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    Fasting to a NEW me !

Blog: Fasting to a NEW me !
by jelly1219

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This is my journal of my experience to water fast to complete hunger. more...

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Created: 5 y   Dec 28 2009

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Day 4 of 10   4 y  

Day 4 of 10
I woke up today around 5am with my heart beating like crazy and sweat beads popped out on my body like I got an instant fever. Then I felt very nauseous so I went to the bathroom and vomited what seemed to be pure water. I had to lay my head on the cold bathroom floor after because I was getting hot flashes. I laid back down to only have the same occurrences at 6:30am but this time I vomited bile. I was so very weak today and did not feel good at all. I did notice that my teeth were whiter however. My weight is 133.2lbs. Around 2:30pm I started getting leg cramps on top of the nausea and ...   read more

Day 3 of 10   4 y  

Day 3 of 10
Woke up again feeling really good. I did lay in bed and sleep til 11:30am because I did not have to work today. I weigh 134lbs. My canker sore is bigger but I am assuming the infection is pushing its way out. I have white lines in my gums and my tongue is not as coated as previous fasts have made it. I also notice some white marks on my teeth as well. I took an Aloe Vera pill today so I could have a BM. I think I will take one every other day just to clean out my bowels so the toxins aren’t stuck in my body. It caused me to have 4 BM’s today so I was glad for that. I drank water only until ...   read more

Day 2 of 10   4 y  

Day 2 of 10
I woke up today feeling pretty good. My weight is 135.4 lbs. I drank distilled water only until about 3pm and then had a small cup of juice because I worked a 10 hour day so my engery was leaving me. I continued drinking water but had another small cup of juice at 6pm because I just wanted to give up and eat so badly. I was waiting til work was over so I could go through McDonald’s and get a large value meal but at 7:45pm I drank some more juice and the feelings subsided. It’s not so much that I am hungry but pyschologically I just want to eat and I want to eat bad. The bladder pain is fi ...   read more

Day 1 of 10   4 y  

Day 1 of 10
I am at it again. I have never went back to my normal eating routine but have done intermittent fasting throughout. That has helped me go from 143lbs on 12/28 to 136lbs on 1/23. Today I drank water until 3pm and then I had a Sprite to drink. Then at 8pm I had another Sprite and Wonton Soup (the broth only). Not the healthiest of choices but I haven’t chewed any food for 24hrs. I have had horrible bladder pains for the last 5 days. I am not sure if this is a healing crisis or not but I use to get UTI’s when I was younger. I am shocked the pain has been going for so long but I am determine ...   read more

Day 5 & 6   4 y  

Day 5 and 6 of my fasting
Dry fasted on day 5 until 2pm and then had a small meal and 1L of water. Day 6 dry fasted until 3pm and had another small meal. Really starting to not have a desire for food that much so I am trying to mentally focus to go back on my fast with out consuming any food. Proud of myself for what I have done but still not what I had hoped for.   visit the page

Day 4   5 y  

Day 4 of my fast
Today I dry fasted until 4pm but then decided to have a small meal to celebrate New Years so I have technically broken my fast and must start all over. I have went back to juice and water only after my meal and plan to restrain from food after midnight. My weight today is 140.6lbs.   visit the page

Day 3   5 y  

Day 3 of my fast
This morning I had a really bad headache that lasted on and off most of the day. I had that yucky white coating on my tongue as most people get while fasting. I also notice my tongue has ridges on both sides. It does not hurt or bother me but it looks very odd. I scraped off the white coating and it actually made a horrible taste get stuck in my mouth the rest of the day. I slept alot today because I kept getting nauseous so I thought laying still would be best. I weigh 140lbs so I have lost 3.4lbs. I drank 3 liters of water and 2 glasses of juice. Besides the headache, upset stomach and ...   read more

Day 2   5 y  

Day 2 of my fast.
Today I woke up feeling great ! I did not have any hunger or any pains. I slept great the night before and woke up feeling very alert and refreshed. However, around 1pm I started getting very bad headache and felt extremely nauseas. I normally drink about 4 Mt. Dews a day and eat McDonald’s or Wendy’s. I am aware this is a horrible diet. Hence the reason I need to fast and cleanse my system. I think I should have spent a few weeks on fruits and veggies and slowed in to my fast but I am very impatient. So even though I wanted to stick with water only I broke down and had about 4 oz of juice ...   read more

Day 1   5 y  

Starting my water fast today to improve my overall heath and mental well being.
Today I am starting my water only fast and plan to journal my experience here. The reason I am starting a fast is to hopefully remedy the following: 1. severe allergies 2. extreme fatigue 3. mental fog This is my 3rd fast but I have never planned to do one this long. My goal is at least 10 days but I prefer to fast to true hunger and until my tongue is pink with no white coating. My last meal was steamed chicken and veggies. I am 34 years old, 5’5”, 143lbs and BF 27%. I am very excited to let my body start the healing process !   visit the page


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