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The Master Cleanse Express
by Zoebess

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  • Day 21   by  Zoebess     16 y     3,692       5 Messages Shown       Blog: The Master Cleanse Express

    My neighbor came calling this morning. He was grading the road
    after all the rain to give the ruts a workout. We went to admire
    the garden and he is going to take the ripe tomatoes home since
    I am still not going to need any for another week or so.

    He is going to be cooking for a benefit for a friend in July so I
    agreed to go since it is a good cause and they are hoping to raise
    $100,000 dollars. He went to Fredricksburg, Texas, over the weekend
    to pick up a load of mesquite for the fire. Thats a lot of cooking!

    He is also going to cook for my benefit, to fatten me up he said
    as soon as I am up to eating his cooking. Of course I will be good
    but I am not kidding that he is a good cook. He is considering making
    me a shrimp gumbo with fresh hushpuppies, & red beans and rice! His
    wife is one of the luckiest women because she never has to cook, only
    if she wants to.

    I like to go over and the three of us and any other friends
    they have over, we all cook together, that is really fun.
    Usually we end up playing Rook by nights end and such is our
    life far from the maddening crowd.

    Had to make a dash again to the post office pre-SWF so that
    put my schedule off a bit. I had to wait for the lax tea effect to
    subside too. Its always divine intervention when you are driving
    under the influence of lax tea to make it where you are going and
    back since they do not have public restrooms in the Post Office. I
    made it just fine but you never know...ggg. And I would never travel
    after drinking the SWF since it seems to hit me in waves the first
    wave hitting in a short time after drinking it down. I got home and
    had no trouble drinking it. I almost opted for another *alternative*
    cup of tea but I did that only once and it did not hit me until 3 in
    the afternoon.

    Again, my Master Cleanse program highlights...chi machine, stretching.
    A bout with the body blade and making up my lemonade for the day. A
    few moments spent admiring my calender with 3 weeks of Smiley faces!

    I made plans to visit my daughter in Missouri in August for my birthday!
    I like that you can pick all your seats on your reservation now and I
    even picked times to allow me to come home and a friend is going to be
    picking me up and we will go out to dinner at one of my absolute
    favorite Japanese restaurants. Its called Kirin's in Houston.

    I am trying to give up sushi because eating raw fish can infest
    you with liver flukes, but hey, a little zapping and a liver flush,
    maybe it will be worth it....ggg. They have an exquisite sushi buffet
    and another buffet with everything from quail to snowcrab legs and
    tofu delicacies...yum-may!

    I may have to do a Master Cleanse weekend after that but I actually
    do real well at buffets, realizing that I cannot possibly eat everything.
    I go there 4 or 5 times a year too so it is not like I will never get to
    go again either. I am also discovering, again, that my mind is wandering
    to good-great food choices. I am looking forward to making my soup, now
    that I can see the light at the end of my MC tunnel....

    I saw this book online which seemed interesting...ggg...a 12 step
    program to eating raw!

    The sky was dramatic today, lots of interesting clouds and even
    though the sun was more behind the clouds than not, I went to lay out
    and admire the sky and reflect on how I was feeling progress wise with
    the Master Cleanse. It has been going by so quickly I almost wish I had
    more time to go further but I know it will take me another week to break
    well and then only 3 weeks until I go on my trip. My friend who is coming
    to spot me while I am gone is coming a week early and I will want to be
    able to enjoy the company and do some cooking together that we both eat.
    My last company, I fixed the food and slid it over for my guest but my
    heart really yearned for the time when I could also enjoy it.

    It was cool enough to linger outside a lot today. I took my water
    and a book, "Awaken Healing Energy Through the Tao"
    by Mantak Chia, to read.

    I could have fallen asleep after about an hour so I decided that
    if I needed a nap, I would drink another *hot* lemonade so it could
    work its magic while I drifted. I did not fall asleep after my cayenne
    toddy, but I did lay on my bed which has great natural light from the
    window it is near to, and read some more.

    A rain shower came from out of nowhere although with the clouds
    drifting overhead, it was bound to happen one of them would have to
    take a leak!

    I went for the mail in case the trend continued and the dirt road
    turned to mud again. I met my neighbor with his shovel and pick axe,
    still working on the road. He had been to the dentist early this morning
    and had gotten some pain pills and antibiotics for a broken tooth. I
    could not believe he was working so hard on pain pills but when I asked,
    he said, "heck, I aint feelin' NO pain!".

    I really wished I had felt better, I would have joined him in
    his effort. Seems the neighbors take spells where someone feels
    like working on the road. Not too long ago, it was our other neighbor
    on the way home from work at midnight, filling in holes with rubble
    he found on his delivery route. In this last storm, all his effort
    sunk into the mire and only the tip of one larger rock could still be
    seen. I think this road EATS rocks!

    Well, a lingering soak with epsom salt and a little vinegar to remind
    me of salads and I will be ready for my hot tea which is steeping as
    I write.

    I do have one confession today, since it is supposed to be good
    for the soul. I imagine every cleanse has its moments of temptation.
    My last long one, I *licked* a corn chip and spit it out. Today,
    BoobooKitty was asking about kimchi and so I fetched my jar out to be
    able to share the ingredient list. I unscrewed the top and inhaled the
    smells of garlic and ginger and knew it would be insane to nibble on
    even a smidgen. I had NO problem with dipping my finger into the brine
    and sucking it dry!! Naughty me....hee heee hee...

    I wish you all a great day and successful detoxing!

    be happy, be well,

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    • Kimchi   by  seunim     16 y     1,064

      One of my true weaknesses in life is kimchi, having lived in Korea for 14 years. I was lucky to having eaten some of the best grandma kimchi in the world. Alas, I now reside in Germany, but do have a couple of kimchi connections (Korean women) and actually recently purchased the book you have pictured as well as another kimchi book. I plan to try my hand at my first batch this autumn.

      Be well...
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      • Re: Kimchi   by  Zoebess     16 y     1,095
        Ah, lucky YOU! I also love kimchi but do not want any with preservatives or fish sauce. I was going to give making it myself a try, but then found this natural brand that was affordable without MSG.

        Let me know how your kimchi making goes!


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    • sushi   by  cleanse1     16 y     963
      I love sushi so much, I could never give it up. I always felt it was one of the most healthy foods for you. I'd be willing to zap and flush every weekend to never give up sushi! I love your posts. You rock! How often do you cleanse?
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      • Re: sushi   by  Zoebess     16 y     986
        Yes, having your sushi and eating it too can be fun....ggg

        I do eat less sushi now since the flukes, they look like little pieces of tomato skin in your liver flush, I am sure are having a party in my liver, but 4 or 5 pieces are still the norm. I do zap frequently since even walking barefoot is risky behavior relative to parasites....

        If you ever get near Houston, you will have to go to Kirin's!! I love going as soon as they open since everything looks soooo pretty. lol...I just realized, I am visual so I may just like *seeing* all that pretty food...ggg.

        I am going to do a 30 day cleanse once a year. This is my second one, and then I often do the one day a week. I drink the lemonade when I am interested in dosing myself with cayenne. The cayenne needs to activate on your tongue so just eating capsules is not as effective, but the lemonade as a "cayenne delivery system" is the way to go.

        I wish you well on your cleanse!



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