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    Juice Fasting for the third time - 28 days

Juice Fasting for the third time - 28 days
by disturbance

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  • The Juice Fast, Day 23/28   by  disturbance     15 y     2,992       3 Messages Shown       Blog: Juice Fasting for the third time - 28 days
    Whoah! Sooo busy again! And not too much time to reflect now either, so on with the main things.

    I bought veggies with some 60 euros again, and I got all the knives I wanted from the collectable set! Amazing! The help from my friends and family was a remarkable factor in it, and that's one reason why I want to set the knives on show - I'm looking into finding a magnet system to set on the wall for an easy access to my new cool food tools!
    I did spend heaps more than prepared for, though...

    I got a ride to the bus stop, and arrived in my old home town around 8pm. Sat with a friend for a couple of hoursand we went for a long bike ride in the woods, and then went home. It took me at least half an hour to get in, though, since I had forgotten the spare keys at home and I had to knock every window to get someone's attention, even climb the fire escape ladder to the second floor's window in an attempt to alert someone. No harm done, but after all that biking and climbing my muscles were sore the whole next day. No wonder I haven't felt like any exercise at all during this fast when I get exhausted so quickly! I was so glad to see the renovated upstairs area, and enjoyed a good night's sleep.

    The next day we had to leave a bit suddenly, so I rushed with packing probably the rest of my stuff to be taken to my own home, and then got a ride to my front door, which was very kind again. Then I cleaned up in the flat and fussed over arranging stuff, when a couple of old friends called. They came to see my place for a bit, and then we went driving around town for a couple of hours. Popped by a couple of beaches since the weather was nice (I still had to wear my plastic jacket to keep the wind out - other people were suntanning!!), and tried the water, which wasn't too cold any more. I then went home and prepared for a mate's graduation party, and got a ride there, too (how lucky have I been this weekend!). Couldn't touch any of the offerings there, either, but a couple of the people here had attended the birtday party a week ago and thus were ok with it. I just sniffed the punch, and didn't even feel like any. Yay! Had some nice conversations, and people were impressed by me being on day 19 at that point.

    Then we moved on to Helsinki to a club were a private graduation party was hosted. I met some old class mates there which was soooo cool, I had a great time! Had to turn down several rounds of free champagne and mojitos, but that didn't affect my mood. I felt super energized on just lemon water due to the cool atmosphere! Even Jared Leto was seen hanging around! I swapped some numbers, made some summer plans, and left the party around 1am-ish. Took the wrong bus home, though, and had to walk home for half an hour in the freezing night. At that point I was getting quite pissed off. I wasn't in the mood for talking myself out of it, so I just kept whining in my head and letting it out silently, and getting closer to home I felt a bit more relieved.

    On Sunday I was supposed to go see a friend's new flat and help another mate study for her entry exams, but to be honest I was way too tired and lazy, and couldn't be bothered to concentrate on anything else but myself. So I slept in, then moved my doona and pillow on a sunny patch by my window, and layed on the sunny floor tanning for maybe an hour while reading the raw food book. Then I did some serious stuff arranging, oh I can't even remember where all the time went, and I also visited dad's veggie patch not far away to cut me some spring onion kind of grassy stuff to freeze and use in my salads after the fast. I started peeling, chopping and juicing around 5 or 6pm listening to the Chicago OST and some Coldplay, and by the time I finished with it all it was midnight! I was sooo tired I couldn't even think of having an enema, so I just packed my bag for the translation studies' entry exam, and went to bed.

    Monday was pretty cool, for the most part. I realised I had forgotten my map at home, but a helpful local suggested walking to the campus was just as easy, so I walked, and bumped into a couple of people walking to the same direction. We wished each other luck, and went our separate ways. The exam itself was extremely challenging, again, and I hadn't gotten my hands on the book to be read, so I couldn't answer in one question, losing a lot of points. But the very challenging latter part of the exam I passed very well, I reckon, due to me using English long enough to be able to handle the trick questions. I finished really early, too, so I was able to go shopping.
    This is where the wind turned, again... I found sooooo many cool clothes in a store and I proceeded to the check-out, only to find that I didn't have much money left out of my salary that arrived only four days ago. WHOOPS! So I got what I could, and started calculating. I would barely have enough money to get to the entry exams this Friday, and get to the rock festival next week. I wouldn't drink at the festival, I have all the gear needed, and all I'm going to eat is grated fruit and veggies that are ready in the freezer. But no extra money for the gas and the festival itself?! Oh poop. On the train home the ticket inspector asked me €5 extra for boarding the faster train than booked, so I lost 1/9 of my remaining budget. Needless to say I really needed to concentrate to refrain from crying and blowing up.


    Today I've been on quite a bad mood, and everything possible has gone against my will. I am definitely in the mood for "talking to myself", so there's not much calming down. It's been really busy at work since we have now moved - I had to arrange all my stuff again, teach the new girls, and it's just been really hard. I've had one sad little bottle of water today, a bit more in juices.

    Tomorrow will be better. All in all I'm glad I'm this far. But I might be a bit too busy to post properly from now on. We'll see. I'll just concentrate on relaxing now. Not likely to happen, but I'll do my best.
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    • Re: The Juice Fast, Day 23/28   by  b2reflect     15 y     2,598
      Hi Jo,

      wow, girl, you rock! I look forward to your posting and reading how you are doing. You definitely are amazing. LOL I LOVE that you maintain your fast, in and through all your challenges! They are very inspiring to read.

      You are an inspiration to anyone that desires to fast. Keep up the great work...there is only 5 days left!

      I do hope you are able to post on how you 'break' your fast. I can see from your busy schedule it will be challenging but just to say how you stay on track.

      Have a spectacular week forward, Jo. AND Know (which from your posts, I realize you do) that you can Control your moods and change them...when you desire!

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    • You're in the home stretch!!!   by  ren     15 y     1,891
      I'm considering a juice feast/fast/cleanse while I'm in NY taking care of my mom. What an inspiration you are.
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