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This is about pet health and how we can heal or animals naturally. From everything from naming our pets to bathing them. Lets visit Muffy’s bedroom daily. Muffy died not long ago and this is in memory of my very favorite cat ”Muffy”.… more...

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Created: 5 y   Jun 20 2009

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Re: Why all your h… mo123 5 y
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Re: Why all your h… ren 5 y
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Blog Closed Permantly   4 y  

Curezone Treats its Moderators Unfairly
I have decided to close my BLOG due to curezone rules not applying to everyone. It appears that people who have been on curezone a long time do not have to follow TOS guidlines and rules. Months back I was forcibly told to remove all Islamic articles off of my forums, which I did, but now I am told that curezone wants free speech. Free speech for whom? I then had the rating system removed from the Islamic forum to where I could only rate an R,not more. I was told people on curezone are mainly non-believers or atheiest. I see the Christian forum posting tons of articles daily though. ...   read more

How safe are pet microchips   5 y  

Micro-chips hurt. How would you like to have a chip stuck up your .....
How Safe are Pet Microchips? Articles Home »  How Safe are Pet Microchips?             Is microchipping your pet a good idea? Dr. Karen Becker discusses the benefits and risks.   A microchip is a glass bead about the size of a grain of rice which is implanted between an animal’s shoulder blades. It contains a radio transmitter, an antenna, ...   read more

Fluoride in dog food - pets at risk   5 y  

Not again. When will they be safe
Fluoride in dog food - Pets’ health at risk? Fluoride in dog food - Pets’ health at risk? Executive Summary Health Effects of Fluoride Fluoride and Osteosarcoma References News Release Related News Coverage Daily Green: Some Dog Foods May Deliver Toxic Doses of Fluoride Daily Green | June 30, 2009 Categories Health/Toxics Pet Health By Olga Naidenko, PhD, Senior Scientist, June 2009 An independent laboratory test of popular dog food brands, commissioned by Environmental Working Gr ...   read more

Why all your healthy pet efforts may be worthless if you do this   5 y  

No more pet dental chews, due to publicized pet deaths
Why All Your Healthy Pet Efforts May Be Worthless if You Do This… Articles Home »  Why All Your Healthy Pet Efforts May Be Worthless if You Do This… Email this article to a friend Print this Page Next Post   You may have noticed you can no longer find those trendy green dental bones at your local grocery store or Wal-Mart. NUTRO Products, Inc. says it is pulling its Greenies ...   read more

Can you impact your pet's health by brushing their teeth?   5 y  

All for the health of our children
Can You Impact Your Pet’s Health by Brushing Their Teeth? Articles Home »  Can You Impact Your Pet’s Health by Brushing Their Teeth? Email this article to a friend Print this Page Next Post   As part of Pet Dental Health month, Hill’s Pet Nutrition Inc. is co-sponsoring the 15th annual Pets Need Dental Care, Too™ campaign to encourage veterinary health care teams to talk with clients ab ...   read more

Animal Planet newsletter - top features and games   5 y  

Adopt a pet parasite, I don't think so......
TOP FEATURES & GAMES Do You Have a Tattoo of Your Pet? Top 10 Strange Lion Facts Adopt a Pet Parasite Victoria Stilwell’s Favorite Summertime Dog Activities The Daily Treat Vis...   read more

Nipping puppy biting in the bud   5 y  

Puppies, puppies and puppy problems
Nipping Puppy Biting in the Bud Biting in puppies is a normal, though undesirable, behavior. Puppies often use their mouths for exploration and play, and this behavior can extend to the human ...   read more

Discovery Channel - It's me or the dog series   5 y  

Lord, the boom is lowering. How many could say that our husband was more important than our favorite dog? Think, think
Please add to your address book to ensure delivery to your inbox. If you are having trouble viewing this email with images, click here. ...   read more

Some dog foods deliver toxic doses of poisons   5 y  

What are you doing feeding your dog bought food when you know all the news is against that. Stop and cook!!
Some Dog Foods Deliver Toxic Doses of Poison   With the memory of the melamine pet food scare still fresh in the minds of many, the Environmental Working Group is publicizing a new t...   read more

Some dog foods deliver toxic doses of poisons   5 y  

What are you doing feeding your dog bought food when you know all the news is against that. Stop and cook!!
Some Dog Foods Deliver Toxic Doses of Poison   With the memory of the melamine pet food scare still fresh in the minds of many, the Environmental Working Group is publicizing a new t...   read more

Todays Ezine articles on Cats   5 y  

Nothing like having an entire encyclopedia of info at your fingertips.
  EzineArticles ...   read more

How could anyone live on this night that does this horrific thing?   5 y  

The masacre of many at Sara's home tonight.
I am just so horrified and bewildered on this night and incredibly sad. I wrote about my dear sweet Precious missing and I so hoped she would return but now I find that every single cat in my home...   read more

Does your cat manipulate you??   5 y  

Manipulate us, of course they do and we give in every time.
Precious was good at this. She use to turn her back to me. This means, I am angry with you. If she turns her back this means, I do not like the food you brought or why are you ignoring me. I re...   read more

today's Ezine articles on Cats   5 y  

How to build a cat house to Cat tales.
    Ez...   read more

In memory of my best friend, Precious   5 y  

I thought I would share some of the poems and post that I made about Precious over the months. Maybe you can all share in our love affair. http://www....   read more

Feeling extremely paranoid   5 y  

I lost my dear sweet Precious as many of you may know as I have wrote about 100 threads on her. Now I feel scared, real scared.
I don't know if anyone read the account of my loosing my dear sweet cat Precious on Sara's Soup Forum but it has been an absolute horrible experience for me. She was my very dear friend and compan...   read more

[video/audio] Cats' exploit humans by purring   5 y  

How dare they purr, before long they cannot kiss us either.
Cats ’exploit’ humans by purring By Victoria Gill Science reporter, BBC News Advertisement See Pepo the cat e...   read more

Foods Cats can't eat   5 y  

I did not know all of this stuff, thank God that someone is guiding me.
Food That Cats Can't Eat By Wang Tim Article Word Count: 350 [View Summary] Comments (0) As a cat owner, do you know food is very important to cats? And do you know what is that cats ca...   read more

Ezine Articles for July 11, 2009 - 16 articles on Cats   5 y  

Haa, this is easier and gives you access quicker to what you really want to see.
New EzineArticles Posted In The Last 24 Hours: Preventing Kidney Failure in Cats - Don’t Let Your Cat Eat These Things Found Around Your Home By: Kate Rieger...   read more

My cat won't eat and is losing weight   5 y  

This is exactly what is happening to my Precious. She is older now and it is hard to find a way to keep her healthy.
My Cat Wont Eat and is Losing Weight By Richard Shelmerdine Platinum Quality Author If you are wondering why "my cat wont eat and is losing weight" then I think you have come to the right place...   read more

Cat Urine Problems - Banish Cat urine forever   5 y  

The smell of cat urine is the worse in the world and extremely difficult to remove. Look at these tips.
Cat Urine Problems - Banish Cat Urine Forever By Richard Shelmerdine Platinum Quality Author Article Word Count: 349 [View Summary] Comments (0) If you are looking for information on ca...   read more

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