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  • Human Design - Relationship Psychology   by  Chef JeM     8 y     2,334       2 Messages Shown       Blog: My Human Design
    Inspired with my current reading from where I offer the following quote:

    "The basic circuitries are simple but powerful – two collective circuits drive logic –
    the shared search for patterns to control circumstances for survival; and experience – the shared collusion to experience a wide range of possibilities and witness and share all that as culture;

    the large individualistic circuit – moody impulsive melancholic glimpses of the occult, mystical and unknown that often are glimpses of new truth not acceptable to community.

    The small survival circuitry – a crossover intent on survival in a ruthless, selfish, almost reptilian way.

    And the two tribal circuits – with the tribe as the only route an individual can get his message to the collective through support, the functions of family, social organization, ownership, ambition touch and smell. Defense, reproduction and education."[1]

    What stands out most for me now is "the two tribal circuits". I'm noting this here with the intent to explore this further in my own Bodygraph.


    "... communication is the most effective medicine for the human soul."[2]

    What I've been saying all along (albeit in other words i.e. "therapeutic dyad communication", "communication is life", etc.)!


    The following appears to be the only reference that I have at this time for my research regarding the unique psychological perspective that relationships form a composite "entity" and therefore it becomes imperative that we know and understand that relationship entity.

    "When any two people come together, they immediately create a new and separate 'entity', something unique, something that is conditioned by the synthesis of their two auras. Their two individual Human Design System Charts can be overlaid to give a graphic representation of what this synthesis is. This new dual-identity is represented in the Human Design System as a Composite Chart, and it reveals who they are as this new unit. The beauty of this union is to understand that the composite, and resulting chemistry between two people is never to be taken personally. It is simply the geometry that exists between them. We have little control over who we are attracted to and why that attraction exists. It is determined by our chemistry.[3]

    If "the composite, and resulting chemistry between two people is never to be taken personally" (and I'm truly all for that) then it seems to me that by resolving oneself to this perspective it utterly simplifies the psychological implications unless the individuals are not living as their authentic selves.

    My thoughts regarding the basics of a "Human Design"-based psychology are two-fold. Firstly that individuals can simply live as their authentic self and secondly that they can adopt the Four Agreements[4] and especially the second agreement: Don't take anything personally".

    February 15th, 2016 -

    Listening to John Martin (Human Design Hawaii) I got inspired to review Pete Townshend's Human Design when I hear John speak about how his Undefined Throat Center had previous "cried" out "see me, hear me"! I immediately thought of the WHO's TOMMY by Pete Townshend. My 'intuition' was validated when I saw Townshend's Undefined Throat Center![5]

    In about the fifth paragraph above I wrote about: "the two tribal circuits – with the tribe as the only route an individual can get his message to the collective through support" and with that in mind I looked at what Tribal Circuit Pete may have and discovered it's "The Defense Circuit" - where "Nothing drives humanity like the Channel of Intimacy's (59-6) genetic imperative ... The emotional wave that in part powers this imperative is not yet aware, and in its blindness can leave chaos in its wake".[6]

    June 27, 2018 - Divorces of All Kind -

    "... It is not absolutely forbidden to leave a husband or a wife, but not before you have properly resolved the problem. Otherwise, you expose yourself to encountering an identical problem further down the road. This law holds true for all situations in life. We think that it is easy to cut ties, to break an agreement, to abandon a responsibility, but what might seem easy at first sight is in reality extremely difficult. ..."[7]

    Divorce is often a last resort for unresolved relationship issues. Dyad communications may help address the issues and / or at least allow for: "the most effective medicine for the human soul."


    [1] June 27, 2918 - Just discovered upon the attempt to revisit the link that was provided here as it appears to be technically very questionable and consequently it's now deleted as a precaution.

    [2]- See more at:

    [3] - See more at:



    [6] "The Definitive Book Of Human Design" by Lynda Bunnell.
    Also see:



    logic, survival, culture, individualistic circuit, reptilian, tribal, message, collective, family, social organization, ownership, ambition, touch, smell. Defense, reproduction, education, psychology, communication, medicine, soul, four agreements
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