hi Zoebess   by  Zoebess     16 y     1,366
            Hello! glad to read you are back safely AND that you had a good trip. Funny to see that someone can get excited about Target but I do understand. Before WalMart invaded every small town, I had a friend who would fly to visit me and coordinate the trip so she could shop there for the holidays! We do not have Ross's up north so that can still be fun. We are naughty and call it Ross's Cross-Dress for Less...ggg...

            Well, I just got back online yesterday myself. I had a polymorphic worm that sets itself off 6 months after infection. It did not take very long to wipe it out...just the time to get my computer guy over here since he was in the middle of a project. It gave me time to get outside and to read and dream and such. Lots of quiet times and healing.

            I will blog more about it but do not have the time this weekend to do a lot since I have company coming today and then next week on tuesday so I am giving everything a good dusting and mopping. Actually, I let myself get dehydrated so I am chugging a half a watermelon this morning and zapping my kidneys since this morning I woke with a severe ache in my right one. It is better already but is a HUGE reminder of the importance of water. I also switched water and was drinking bottles of spring water and it is probably more mineralized than what I was drinking. Not sure why my body reacted so strongly but it did. Otherwise, the cleanse and break have been a breeze. I had company just after breaking so probably did not eat as well as I could have but I am back on my plan again and integrating the changes. It feels good with the exception of my surprise aching this morning.

            ggg...I think it is better to MC before a trip. I am going to take a trip myself to visit with my daughter and doing this cleanse will keep me on the straight and narrow. Certainly, I may slurge but not go overboard. Then a short cleanse after to remind me of the choice to keep up my progress, and I will be happier for the focus.

            If your daughter keeps spotting, some kelp capsules can really help smooth out her hormones. I will be 52 next month. My cycles are still regular and I am happy to have them for now. My friend, whose home I live at, just stopped her period and she is 66. When she was younger she traveled the world studying with Shamans, healers, witch doctors and curanderos. In Africa, she overheard some men talking in a group reminescing about the Civil War, in first person. She badgered her teacher, a witch doctor, enough that she was taught a youthing ceremony, which was why the men visiting had gotten so old. She has done it for years and she does not look her age and certainly if you need a period at 66 is proof of its effectiveness. I think she just got tired of cycling though and wished it away or perhaps she would have it for much longer. I have been doing the youthing ceremony for 5 years now. It is only done once a year when the harvest comes in the fall. Anyway, I expect to be cycling 10 years from now...ggg

            Did the miso or the seaweed clean you out?? or both?? I laugh to think of you packing nuts and raisens and such home to Japan. I had a friend who was a musician who went regularly to Russia. She would take her friends there toilet paper, laundry soap and condoms. She tells stories of working her way through customs with that stuff...ggg.

            Sorry you did not get a good traveling experiences these past few years have not been pleasant. Delays and lost baggage and long lines make it feel like a gamble when I go traveling. My last trip I took I did have a miracle where they must have radioed ahead to hold the plane for me since I made my flight through a series of impossible seeming obstacles and even included a ride on one of those courtesy carts just as I had stopped racing and said, God, I give up! The stewardesses even brought me two bottles of water without me asking since I must have looked like I had gone the mile did feel like it. Still, I try to avoid flying since it is not what it used to be. I used to fly often too. Now I make sure I have some movies and my laptop and it makes any hellish wait much easier. I bought insurance for this upcoming if there is a to a motel I will go. It will pay for meals, lodging...all that.

            Well, I hope you can find the Chocolate Smooth Move when you get back. I would be willing to ship some to your Hawaii home if you would like in time to meet you in August. Do they have good health food places in Hawaii?? I am sold on that stuff. I do not use the lax tea or SWF except when doing a long cleanse but it will be my lax tea of choice from now on. Let me know if you would like me to send some. I can find it easily here...Kroger's carries it! Thats just a regular grocery, not even a health food one.


            Well, my last glass of watermelon. I think a hot bath now and some energy work to calm down everything and I should be good to go on with my dusting flurry...ggg. You may have to wait until next week for another blog entry from me but the main news is it went fine and now I am facing the post-break where the challenges are a bit different. I have a trip and 3 different birthday celebrations coming up as well as a benefit picnic. I plan to be good so have some serious self-talk sessions coming up!!!

            I hope you have a great day too!

            Many blessings,
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