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    The Master Cleanse Express

The Master Cleanse Express
by Zoebess

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  • Day 22   by  Zoebess     16 y     3,458       3 Messages Shown       Blog: The Master Cleanse Express

    Day 22 was a day I felt like I was swimming against the tide.
    I did all of my chores and Master Cleanse extra-curriculars,
    but I felt like I was dragging around a 25 pound weight
    attached to my bum...ggg...

    I felt like my life was going in slow motion, and try as I
    might, I was not making much progress...nothing seemed to help.

    I decided to go outside to sunbathe since that does not take
    too much energy and it is very healing.

    That lasted just under 5 minutes since a storm moved in and
    put out my light so-to-speak. I decide to go to the highway
    and get the mail at the box before heavier rain came. On the
    way back, I got a bright idea!

    I decided to just give in...turn on the air conditioning and
    loll about in my bed. I did not even feel like reading. I did
    not feel like listening to television or music. I did not feel
    like drinking anymore lemonade! I felt like I had the flu
    without the symptoms and that my body was struggling for rest....

    Within minutes it seemed I had drifted to an ancient place.
    I was stone and still and the sands of sleep covered my body
    and my thoughts and I struggled to let go, the lingering
    thoughts of my desires and wants I had wanted to accomplish
    flying at me like a swarm of gnats...

    At last, I disconnected, my thoughts went quiet and I was
    flying in some universal reality...nothing here mattered and
    even the dogs barking filtered in but nothing could stop the
    sleep from overcoming me and taking me on my journey into a
    cosmic unknown...

    I zoned out and though aware of shifting my body position,
    I felt like wherever I went, I went to soak up energy and to
    saturate my body with healing...

    Time must have stopped while I checked out the comet factory
    and enjoyed the healing of those that watch over us. I did not
    sleep all the day but slowly came back into my body somewhat
    more secure that my detox seizure had let go.

    It took me about an hour to reorient myself and get my feet
    on terra firma...ggg. I felt like I imagine an astronaut feels
    when he has been gone to outer space for a while and tries to
    walk again when he comes back.

    I remind myself how much I like coffee and would love to have
    some now. Dutifully, and faithful to my commitment, I fetch a
    bottle of lemonade from the refrigerator and like an alchemist,
    measure out the cayenne, and stir the red specks in my glass
    until the whole mixture has a radiant glow of carmine red.

    I did not listen to the news past the drone of some sting
    operation in Miami. I did not watch television. I did not do
    much else the evening except post a little to the forum, to
    reinforce my will to stick with the program. I brushed the dogs
    who were more than happy to roll from side to side for attention.

    I almost didnt take a bath but knew sleeping and detoxing meant
    my body needed to soak off the sweat no matter how sweet it

    I changed my sheets and opened the window to listen to the night
    sounds while my bath ran and my lax tea steeped. I was grateful
    for the night coming. It meant more rest and that today was ending
    and tomorrow with all its promise, would emerge while I slept.

    I hoped with all my heart that tomorrow, things would speed up and
    that the energy I longed for would arrive. I blame or bless the
    cayenne for the detoxing so am not really discouraged. No one
    really likes the low days though...ggg

    I wish all my fellow fasters success in their detoxing~~~!

    be happy, be well,

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    • Arisen   by  Faraday2006     16 y     1,029

      You are such a strong person when it comes to feeling irregular. I admire your strength and honesty with yourself even through these difficult moments. Your determination and willpower is as strong the underlying natural forces of nature. I would say you are like an Oak Tree who stands out above the rest.

      May nature bless you with everything you need, because that is exactly what you deserve.

      Your elegant use of illustrations brings great emototion.
      Long days and Pleasant Nights, you truely are a great inspiration.
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      • Re: Arisen   by  Zoebess     16 y     882
        Thank you very much for your words and the moving graphics! I especially appreciate that you did not feel I was too *out* there with sharing how my day went. I was feeling disoriented and yet so peaceful...healing on a emotional and spiritual level...

        Thank you too for your encouragement...

        I appreciate it.


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